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(pardon the bad pictures; both were taken at bad times, the one on the right was while i was in the hospital and the one on the left was at 4:00 am to head to the hospital.) 

Hi I’m Casey, a biracial disabled trans teen (mouthful i know) in need of some help. Recently I’ve been having some pretty bad health problems, some of which can leave me unable to move and function. I am in need of basic medical supplies, gas money, transitional stuff (due to my health I cannot go on hormones so I can only use a binder and whatever I can find to boost my testosterone), and school fees. So far I have raised $37, which can only cover very little stuff, but even $5 can build up over time and help me get the treatments I need. Sorry for asking so much, but this is a pretty serious issue for me!!

Under the cut is a more detailed list of what I am in need of and my disabilities, but my paypal is canarancia@gmail.com

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anonymous asked:

do you own any really "weird" lipstick shades?

In short: yes. 

In long: here they are.

NB: I have put everything under a Read More (I still resolutely refuse to call it a Keep Reading) but just in case mobile is still being an absolute arse about putting stuff under those, then I apologise in advance, and do feel free to blacklist the tag ‘anwen’s glorious lipstick collection’ in future.

Also, I promise I am not turning into a cosmetics blog. Mythology will resume as normal from hereon in.

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Leia’s Throne Room gown from Episode IV, on display at SWCVII. The gown was commissioned by Berman and Nathan’s, went missing for a long time during which it was used (stained, torn, and stored improperly) by a private collector. Propstore undertook a museum-quality restoration/conservation job (the extra fabric there is supporting the extant stuff; 40-year-old bias-cut satin and jersey tend to pull out of shape even under ideal conditions) and brought it to Celebration for display.

putting dumb shit under a cut–it’s feelings about ~collaborators and local punks but also there is stuff about rape and a course of feeling that is related to “i knew they were fucked up all along but no one listened to me” which is not a cool thing to expose to you openly and can read as victim-blaming and I want to definitely bracket it as such

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shineyma asked:

Biospecialist “Why are you so angry?” please! :D

Spoilers for 2X19, The Dirty Half Dozen, don’t read if you haven’t seen the episode!

Putting the whole thing under a cut to protect anyone who accidently sees this before their savior kicks in.

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SOOOO, I’M SORRY that my entire posting is now relegated to between, like, the hours of 6 and 9 PM, but i used up all my data for the month so when i’m at work the tumblr app is just dumb grey boxes D:  so i can only even see stuff when i’m home at night!  this means that i AM PROBABLY JUST SPAMMING THE FUCK out of tumblr for a couple hours, but, you know, what can u do (nothing bc ur a working adult who has a #job and #responsibilities and who #paysrent oh god i have to pay rent tomorrow thwatT ETFUCKC ok shh it’s fine)

anywayyyyyy, job/life update, super long, under the cut.  there’s food, body image, and weight loss talk included just fyi.

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small but much needed psa;

sorry for the panicked post earlier guys i’m throwing a quick thing under the cut because i feel like i just need to throw a short thing about why i’ve been so off lately under the cut. i’m sorry, i really am.

tldr; i just want everyone to know it’s nothing or anyone on tumblr. it’s all ooc stuff stressing me out but you guys are wonderful and i kind of feel like i use this account as my outlet sometimes?

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I keep meaning to write this long, involved post about Batman v. Superman, how badly I think Man of Steel missed the mark on Superman’s character, how I disagree with the idea that Clark Kent is Superman’s actual disguise - of the two of them, I think Batman is MUCH more his true self as Batman than as Bruce Wayne (there’s a part of the great old animated series where Batman even says he doesn’t think of himself as ‘Bruce’ in his head).

Unfortunately I just don’t have the time to try and put it all together in a real essay, so I’m going to quickly toss a few thoughts under the cut because maybe then they’ll shut up and I can do other things.

Obvs. probably some spoilers across the DC and Marvel movies although nothing too impressive.

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