a few lace + flowered pretties… ROBERTO CAVALLI ss15 sweet sheers with delicate sequins and embellishment from the MFW runway. 

"The hectic pace of the city evaporates into a salty ocean breeze as boats anchored at the dock inspire dreams of travel to distant places. The warmth of the sun and the power of color become intoxicating as the summer turns into an elegant adventure where comfort and lightness are synonymous of style." - Roberto Cavalli 

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It had been a few years since I’ve had an asthma attack so I decided to stop taking my medication. 

Three months of no meds may seem like its dangerous but I felt so much better. The headaches and the nausea had evaporated basically overnight. 

I headed down to the training room underneath the bunker to meet with Cas, he was going to teach me how to fight an angel. 

I opened the door to see Cas already standing there, waiting for me. He was wearing black sweatpants and a white tank. 


The usual suit and trench never highlighted his muscles like this tank top did. I never knew just how muscular he really was. 

I started to pull up the hem of my shirt to remove it. I too, was wearing sweatpants. 

"What are you doing?" Cas asked quickly. 

I looked over to the angel only to realize that he was blushing, his nose and the tips of his ears turning a darker red than his cheeks.  

I didn’t know that angels could blush. 

"Calm down. I have a sports bra on." I replied, feeling like a silly little girl next to this beautiful man in front of me. 

Once my shirt was off, Cas stared at me like I had grown a second head, as if I needed another reason to feel self conscious. 

"You ready?" Cas snapped out of it. 

"Born ready." I growled playfully. 

*CASTIELS POV* Y/n’s reflexes were faster than most humans. 

She also picked up new techniques for trying to get the upper hand with me all on her own. 

I disappeared as she lunged for me. I snuck up behind her and an angel blade appeared in my hand. 

I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and plunged the blade towards her chest, stopping it just above her heart. 

"You’re dead." I told her. 

"What is that, twenty times now?" Y/n asked as I released her. 

"Twenty three." I answered. 

"Rhetorical question, Cas." She chimed before she walked over to the water fountain, her skin covered in a sheen of sweat.

I was also feeling very warm, so I lifted my shirt over my head and threw it in the corner. 

Y/n walked back onto the mat, the corners of her lips curved upwards. “You ready?”

"Born ready." I repeated her answer from earlier. 

She grinned before darting after me. I sidestepped her easily but that us exactly what she was expecting. 

Y/n ducked down low and grabbed ahold of my ankles, pulling hard knocking me flat on my back. 

She then proceeded to climb on top of me, her bare stomach pressing against mine as she pinned my arms by my head. 

"You’re dead." She whispered, smile spreading across her face victoriously. 

I started laughing and she looked at me weirdly. 

"What’s so funny?" She raised an eyebrow. 

This.” I responded before sliding my knee under hers, causing her to tumble over onto her back. 

I restrained her hands by her head and immobilized her legs so she couldn’t use them to knock me over like I had just done. 

*NORMAL POV* Cas smiled down at me. “I win.”

How could icy blue eyes make someone feel as if they were on fire?

"Oh, so now it’s a competition?" I questioned, my voice an octave higher than usual. 

"Maybe." He teased. 

*CASTIELS POV* I wanted so badly just to lean down and kiss her. 

Wait, what? Where did that come from? 

I didn’t want her going against angels but while Sam and Dean insisted that she would be fine, I insisted on making sure she was fully prepared. 

"Are you going to let go of me or are you going to just sit on top of me for the rest of the day?" Y/n asked. 

*NORMAL POV* Cas turned a deep red color before jumping up and offering me his hand to help me up. 

"Same time tomorrow." He said stiffly before disappearing.

What was that about? 

I walked back upstairs and went to my bedroom bathroom. I didn’t feel like socializing for the rest if the day so I took a shower and caught up on some research. 

*CASTIELS POV* I appeared in the bunker living room where Sam and Dean were watching the television. 

They looked to me as I sat in the chair across the room. 

"Are you alright? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost." Said Sam. 

"I haven’t seen a ghost today and even if I had, I have seen over a thousand ghosts, why would it affect me?" I was confused. 

"It’s an expression, Cas." Dean sighed and muted the tv. 

"Oh. Well there is something that is concerning me. It’s… It’s y/n." I replied. 

"Is she alright?" Both Sam and Dean asked at the same time. 

"Yes she’s fine, I guess, I guess it’s actually me there’s a problem with." 

"What’s the matter, Cas?" Sam inquired. 

"Well me and y/n were down in the training room, at first she pinned me down but then I turned the tables, pinning her to the ground. That’s when…" I trailed off, embarrassed. 

"When what Cas?" Sam urged. 

"That’s when I wanted to, well I wanted to kiss her." I hung my head. 

They both started howling in laughter and I looked up to see them turning red. 

"I knew this was a mistake." I stood up. 

"Oh sit back down you big baby." Dean chuckled before they both quieted to look at me. 

"Y/n is a very beautiful girl Cas, you’re not the only guy who has wanted her." Sam’s expression was sympathetic. 

"It’s not just her looks that draws me to her." I snapped.  

"Cas likes y/n. Cas likes y/n. Cas likes-" Dean started to sing but Sam silenced him with a look. 

"Do you like y/n, Cas?" Sam focused his gaze on me once again. 

"Everyone likes y/n." I answered. 

"I meant, do you care for her more than others?" He rephrased. 

"Yes." My voice was slow. 

"Do you want her to be happy?" Dean asked. 


"Then I think that you like her, as in more than a friend." Sam finished. 

'Like' didn't seem like a good enough word to describe it, but what word was?

"So how are you planning on telling her?" Dean wagged his eyebrows. 

"He should just tell her straight up." Sam chirped. 

"That’s ridiculous. Y/n is a passionate person. He should kiss her when she’s off guard and when she is silent, for probably the first time in her life, he can tell her." Dean argued. 

They both turned to me to wait for my answer. 

"I don’t know if I should tell her." I replied. 

"You know y/n, right? She sniffs out secrets like a bloodhound. She knows when someone is keeping a secret from her. She will figure it out sooner or later." Dean looked at me like I was insane. 

"Just tell her Cas, you never know how she’ll react." Sam’s voice was soft. 

"Yeah, maybe." I sighed. 

*NORMAL POV* Cas knocked me to the ground once again, with enough force to send a wave of pain up my spine.

Usually Cas was gentle with me but today he was very rough and only talking to me in gruff, short, barks of commands. 

Did I do something to make him angry? 

I searched through my behavior yesterday and came up blank. What was making him mad?

"Again." Cas growled at me. 

This was number thirty and I was feeling out of breath, my chest was tight. 

I hadn’t had an asthma attack in a few months, I thought maybe they would stay away. I was wrong. 

Maybe I could push through it. 

Cas threw his fist towards me, I caught it and spun around his body. I aimed my fist towards the base of his spine but he twisted under and I once again fell to the floor. 

"Again." He didn’t even wait for me to hit the mat. 

"Cas we should take a break." I said as I stumbled up. 

"No. Again." He barked at me. 

"Cas I really need a break." It was getting harder and harder to breathe. 

Suddenly he was in my face, his bare chest almost coming in contact with my chin. 

"Angels will not give you breaks, they will not hesitate to kill you. Now, again.” He backed up and waited for my advance. 


"AGAIN!" The power of Cas’s voice shook the walls and I shrunk back at the sheer force. 

*CASTIELS POV* Y/n backed away with her eyes wide, fear in her expression.  

I never treated her like this before, the only reason I was now was because I was preoccupied thinking if I should or shouldn’t tell her. 

If that wasn’t bad enough, Sam and Dean rushed through the doorway, their faces masks of concern. 

"What happened?" Sam asked. 

Y/n turned to face them with teary eyes. “Nothing. Everything, everything’s fine.” She whispered.

Dean looked suspiciously between y/n and me. “So you wouldn’t mind if we sit in on your training session?” He quirked up his eyebrows. 

"As long as you don’t interrupt." I gritted my teeth.

"Again." I repeated to y/n, my voice a little softer. 

She took a deep breath before she came at me. 

Y/n ran at me and I disappeared just to show up right behind her. She sensed it though, she spun around just in time to block my blow. 

Suddenly she froze mid-attack. Her face turned red and she started coughing violently, gasping for breath. 

I stared at her in horror. What was happening?

"Dammit." A voice said behind me. 

Dean rushed over to y/n. “Where’s your inhaler?” His voice was low and urgent. 

Y/n just shook her head. “I’m fine. Don’t… Don’t need it.” She wheezed. 

Dean looked over to Sam. “The spare inhaler I keep for her is in the bathroom cabinet. Grab it.” 

Sam bolted out of the room and I could do was stare at them.  

"Sit." Dean ordered y/n and she did as told. 

"How long has it been since you’ve taken your medicine?" He inquired in a soothing tone. 

She looked at him with an innocent expression. 

"Don’t give me that. I can tell that you haven’t been taking it." He accused her. 

"Few months." She croaked. 

"Why? You know what can happen without it." 

What could happen?

Sam ran through the door with a small, blue, L-shaped device that must have been the inhaler they were going on about and handed it to Dean. 

And in turn he tried to hand it over to y/n but she shook her head and shied away from it. 

"Y/n you have to use it!" Sam exclaimed. 

Once again she shook her head, no. 

