Most people believe that “I love you” is the best thing you can say to anybody.
I have learned that “I love you too” has a greater impact on the human heart.
Anybody can get an “I love you” but fewer get an “I love you too.”
Those are the truly blessed.“
- Richie Boggess

tough love

Listen up Women, I’m saying this because I care about all my ‘sisters’ and I don’t want to see you guys get hurt. There are alot of guys out there who throughout your life will like you. But sometimes, it is purely physical or the flirting part that they like. But the second that there seems to be trouble, they bail or ignore it hoping that it will just go away. A lot of guys out there lack the communication or even worse don’t even try to communicate when a relationship is getting rocky. Think about it, how many guys out there will actually talk things out instead of trying to put the blame somewhere. Or yell when there’s no need to yell just because he thinks it’ll help him “win” the argument. But what these guys need to realize is that an argument or fight is not something to “win” but something they can turn around and strengthen a relationship. They need to realize that at time they are the ones at fault and that they need to man up and TAKE the blame instead of giving it. One thing that upsets me about some guys is the arrogance that they have. First hand just how cocky they can get, which is part of the reason why they think that they are right all the time. Yet the cocky/arrogant guy is the guy that a lot of girls go for because they mistakenly see these guys as “confident” when there is a big difference. Confidence is when a guy has the courage to tell a girls straight to her face that he likes her and ask her on a date. Arrogance is a guy thinking he can go around saying things to girls like “Hey Baby, why don’t you and me go somewhere and have a little fun,” thinking that they are just going to hook up and he can brag about it later. I admire those guys who are confident because I myself lack confidence sometimes. And whenever I meet an arrogant guy, I feel this anger that makes me want to pop him in the face. Now, you guys have to also consider the fact that not all guys are confident and will tell you exactly how they feel. They’ve been shot down by girls who most likely have been hurt by jerks and don’t trust guys anymore so they take it out on the guys who are actually nice. You have to learn to decipher just which ones are sweet and which ones are jerks. You don’t want to drive away the guy who will treat you like a princess, but will also keep you in line when the time calls for it. Those are the kind of guys who will actually work to make the RELATIONSHIP work. He’s the one who knows that it is a two person deal and that both people need to communicate to keep it going strong. Ladies, I know you all have heard the whole poem thing that says you should find a guy who even when ur wearing sweats and no make up will say “you’re beautiful”. I agree with that. Find that guy who doesn’t care what your hair looks like or what kind of clothes you wear and how they look on you. Don’t ever listen to a guy who tells you that you should “dress up more” or “try to look better”. Those are the guys you can do without. Unless you want to dress a certain way or look a certain way, don’t listen to what they say. All of you are beautiful. Find that guy who if you ever went to him crying, would drop everything on the spot just to talk to you and try to comfort you. Find the guy who will fight for you, not the “bad boy” who will fight just about anybody including you. No, find the guy who will defend you and fight for you even though they know they can’t win, as long as they protect you. The guy who is willing to put his well being on the line to protect you from getting hurt. The guy who will tell you exactly what you need to hear when the time comes, whether it is good or bad, just to save you from getting hurt later on. Now obviously I can’t say all I really want to say in such a small note. This one is getting long enough as it is. And I know there are those of you out there who completely disagree with me and that’s fine, please, tell it to me if you do. I’m willing to listen to what you have to say. But remember that those guys who are “bad boys” or who are cocky will always be that way. Don’t think that you can change a guy that quickly or that you change them at all because sometimes it is a useless effort. There are just too many things wrong with these guys.


Took out some time to learn more about myself and grow mentally & emotionally during the past few months…to find out why I am the way I am - For the past 26 years, I always felt like I was different from others; always felt out of place. I would try to force myself to get out of my shell only to retreat back again every other month. I took a lot of personality tests and it would always change from ENFP to INFP to INFJ to ENFJ.

I slowly realized that my personality was a bit more complex and getting defined by 4 letters wasn’t enough to describe me. I finally found the term that sounds like me. [HSP] or “highly sensitive person” or innate sensitiveness – is an actual term – It makes up of 15-20% of the world’s population and has often been often confused by others as being shy, having social anxiety problems, and being introverted. I feel like I just made a breakthrough discovery about myself.. haha. I’m in awe that there is an actual term for me. I’m an ambiverted HSP.

Sigh, everything finally makes sense now. 

Learn more:

1) I was born in Bergen County, NJ (teaneck nj). Moved around 5 times within the same county (palisades park, paramus, fort lee, ridgefield, leonia) until i moved to Central, NJ when i was 11 years old.

2) My longest relationship was 2 years. Shortest was 2 weeks, but i don’t even count that. 

2) I might have experienced almost every kind of extracurricular activity possible. i think my mom wanted me to be some super kid. growing up, i had lessons in: swimming, ballet, jazz dance, modern dance, tap dance, hip hop dance, tennis, softball, violin, viola, piano, snowboarding, ice skating, gymnastics, cheerleading, bowling, rock climbing, basketball, tae kwon do, skiing, archery, golf, etc. - i forgot 50% of these things today..

3) I used to draw & paint everyday for 10+ hrs/day before and during college. I kind of miss it..

4) My hair color changes when the seasons change haha

5) I love food, korean, italian, chinese, japanese, mediterranean, etc. Only thing i can honestly say i’m not picky with is FOOD. I kind of want to start a food blog.

6) I had this random obsession with pandas ever since my first trip to the zoo when i was 8 and i came face to face with a baby one but now i love red pandass

7) My memory is like an elephant’s. I can never forget a person’s face or their first impression on me. This sucks because when i watch a scary movie i the scary images stay in my brain. wahhhh

8) I have four piercings; 2 on each lobe. I used to have a cartilage but that closed up. i might get it re-pierced & a couple more 

9) A lot of friends and ppl i know come to me for relationship advice, and I always feel like I give out the right advice, but I can never follow my own advice when it comes to my own situations. Thankfully there haven’t been any “situations” in a long time. phew!

10) I have too many interests, i might be the most curious person you meet; i find inspiration in everything, i’m easily amused, I love interesting designs, architecture, and landscapes, i listen to every genre of music except heavy metal, and people know me as “the girl who never sleeps” ☺