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Snowstorms and Apple Pie / Chapter 1 - Evanstan (multi-chapter)

Yeah well … So I really did it. I started writing an Evanstan multi-chapter fic. It’s probably going to be full of fluff and smut. Some light reading, so to say :) Hope you like it! xx

Chris let out a heavy sigh when the door closed behind him and looked around. It was a cozy room, rather small, but it would suffice. There was only one thing missing …

He would arrive soon, so that was nothing to worry about. It gave Chris some time to let his nerves settle a bit, at least.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like the Christmas Holidays – he loved them, really – but he had missed the other man a lot. They had contemplated visiting each other, yes, but had decided that it was better not to. Besides, they had to learn to be apart a couple of weeks, maybe even months.

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