"Fine you leave us with no choice. Sam grab her legs, Cas hold her arms down." Dean said quickly. 

I snapped out if my reverie and shot over to them. I gathered y/n’s small wrists in my hands and pinned them to the mat, Sam doing the same with her ankles. 

Dean took the small device and jammed it in her mouth, pushing down on the button. 

Her coughing seceded and her color returned to almost normal. 

"Happy now? Get off of me!" She wheezed. 

All three of us sprang up and she tried to stand but she was wobbly on her feet and I caught her just before she hit the ground. 

"Are you okay?" I asked before releasing her.  

"I’m just a little worn out." My arms were still around her as she tried to take a step but she was visibly shaken. 

I placed my hand on her forehead and she fell into my embrace, asleep. 

"What did you do that for Cas?" Sam’s voice reached out to me. 

"You heard her, she was tired, plus she could barely stand on her own two feet with my help." I answered, confused. 

"She would’ve been fine after a few hours rest. You just knocked her out for the next twenty-four hours." Dean replied. 

"Oh." I looked back down to y/n. 

"It’s fine, she probably needed the sleep anyways. Let’s go bring her to her room." Sam led the way put of the training room as I picked up y/n in my arms. 

I flew to y/n’s room, beating Sam and Dean there by a few moments. 

Dean pulled the blankets back on her bed and I gently laid her down before putting the blankets back on her. 

All three of us walked out of her room shutting the door behind us. Sam and Dean were already turning to leave. 

"What happened?" I asked and they turned around to look at me. 

"What do you mean?" Said Sam. 

"What happened to y/n down there?" I rephrased. 

"I thought you already knew. Y/n has asthma." Dean narrowed his eyes. 

"What’s asthma?" 

"It’s a medical condition that makes it hard for her to breathe under certain conditions." He explained. 

My face fell. “She, she asked to, to take a, take a break. I wouldn’t let her, I yelled at her. I yelled at her.” 

"Is that what shook the walls?” Sam inquired. 

I hung my head in shame. 

*NORMAL POV* I woke up in my bed. I sat up, my head and chest hurting. 

How did I get here?

"Y/n?" Cas’s voice came from the corner of the room. I glanced in his direction and found his gaze. 


"Hold on a minute." He disappeared. 

I stood up from my bed clumsily and went over to my dresser to dig out a shirt. 

I had just gotten the shirt over my head when three people rushed into my room.  

"How are you feeling?" Sam’s voice was full of concern. 

"I’m just fine guys, don’t worry." I couldn’t help but notice that Cas wouldn’t look at me. 

"Good. Now tell us why you haven’t been taking your asthma meds." Dean demanded. 


No?" Sam raised his eyebrows. 

"You know what, Sam, she’s right. She doesn’t have to tell us as long as she starts taking her meds again." Dean said in a sour voice. 

"You can’t make me." I answered petulantly. 

"You can die if you don’t take your meds, y/n. If we didn’t react as fast as we did yesterday you could have died. Yeah we can’t make you take your meds but we can exclude you from hunts until you do." Dean replied. 

"You can’t!" I exclaimed. 

"We can and we will." Sam dictated before he and Dean started to walk out the room. 

I reached over to the table next to my bed, grabbing a glass jar and threw it towards the door as it shut behind them. It shattered into pieces and scattered across the floor noisily. 

"Dammit!" I screeched, my eyes watering with anger. 

"Y/n?" Cas gripped my chin in his hand gently and tilted my face up so I would look at him. 

My eyes connected with his and tenderness flooded his expression. 

"Sam and Dean are right, y/n. You need to take your medicine so you won’t die." He said softly. 

I jerked my chin out of his grip and backed up a few steps. “What do you care, Cas, you’re mad at me anyways.” 

"Why don’t you want to take your medication?" He ignored me. 

I didn’t answer. 

"Why?!" He snapped. 

"You don’t know what it’s like to be the weak one Cas! You guys are so much stronger than me! I know why you wanted to give me extra training! I’m weak and those meds make it worse!" I screamed hysterically. 

"You think you’re weak?" Cas’s voice was even.  

*CASTIELS POV* “You should be rooting for me to not take my meds. Why should I take them? Why would you want me alive?” She quieted down. 

She didn’t answer me.

I thought about Dean’s advice on how to get her to be silent. 

I pushed away my fears and doubts. I walked up to her and gripped her face between my hands. I traced under her eyes with my thumbs to wipe away her tears before I leaned down and kissed her. 

I pulled away and she stood there with a look of complete confusion. Dean was right, though. She was silent. 

"I wasn’t mad at you yesterday. I was trying to figure out how to tell you that I like you, maybe even more. The reason I wanted to give you extra training is because I want you to be extra safe.” I paused.  

