EVE-Lol. Специфический юмор New Eden”а

xxx: дронов убери! 
yyy: Да не норм, на них не агрятся. 
xxx: БЛЯТЬ с меня дронов убери! 
yyy: ой сори)) не заметил… =D

Mira A > “Гарри Поттер и дыры смерти” - фильм о ВХ

Arbaletchik > в ручате чел под ником гога 11 устроил показ эротофото ))) весьма качественных к стати ))) 1,5 часа ни одного матерного слова )))) 
Owl Hunter > ну видно у них руки заняты были

YohanFreeman > Что за глюк - вТС все время дети на заднем плане кричат  

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so I just stumbled across this…

help please?

so, my friend has her birthday soon and I wanted to do something kinda cute and I bit different like we do for each other each year.

Anyway, she’s a massive fan of the hunger games books and we went to see the preview of movie together the day before it came out. What I want to do it wrap her presents in a way so that they look like the parachutes that the sponsors send the tributes or a simplified version of that. (It doesn’t need to be massive because the presents won’t be.)

Please reply/send me an ask if you have any ideas on how I could do it

thanks :3

we are the ocean

1. I love Bleed, I think it’s great

2. I just found out dan brown has left we are the ocean, and I’m gutted. I am of course still going to support the band because they are still going to be amazing and I still can’t wait for the new album in september but’s going to be so weird without Dan.

3. I’m pissed that I’ll never get to see them with him live

4. The band will still be one of my favourites

5. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh