"Hello!" James grinned as he waved excitedly at the girl. "Oh." He stopped short, frowning. "Senses are tingling. That keeps happening." He looked around for a moment, a small smile growing on his face again. "Hold on, I recognize this flat. Another one of my nieces I’m guessing?" He asked, turning back to the girl.


"I stole Mummy’s manipulator because I wanted to see you!"

I put Eva in Slytherin because she’s quite possibly the most cunning (in a good way) person in the whole family. I think she could even give River a run for her money. Evangeline knows what she wants, and she is completely unafraid to go out and get it, and she always does it in such a smart and brilliant way that her parents don’t notice until she returns. Out of the cousins, I could definitely see her being the one to lead the bunch, another quality that Slytherins admire. She is determined and a natural-born leader, putting her definitely in Slytherin.

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