Even after...

Even after the promises he made and didn’t keep.
Even after the way he made me weep.
Even after the loving words he said to me
Even after things didn’t turn out the way he said they’d be.
Even after the lies he told
Even after he was so mean…so cold
Even after the way my heart broke
Even after the hurtful words he spoke.
Even after he didn’t care if I walked away
Even after he didn’t care enough to ask me to stay
Even after there was no regard to my pain
Even after he didn’t want to see me again Even after everything you’ve put me though, I know for the rest of my life..I will never forget or stop loving you.

When I said I love you, it didn’t mean for now.

anonymous said:

To that anon who said they thought Erik would be "soft" that makes no sense whatsoever. At all. Erik was fucked all his life by people time and time again. Tragedy is basically Erik's middle name and Erik is not the kind of person to let tragedy make him empathize with people or kind or "soft" whatever that means. He's not The Doctor who became a kind person evenafter all his tragedy. Erik turned bitter and cynical and mean and the only time he is even remotely "soft" is when he's with Charles.

I would say Erik is more wronged than bitter: more vengeful and righteous. Bitterness is such a petty emotion, and his pain was initially driven by love: love of his family and his people (which isn’t a petty motivation at all). I think he’s better and grander than that, and more (rigidly uncompromisingly) idealistic.

I don’t think he’s actually mean, either. He’s got a black/cynical sense of humour, but he’s not Loki. He doesn’t commit acts of violence maliciously, he does it because he believes the violence is necessary and morally-justified. In many ways, Erik is kind of a zealot! 

The fact that he loves and admires Charles, however, shows that he does, to some extent, revere the qualities Charles has, which are the best of humanity: kindness, compassion, hope, brotherly love, etc. 

Not to put words in original-Anon’s mouth, but I think there’s a very great and understandable temptation to treat Erik as the ultimate woobie, because his hurt is so vast and so deeply-buried.

Maybe that was the ‘softness’ to which they were referring — or maybe it was more Fassy they were thinking of (as in Fassy IRL, as a person) rather than Erik? 

i’ve already decided that Shun will be my Root Rexx bias since the trailer and evenafter seeing the DGS scans. 

he looks like a mix between Yogi and Dino while those furry things on his clothes are ridiculous and that black crown looks so good too.

also this series is getting a manga (probably not by Mikanagi-sensei but still) so at least I won’t miss plot if I can’t play the PSV game…