"Y/n you are the strongest person I know, Sam and Dean couldn’t even last that long with an angel. I don’t want to see you end up dead one day y/n. You should take the medicine, it’s better than ending up dead. Please think about it." I pleaded. 

Y/n was still in a state of shock but she nodded her head. 

I smiled before turning around and walked towards the door. 

"Cas?" Y/n’s voice trembled behind me. 

I turned to look at her. “Yeah?” 

"I like you too." She blushed. 

I smiled widely and walked out the door.  Having her like me back felt better than I would’ve thought. 

I Think It's Air & Water

the flesh of feet undo the earth
while winds play as silk
in motion unravelling tingles upon wrists

flags of souls begin to wave
dissolving backgrounds
and stones in lungs evaporate

erase the mottles of prayer
cut the grief of hands
murmur yourself away in spells

knee to knee
belly undulates from belly
disheveling limbs

run urgently
remove the noose
undue the greed

we were once Buddha
we left the planet’s orbit
we held the Akashic

we loved like Venus
the Ganges will remove
our tainted language.

Sunday baking project: mini pumpkin pies! Recipe: 3/4 cup sugar, 1tbsp cornstarch, 1tsp cinnamon, 1/2tsp ground ginger, 1/2tsp salt, 2 egg whites, 1 can pumpkin (29oz), 1 can evaporated milk (12oz, only use 10oz). Made these with premade/store bought crusts. #homemade #recipe

[▼] He was stuck.

        Jason didn’t want to pass through the checkpoint, but ducking out of line would attract too much attention. So what more can he do but wait—? Pressing his finger to the pad, he hears the alarms go off. As soon as soldiers move towards him, he innocently holds his hands up.



  Evaporated into a puddle of ink, it slithers away with speed- through their legs and past the checkpoint. He has to materialize in a back alley. Jason all but slumps against the wall, holding his chest and panting. 

  Too close for comfort. Hopefully no one else is here.

“What has been the most interesting experience for you working here in this coffee shop?”

“I’m Filipino. And there, we don’t have different names for coffee. Its just coffee. When I came to Singapore to work, I couldn’t, for the life of me, figure out the different names people use here to order coffee. It was madness. Let me tell you how to order coffee:

Kopi - Coffee with Condensed Milk
Kopi C - Coffee with Sugar & Evaporated Milk
Kopi O - Coffee with Sugar
Kopi Di Lo - Extra Thick Coffee
Kopi Gao - Thick Coffee
Kopi Poh - Thin Coffee
Kopi Siew Dai - Coffee with Less Sweet
Kopi Ga Dai - Coffee with More Sweet
Kopi O Kosong - Coffee without Sugar & Condensed Milk
Kopi Peng - Iced Coffee

It was quite an achievement the day I learnt all the names….So which one do you want?”

Seen in Singapore, by Romil the HOPE rep at Humans of Planet Earth http://ift.tt/1reKMED http://ift.tt/1kq44GG

anonymous said:

Hey! I was just wondering, if you could give me a little advice? I have a titanium nail and I usually just use some ISO 91% to clean it. Is that safe? And if not, what is that best way to clean the nail? Also, should I rinse it with water after? I read that you're not supposed to use water because of oxidation, but leaving alcohol on there seems dangerous.

I have always heard alcohol evaporates 
but I would just suggest waiting for it to air dry and than heating up red hot a couple times to make sure you won’t inhale anything left over.

Basically what I do is

scrub with a brillo pad,
rinse with alcohol,
than rinse with hot water,
than air dry.

I do heat it up multiple times before using.
I’ve always heard water is ok for grade 2 titanium 

My theory on the ending: THE WALLS WILL BREAK

This is how I think the story will “eventually” end:

When Eren discovers whatever is in the basement and who or where Geographia is, he will finally learn to use his Coordination ability to its fullest capability. With this, he will use that power which will wake ALL the colossal titans inside the walls up. The walls will shatter. Once those colossal titans within the walls are free from their frozen-rock state, they will probably help humanity in some way. Considering there’s three huge walls and each circumference of each wall is so lengthy, there is definitely a very abundant number of wall titans.

What will happen to all the titans?

There are only four possibilities, since we know that the main characters will likely live and humanity will have victory, due the Isayama changing the ending:

  1. All titans will evaporate out of thin air.
  2. All humans inside all the titans will become human again, and will be confused. They will say things like “I just had the longest nightmare.”
  3. The wall titans, once awakened, will kill all the titans, considering that they’ll all be smaller and weaker, excluding Berthold… but I’m not talking about shifters.
  4. Eren will use his coordinate skill to make ALL titans head to the direction of the Ocean. Since titans are make of heat, the Ocean will definitely kill them. Making them all disappear at once.

I hope my theories for the ending made sense.