I’m very tired after today. Went to the Auction for trucks at Subic =_=; it was so hot…. The trucks were really cool though… I wanna sleep the rest of the evening until morning… These are really cool. They look like roses hehe. Wonder what they actually are? #nature #green #natural #nofilter #national_geographic #photowall #enchanting #baguio #campjohnhay #igersmanila #photooftheday #jj #eunheegalaxy #philippines (Taken with instagram)

We were at the hospital before. I was just sitting peacefully there, waiting for them to call us in for baby’s check-up. When suddenly, a disturbing thought came to me. 

"In this very moment, while I’m here sitting comfortably, there must be a baby right now dying in this very hospital at the moment."

I grew closer to crying the more I thought about it. It must be true in most hospitals.

"There must be a lot of people here holding on to their life,  so I must live my life for those people who are dying" 

is what I thought. 



“Other memories stick, no matter how much you wish they wouldn’t. They’re like a song you hate but can’t ever get completely out of your head, and this song becomes the background noise of your entire life, snippets of lyrics and lines of music floating up and then receding, a crazy kind of tide that never stops.” 
― Sara ZarrSweethearts