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How Interesting....

You know, I find it very interesting how back when we had over 80000 people playing Pokemon Red at the same time, we managed to keep our Master Ball and use it on a legendary Pokemon in Anarchy mode.

However, in Pokemon Crystal, we have less than 20000 people playing at the same time yet we used our Master Ball on a regular level 22 Goldeen…Once again, in Anarchy mode.

HAHD Seattle - April Event

Just a reminder that if you’re interested in joining us for our April event at Northwest Harvest Kent on April 4th from 3-5pm, please RSVP here. We have 4 spots left!



Lori Bartlett is getting married on 9.10.11, and when her mother wanted to throw her a bridal shower in Florida, she offered up the idea of a “Mad Hatter Tea Party.”  Unfortunately, Lori (and many of her friends) live in Los Angeles, so pulling off an East Coast shower was a bit of a challenge.  Her fabulous MOH threw her an incredible Vegas Bachelorette, so her West-Coast bridesmaids decided to throw the shower.

"I’d be happy with beer and pizza on someone’s driveway," Lori said. But her friends had bigger plans.

They decided to surprise her with the Wonderland theme and hit the ground running with ideas. Heather Broeker, the owner of Head Over Heels, and one of Lori’s Bridesmaids started by creating a vision board. She and Ali Boyle, another bridesmaid, spent time searching various Goodwill stores to collect mismatched dishes. They also utilized ebay and the dollar store vowing to keep to their budget.  They saved tissue paper and cardboard to create flowers and paper keys, and made it a point to stick to the black, white, pink and green theme with which they had started.

Maux Gitto and Brendan Wiuff teamed up in the “art department” to create a fabulous invite instructing guests to “join us down the rabbit hole” but to “keep it a secret or it’s off with your head.”  This artistic duo also created various characters from Wonderland to place throughout the party.

Items like an “Alice Dress” (an old bridesmaid dress) and a rabbit pinata, and a tiny mouse (which at first was broken but later glued back together inside a teapot) were purchased from Goodwill to add some final touches.

The LA Flower marts were an excellent resource for purchasing flowers in bulk.  Roses that appeared to be painted like the Queen’s roses were purchased for the centerpieces, and the remaining flowers were placed around the house and outdoor areas.

Overall the event was a huge success and Lori (aka “Alice”) was surprised as can be.


The “Party Package” which contains everything from mismatched plates, tea cups and saucers to signs, hats, decorations and “cardboard characters” is available for purchase to the highest bidder.  Simply email us at heather@headoverheelspr.com if you’re interested.


Jonny likes it best after Kaner’s big games, when he’s still high off the adrenaline and spewing out dumb, embarrassing phrases like how that’s hockey, baby, and how he’ll shoot his load like he shoots the puck -

"Quick one-timer?" Jonny pulls off to say, sneaking in a few discreet breaths. His nose is kind of stuffy today.

"Fuck you, I can go all night long," Kaner says, thrusting his dick back in Jonny’s face so that it bumps against his lips, demanding.

Jonny rolls his eyes but parts his lips to the pressure. Kaner’s whining is not a turn-on.

His stupid running commentary while he’s getting his cock sucked kind of is, though. Usually he’s pretty quiet, quick enough to harden up and grind impatiently against Jonny’s thighs, open that obscene mouth of his and let jonny fill it up, but he doesn’t like to talk.

Jonny doesn’t, either, but he likes silence even less, so he’ll try to fill it up with awkward dirty talk that generally ends up with Kaner pushing him off to laugh and laugh. It makes Jonny flush and scowl, but it’s STILL better than nothing but sex sounds between them.

So nights like these are his favorite, when Kaner’s still so in the zone he’s just babbling whatever idiocy comes into his head, not even trying for filthy, most of it disjointed and ridiculous and taking Jonny back to the pleasant days of college when he spent his off days blowing a bunch of assholes who shared like ten brain cells between the lot of them.

"Aww yeah," Kaner says as Jonny slings an arm across his belly to keep him against the wall, and uses the other arm to tease his balls. "Fuck, that’s good," he says, and "I’m good, I’m the best.”

Jonny has to pull off again. “You’re really not.”

Kaner tries to guide his head back.

"Booooom, gonna break your heart, baby," he boasts, and Jonny snorts and bites down on the inside of Kaner’s thigh to hear his voice crack. It’s just a bit of punishment for being such an idiot, for not knowing that he could, that Jonny’s heart is his to break.

(Cue Tazer eye-rolling forever.)

  • Makin' Caserole

Dudes and Dudettes. Have you had your face melted by the awesomeness of the new app Songify? Thanks to the free app, my friend’s and I switched the script on an average Wednesday dinner, turning it into a bad-ass song….”Makin’ Casserole, Eatin’ Chicken, Drinkin’ Wiiiiinnnneeee.”

For all of you (myself included) who hear mundane conversations in rap verse anyway, share your innate gift with friends via Songify

Now….to come up with my rap name. 

Annie - Event Coordinator - Vancouver, BC

The place I always eat:

Tie between Honjin Sushi, North Vancouver and Legendary Noodle in the West End

Where to stay:

The Waldorf Hotel on East Hastings. 

The one place I take everyone:

Hike Quarry Rock in North Vancouver. Nature is amazing. This hike isn’t going to knock you on your ass or be a major commitment. But it’s beautiful and get’s you out of downtown and into the woods.

Best local product you should try:

Any of the rotating local beers at the Alibi Room.

The 2nd Best kept secret:

After hours parties. Especially in the summer. Make a friend at a local venue like the Waldorf, The Astoria, the Cobalt or the Biltmore and hopefully get invited to a dance party at a warehouse/beach/forest.

Point Taken

Being an Event Coordinator takes an impeccable amount of patience. Whether it is for the client or a co-worker, you must learn to keep your trap shut and be genuinely concerned…or at least act as if you are.

Sitting in a leadership training meeting yesterday, I was called out by a coworker as one of the leaders in the room she looked up to. The motivational speaker asked her why she responded they way she did.

"Because no matter what mood Becky is in she always has the same attitude towards clients and co-workers. She is always kind and bubbly." I was truly honored to hear these words.

The speaker then began to talk about emotional intelligence, and how when in a leadership roll you must keep a level head even in the most chaotic of situations. - He’s right.

Especially, in the roll of an event coordinator or wedding planner. Many people are counting on you to be the voice of reason and calmness. 

So when your world is up in flames you must never let it show. Ever.

A good coordinator of any kind will find this to be a natural characteristic, but always something to improve on. There will always be people who push your buttons, and always people who are so selfish that can’t even see past their own nose and think that their tinest of problems should shake your world as much as it shakes theirs. 

The speaker then asked me how I managed to keep a level head in these types of crazy situations.

I replied, “I’m a good faker.”

Tis true. You have to be. You have to be able to put everything aside, pretend as if you care so much that you convince everyone around you that you do indeed care and will do whatever you can to make it right. All the while keeping them your  number one  priority. Tricky. Yes, yes.

So, think carefully on the intricate levels of manipulation you may partake in as your encroach on your new job of an event coordinator. And take my advice…

Keep your trap shut!