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calebprior evelyneaton tr1s

calebprior: doesn’t follow me, but I follow. klfjasda Beatles! she is always in my tumblr crushes because I “like” almost all her posts, she probably thinks I’m a stalker. 

evelyneaton: she follows me, and I follow her personal blog in my personal blog hahaha I didn’t noticed she followed me here, both of her blogs are amazing! 

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threeblackravens tr1s evelyneaton aptitudetest

I’m PRETTY sure I have a mutual follow going on with every one but evelyneaton. That blog has been suggested to me by tumblrbot 38373 times but I keep forgetting to check it out. Flor has an amazing blog and I have only talked to her a few times but she’s pretty cool! And I pronounce Mica’s name wrong oopS. I love her and her blog so much! And I tinychatted with Kasey once and he was pretty awesome. I love his blog.

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aptitudetest, evelyneaton, threeblackravens

aptitudetest: his icon is perfect AND we both ship fouriah together and he’s amazing ok

evelyneaton: i love her graphics and idk follow forever

threeblackravens: perfECT, we live in the same country which is weird and she is nice