The first time i know about Marlon Stockinger was a year ago, a fil-swiss racer who currently just finished 10th place in the GP3 race series in Europe.

Which is the 3rd to the last step before any racer can join Formula 1.

He is a proud Filipino and wants to be the first Filipino F1 racer. I followed him on twitter and tweeted him that I’m proud of seeing him carrying the Philippine flag during his races and that I’m rooting for him to be the first ever Pinoy F1 racer and guess what? He retweeted me! :) Marlon is an inspiration to many, that is to keep reaching for your dreams no matter what happens because it’s not possible to live the dream. :) He is a pinoy pride!

Indo people

Indo or Indo-European people is a term, used since the 19th century, to describe a Eurasian people of mixed European and indigenous Indonesian ancestry. They are primarily found in The Netherlands and Indonesia, but also in the United States, Australia, South Africa[citation needed] and New Zealand.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo_people

And just like that she was #lavishlytouched I want to give the biggest shout out to @ashleydoesmyhair you are the best not only that you are very humble and down to earth!!! I felt as if ive known you forever you are a new associate and mentor… thankyou hun I love it!!! Oh and the hair and closure by none other than #funngurlzsfab #eurasion #closure #bundlesup

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Director Jesse Vogelaar & Actress Miyuki Lotz from Tourist have teamed up once again… To bring you latest music video for The Oyster Murders!