Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I love your gator shirt,
And your pink hat too.

You entered the house tough,
Trying to be the next Evel Dick.
But your true colors showed,
And the image just wouldn’t stick.

Instead you baked cookies,
And slept through the afternoon.
You cuddled with Frankie,
And twerked like a buffoon.

You laughed at every joke,
And showed interest in everyone’s life.
From Frankie’s grandfather and sister,
To Derrick’s daughter and wife.

Though you were too honest,
And spoke before you thought.
I’m happy you were yourself,
Rather than someone you’re not.

So come eviction night,
When you walk out of that door.
Know that the crowd will be cheering,
And you won’t feel like the villain anymore.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
You’ll never be forgotten, Zach,
Because we all love you.
—  A Poem for Zachary Colin Rance

Honestly this is really sad he’s losing followers like crazy from being hacked…..frankie is going to be devastated, social media is his JOB. And Evel Dick once again proving hes a disgusting human being telling the hacker to delete his accounts. That’s Evel Dick’s job to, he’d be nothing without twitter & dick at nite.

Least Favorite BB Memories ever:

  1. Brendon Coming back into the game BB13
  2. Daniele’s eviction
  3. Daniele loosing BB8 because Evel Dick lied and said neither of them should campaign to the Jury and he did campaign to the Jury.
  4. Elissa’s Eviction

Fave BB Memories Ever:

  1. Daniele Winning the HOH after Dominic was evicted
  2. Daniele Winning HOH when Brendon came back
  3. Daniele Winning F4 POV in BB8
  4. Elissa winning HOH
  5. Neda’s Jury question to Jon and her Jury Vote
There should be certain questions you have to answer correctly to get in the BB House

Who won Season 2? And what was his alliance called? His partner in the game was?? Dr Will Chilltown Boogie

Who are the sovereign 6? James R Janelle Howie Kaysar Rachel & Sarah

What is Jedi training & who gave it that name. Comp prep and Howie

Who is the King of the Veto? James Rhine

Who are the 2 best female competitors in the game? Janelle & Dani D

Who is the Black Widow? Danielle Reyes

Who was voted out holding a veto that they did not use on themselves? Marcellas

Who originated the backdoor? Nakomis and it was called the six finger plan. Who was its first victim? Jace.

Who was blindsided on the block against Evel Dick? Dustin

Who is the only unanimous winner of BB & also holds the record as never having a vote cast against him? Dan

Who are the Renegades? Dan & Memphis

Who hosted their own funeral? Dan

Know them or you don’t belong in the house

A great shot of Evel Knievel showcasing the beauty of his white leathers with navy and red trim. Knievel was buried in a leather jacket like the one you see here when he passed away in 2007. Pal Matthew McConaughey offered this eulogy– “He’s forever in flight now. He doesn’t have to come back down. He doesn’t have to land.” And yes, McConaughey was probably stoned. A bit of an odd pairing if ever there was one, but I ask you– Who doesn’t love Evel Knievel?