Eve's True Identity
  • Elsword:Hey, I just realized something...
  • Eve (CEm):What?
  • Elsword:Well, you've got three Nasod assistants, and they're called "Oberon", "Ophelia", and "Ferdinand".
  • Eve:Yes.
  • Elsword:The thing is, the planet Uranus has several moons, and three of them are also called Oberon, Ophelia, and Ferdinand.
  • Eve:What's your point?
  • Elsword:My point is... your Nasod assistants orbit YOUR ANUS!!!
  • Eve:...
  • Add:Well, you do have a pretty nice ass...
  • Eve:*slaps both of them*
Add Baby Talking
  • Add:Get awt of my lawb, yew bwat!
  • Elsword:Egh, Add, no, you're making me feel very uncomfortable!
  • Add:I lewv yew nasod arm, Rabwen~
  • Raven:Add, you're not a baby anymore. Stop that.
  • Add:Eve, be mine, pwease??
  • Eve:Baby talking me would not make me like you. But you can hug me for 5 minutes as a bonus.
  • Add:Ciel, give me some kewkies, pwease??
  • Ciel:That baby talk.. Hngh, n-no! N-N-NO COOKIES FOR YOU. YOU NEED TO GO ON A SUGAR DIET... AGH! ALRIGHT!

princessefabray asked:

F2F: Eve grabs Audrey's hand softly while Lexie is busy making the spaghetti. After having the bedroom to herself, she had done something naughty and she needed to go to the chapel. She dropped her voice to a small whisper. "Can I go to the chapel, Godmother?"

F2F: Audrey wasn’t a big church goer if she could help it, she went to confession because she needed to get some of what she’d done out in the open. But her sisters request confused her. “Why? Are you meeting Quinn?”