"It’s so interesting, when you meet little kids and that resonates, when that hits home. It’s easy to think it and assume it, but then when you meet a kid and you think, “Man, this kid really looks up to me. What a strange thing. He doesn’t even know me!” That’s so funny. I remember feeling that way when I was a kid. It’s a beautiful thing. Not to sound cheesy but it’s really cool. You owe that to them. That’s part of the responsibility of this job.”

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Stucky / Evanstan :Fifty Shades of Grey by of Resave

OMG! I’m crazy in love with this video. It’s so hot, sensual and catchy. 

I just can’t.

I want a Internet friend

Come to me internet frieeeeendddd!!

My name is Abigail, i have 17 years old and I live in Argentina.
I can write and talk in english and spanish.
My favorite bands are: Jonas Brothers (always), 5 seconds of summer, The Vamps and One Direction.
I am a Larry and Tradley shipper.

I been looking for a friend…a internet friend! Talk me if you are interesed :)