Eurovision drinking game 2015

Take a shot when…

  • One of the hosts makes a bad joke
  • You see someone with a cape 
  • You can’t understand what someone is singing
  • when the hosts talk out of sync
  • DoUZe PoinTS!!1!1!!!
  • When a ballad is sung 
  • someone mentions Australia (take two shots when someone says ”Good morning Australia”)
  • someone mentions Lordi (or any other past winner like ABBA or Celine Dion) 
  • Bad special effects
  • There’s a singer with a strange voice

Finish the drink when

  • Truly weird outfit
  • wardrobe malfunction
  • Someone sings off-key (be careful)
  • When an act rips-off one of the top 3 acts of last year (it happens every single year)
  • when someone sings a cliché lyric (”be yourself” “dare to be different” “we are one” “love conquers all” “ accept your flaws” “peace” “let your light shine” that sort of thing )


  • When an unnecessarily long note is sung, keep chugging untill it stops
I all upon my followers to make a change

If any of my followers are at SoWo this year then please read and share this.

From what I have woken up seeing this morning I’m purely disgusted by our culture. I can’t believe the way the town of Helen has been treated. This is not like us. There’s a reason why OCPD are like the way they’re during H2oi, and that’s because of people who have been doing burnt outs, littering and other acts. I do not condone nor support any of their actions, and you shouldn’t either. Don’t crowd around others when you see a crowd, and don’t have you phone out so you can IG/snapchat the incident. I would like to be able to attend SoWo next year, and so would many others. So today on the last day then please do your best to discourage their behaviour and help clean up the town of Helen GA!