biomorphosis asked:

*waiting for you to upload your theme before your current theme so I can use it* I desperately want it! Anyways, of all the theme makes your my favorite and I have seen a lot of them desperately copy your style but failed! =D

I will try to release it until the weekend, promise! and thank you so much for your message, I have the widest grin on my face ♥

biomorphosis asked:

This thing I'm trying to look for tutorial and actually figuring it out myself but actually failed to do so...I guess this thing is kinda way advanced but how do you exactly create a 3d gif effect from a normal photo? Here's the example... shakylegs(.)tumblr(.)com/tagged/3d

That’s called “stereoscopic” imaging, something which is not really my specialty, but try this tutorial! :)

biomorphosis asked:

your theme looks good on my blog!I did some tweaking I hope its ok... but thank you for making a flawless theme!

I’m glad that you liked it! You have a hell of a sexy blog! And no, I don’t mind it at all, as long as the credit is still there is all good ;)