Name: Dracontomelon macdonaldii Location: Los Santos State, Panama, Búcaro Formation Age:34-41 million years ago, Paleogene Period (Eocene Epoch)

This fossil of Dracontomelon macdonaldii comes from Panama, from a time when Central America was an island. It is eleven thousand miles from where you would expect to find it, across the Pacific Ocean from the home of its living relatives.

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Magnolia figo is in the family Magnoliaceae. Magnolias are a group of early diverging flowering plants separate from the larger eudicot and monocot groups. They are mainly pollinated by beetles, and only produce pollen that the insects use for food. The fruit of the Magnolia is an aggregate capsule that dehisces and exposes the seeds that are eaten by birds. Follow for more plant facts and photos!


Ibicella lutea, Devil’s claw
(Lindl.) v. Eselt.

Devil’s claw is a small plant native to South America, but has been introduced to some of the United States. The plant is considered ornamental since its fruits are so different from other plants. When the fruit develops, two spikes grow from the lower part. These spikes are used to cling onto big mammals, in order to distribute the seed. 

I. lutea is considered to be protocarnivorous, which means it catches insects but doesn’t get nutritional value from it (it doesn’t “eat” the insects). 

Plantae - Angiosperms - Eudicots - Asterids - Lamiales - Martyniaceae - Ibicella - I. lutea

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