the top pic is a 7 1/2” fin for a shorter single fin— not unlikely to end up glassed on to a Tarantino/Cedar Surfboards 6’-6” beauty. 
It’s built up of, from aft: Avocado crotch wood; Eucalyptus crook; and Avocado with a wee bit of curve. The Avo tree that the crotch came from is still alive and fruiting : ), and the euc is an invasive exotic that came down in coastal enviro restoration project. The sliver of Avo at the forward edge came from a friend in San Diego : ). It’ll get the double inlay on one side (Maple, I’m thinking), and be glassed by the folks at Trus Ames fins. Looks even better in person (fins aren’t easy to shoot).

I’m stoked! I’ve had the aft portion for a # of years, just added the forward avo piece to get the outline I wanted. and now it is exactly what I wanted ; )

The bottom photo is of a True Ames Nat Young model that will go with the hollow wooden 9’-5” single fin longboard that Tris sent out for glassing a week ago. It will be living in the Bay Area and surfing Ocean Beach and Lindamar and Bolinas, etc. A great fin for a beautiful surfboard (photos in about a week!). 

Next to the Nat is an original fin that I shaped/foiled from a piece of crotch Walnut (yes, that sounds funny). The curve of the wood matches the curve of the fin pretty well, and the figure is stunning. Once it’s wet out and glassed, it will be *gorgeous*! At ~9 3/4” it’s gonna be a great fin for a mid-length single fin longboard. I’m in the early stages of working on a cold molded hollow wooden 9’-4” right now… could be a great match!