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-smiles back slightly- It’s nice to meet you. Though I haven’t seen you around.. but then again I don’t really notice a lot of people. -laughs a bit- My name is Eunji by the way. What’s yours?

Don’t worry, it’s my first time seeing you as well. I haven’t really roamed around too much on places yet, so I guess that explains it, yeah? Please call me Dongwoo! (/eagerly holds a hand out to her) 

Fallen || Eunji and Sooyoung

Just like that, she was off into the outskirts of Jeonjin; her sanctuary, you might say. A place where she finds solace, where she could be by herself, doing anything she wants to and most especially, be herself.

No one dared to go out of Jeonjin around these hours. Supposedly, it was aberrant for people to be here. Not everyone thinks that this place had a significance, whilst Sooyoung, she was always different. In this tree-filled area, hidden from anyone’s view, there was only her. And she loved that about his place, too. Whenever she was here, she tended to climb trees like in her younger years; the taller, the better. By the treeline, she could see everything, appreciate everything, every small detail. She could see all the wonders, smell the fresh aroma of the zephyrean atmosphere brings, feel the soft caress of the breeze on her skin. Nothing can compare to the feeling she feels whenever she was here.

And now, it was that time again; her rendezvous to this place. Once again, she would have the same great feeling running through her body. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right? At least, that’s what she always thought. As she was climbing to her usual tall tree, she missed a step. As her body weighed down on the branch, it wasn’t strong enough to hold her. Losing her grip, she fell completely. No matter how hard she tried, she can’t seem to save herself from her fall. There was only one ending, and she needed to accept that. 

There it was. That thud that her body made as it made impact on the ground, followed by the sound of her cry. Grimace had crossed her face, and by the pain she felt not just by her broken ankle, but her aching body, she couldn’t help but scream out in pain. When she tried standing up, she ended up falling again to her butt. There was no way she can get out of this without inflicting more pain on herself. “A-Anybody? Help!! Is there someone there?” She tried calling out to thin air, in hopes someone might hear her or someone is actually there. It couldn’t hurt to hope. Biting her lip, she looked down on her twisted ankle. It always hurts to have fallen.

Homesick?… for cheeseburgers!? [Eunji & Hongki]

The pains in his stomach demanded Hongki find somewhere to eat soon despite his general distrust of any foodstuffs to be obtained in this strange new land. So it was with a heavy heart he bid farewell to beloved Genevieve and placed her lovingly on his bed. He could just take her along, but a: he was too lazy to lug her around in that messenger bag and b: people who used computers at restaurants were douchehats. Bracing himself, he took that first brave step outside of the dorm building and began walking aimlessly down the street.

There wasn’t anything in particular he was looking for. Just somewhere that looked like it might possibly serve food and he could half ass his way through an order. Just about everything on the menus here confused him anyway. Why couldn’t they just have simple things?

Finally, he came across a pretty fancy looking place and ducked in. They seated the sophomore quickly and he was left alone with a menu to gawk at the strange dishes. No matter how many times he flipped the pages there wasn’t anything that sounded good. Even the things he actually recognized.

Exasperated, he flung himself back in the chair, tossing the menu back onto the table with an exaggerated sigh. “Just serve me up for lunch why don’t you? I bet I’d taste better.” No dirty pun intended.

When the first tear drop fell, the brunette stared blankly where it splashed on his jacket. Before he could wonder whether the place had sprung a leak, more began falling and he realized they were from him. But, why?