So. It had been about 2 years an 6 months. We started drifting away an changing.

We began acting in away to which we pushed one another away..

The nightmare we both have dreaded had draped right in our path.

Gliding in our way and pressing the force of falling out of the love we had for each other… apart..

Ripping every feeling we once had for each other so drastically but slow.. apart..

Every memory of our past from the beginning from which we started had started to glow at the end..

The routine we once shared.. had been torn away an we both now have to start of a new..

It hurts as tiny shards of fiberglass does when it’s stuck in the palms of your hands..

The pain grows as the days pass that we spend apart from each other..

I have cried crucial, horrific tears that burn as they fall an lay upon my skin..

In every which way I turn, I try to block out your smile.. the smile That’s so captivating that it, is memorizing by just a glimpse that I once seen..

But now.. that glimpse is disappearing, fading away as I numb myself with a drink..

Sitting in a heated car trying to fill my body with the wormth you’ve once given me..

I can’t begin to fathom the fact that we are now apart. It seems an appears to be a dream.

Buts it’s the reality that sets in that drives right through my chest plate to just crush my heart an nerves..

The one soul I have become to know as my equal is now No longer mine anymore..

My love for you has not an will not ever change for the situation was mutual

It’s just the heartache that is unbearable to the thought..

So many times we spoke of our future an family together..

Being apart from you an No longer referring to you as my significant other is the curse I will be living with

I long for the day we can hopefully come together again an No longer be Apart.

I Love You. Forever. Always. And Even After this life is over.

Even after...

Even after the promises he made and didn’t keep.
Even after the way he made me weep.
Even after the loving words he said to me
Even after things didn’t turn out the way he said they’d be.
Even after the lies he told
Even after he was so mean…so cold
Even after the way my heart broke
Even after the hurtful words he spoke.
Even after he didn’t care if I walked away
Even after he didn’t care enough to ask me to stay
Even after there was no regard to my pain
Even after he didn’t want to see me again Even after everything you’ve put me though, I know for the rest of my life..I will never forget or stop loving you.

When I said I love you, it didn’t mean for now.