I have just received a really amazing parcel from a really great friend! ~♡ Min, thank you ever-so-much for this wonderful gift! I’ve got my pieces of Haru through the Eiffel Tower wishing bottle! ~♡ And I really love cards/letters and I am so touched with the message! /sobs/ Thank you for these gifts, they all came in one piece hahahaha! I really am so thankful that I have wonderful friends like you that even if we are seas and a plane ride away from each other, I know I can rely on to y’all.. I wish I could kidnap Jongwoon oppar and give him to you so you can be happy too hehehehehe but yeah, thank you.. I will definitely wish to finally find real happiness whatever form it may be, hope you’ll find yours too.. Thank you Min! Let’s be friends until we are so done with each other HA HA HA! 사랑해요! ~♡ #친구 #EunhaeShippers ^^