Shaman’s Headdress

19th Century

This headdress of a “big” Evenk shaman (avun) made of steel was part of a full ritual costume worn by a shaman for very important rites and rituals. The structure of this headdress reflects its symbolic meaning and contains an archaic image of the model of the Universe. The hoop embodies the concept of the closed space of the world of people and solid earth. Two crossing arcs symbolize the parts of the world and the seasons. The cosmic vertical that reflects the sacral center of the Universe is embodied in the horns of the mythical deer that stands for the sun in the mythical beliefs of the peoples of northern Asia. The deer was one of the main characters in the myth about the celestial hunt and embodied the archaic concepts of the day and night and the cosmic order. The horns also symbolized the sacred deer – the helper spirit of the shaman, his draft animal that he rode to travel to other worlds. Long cloth ribbons embody snakes and lizards, the shaman’s powerful helpers that accompany him in his “travels” to the lower world. They also symbolize the sacred birch – the totem tree of the shaman. It is also associated with the World Tree that symbolizes the Universe as a whole and Axis mundi – the cosmic axis connecting the spheres of the Universe. Such ritual headdresses were conditionally referred to as “crowns”. (The VCM)

The Kunstkamera via the VCM

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Zee Artist!

The beautiful and talented arm of the team comes by way of a San Francisco GIANT Princess. Observant and sharp, compassionate and creative is the least I could say about New Havens new kid on the block. I had so much fun massaging and then adjusting her back. This basketball gal was certainly the tallest woman i’ve ever put the cracks on!

Cheers to the KING!

anonymous asked:

Stupid quest here, but which movie shows The Woodland Relam? Because I can't remember seeing it:/

Its ok to ask things like these, not a stupid question at all dear!

As I understand Woodland Realm is the kingdom of silvan elves (woodland elves) in northern Mirkwood. And In the movies they visited Evenking’s Halls. Which is located northeast in Mirkwood. 

Also Legolas’ title is Prince of the Woodland Realm and Thranduil’s King of the Woodland realm. So thranduil ruled woodland realm.

(I’m always afraid of answering middle-earth questions bc I am afraid I get the facts wrong because I do not know 100% how things are. Even though I know a lot. I hate to be wrong).

Ide is:

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Termeszetesen nem lehet minden ember melle politikust rakni aki majd jol meghallgatja, de ez az europa szerte letezo “altalanos elegedetlenseg” azt mutatja h van aktivitas, erdeklodes, de nincsen meg a know-how hogyan lehetne ezeket az embereket hatekonyan bevonni. A tuntetesre jarkalas speci forma, meg gyakran vannak a hangosabban kiabalok, stb.
Az online technologiak adnanak lehetosegeket erre, de csak technologiailag, a dolog szellemisege meg nincs kitalalva (valami olyasmi mint a svajci nepszavazasok csak kb egy telefonos appon keresztul).
Nekem kicsit furi h pl a nagyremenyu Kalozpartok sem alltak elo ilyen jellegu progressziv javaslatokkal. (Vagy csak nem tudok rola).
Mindenesetre lathatoan nem mukodik a demokracia azon formaja h 4 evenkent egy valoszerutlen kampany utan leikszel a pógar, aztan 4 evig semmi beleszolasa semmibe.

  • Name: tabi
  • Tumblr URL: farmharry
  • Introduce yourself! HEY uh i already told u my name hello i am canadian and i love arctic monkeys????!! and 1d ofc
  • Who is your favorite member? i dont evenk now anymore louis??? harry? zaybn??? liam? /nail?!
  • What is your favorite couple? lilo or larry w/o question
  • What are things you DON’T want to see in your gift? if u draw nsfw or whatever id ONT Wanan see like top harry or dom harry plsi am sTRICT on thatok
  • Any specific requests? hum no go crazy!