Etude House Play Nail Daily Colors List 001-130

This line has a lot of colors, but it also has a lot of textures; Paint, Syrup, Pearl Syrup, Jelly, Neon, Matte, Shimmering, Yogurt, Glitter, Syrup Glitter, & Pearl Glitter~ I’m listing each shade’s name in English (sorry if it’s not accurate, because I translated it myself) and each shade’s texture, since nobody translated them yet. Etude House has way more colors than this, but most of them are limited edition ones, so I’m not listing them on here. This is the Daily Colors Line, which is their permanent line~

Etude House has this cool “try on the nail polish” thing here; you can see if the nail polish will look good one you~ (It’s not totally accurate, but you get an idea of how it will look). You can edit the nail length, change the skin color, and test the colors :D. These nail polishes retail for 2,000-3,000₩ (about $2-3, so affordable~), you can buy these for ($2-7, I know they raise the price to make a profit huhuhuhu) at Cosmetic Love, YesStyle, Tester Korea, Kollection K, or eBay.

On top of every nail polish bottle there’s a letter, according to each letter is the texture type. Notice there’s 2 “S”, one is Syrup and the other is Shimmering, but the “S’s” in 001-100 are the Syrup textures and the “S’s” in 111-130 are the Shimmering textures~

P is Paint, S is Syrup, PS is Pearl Syrup, J is Jelly, N is Neon, M is Matte, S is Shimmering, Y is Yogurt, G is Glitter, SG is Syrup Glitter, & PG is Pearl Glitter~ They put matte on this list because some of the limited edition ones are matte, but this line doesn’t have any (I think you can put a matte topcoat on it, if you want it to be matte though). There are 28 Paint, 11 Syrup, 5 Pearl Syrup, 51 Jelly, 5 Neon, 0 Matte, 4 Shimmering, 4 Yogurt, 15 Glitter, 2 Syrup Glitter, & 5 Pearl Glitter Textures in this line.

- Paint: Opaque color that can be used with just 1 coat.
- Syrup: A shiny, translucent color, that’s ideal for gradient nails.
- Pearl Syrup: A shiny, translucent pearly color, that’s ideal for gradient nails.
- Jelly: Has a plump jelly texture that dries fast.
- Neon: Intense color that has a luminous glow under a UV lamp.
- Matte: Dries matte; no shine (you don’t have to use a base coat).
- Shimmering: Contains a large amount of fine pearl glitters with a sparkling texture.
- Yogurt: A mixture texture of a light base color and glitter.
- Glitter: Contains lots of colorful bling bling glitters and has a pearly texture (recommends using the peel-of base coat with this).
- Syrup Glitter: Contains a translucent glitter that’s gorgeous on gradient or beachy nails.
- Pearl Glitter: Contains a large amount of sparkling glitter particles and has a pearly texture.

The first 100 doesn’t has Glitter Textures, only 101-130 does. I don’t have close-ups of the colors, but the websites (like eBay) I posted does, so check them out there too xD.

Cream Dilemma (001) - Paint
Exciting Start (002) - Syrup
Healing Cherry Blossom Rain (003) - Jelly
Dancing Ballet Shoes (004) - Paint
Lovely Bubbly (005) - Jelly
Innocent Strawberry Syrup (006) - Syrup
A Woman’s Scent (007) - Jelly
Kiss Kiss Kiss (008) - Jelly
I Love You Everyday (009) - Jelly
Common Love Song (010) - Paint

Dazzling Wink (011) - Neon
Thank You Cherry Town (012) - Syrup
Tomboy Trouble (013) - Paint
As Long As The Long Skirt (014) - Paint
Music Holic (015) - Jelly
Miss Disco (016) - Neon
Fantastic Girl (017) - Paint
Heart (018) - Paint
Beautiful Hug (019) - Jelly
Spring Flowers (020) - Jelly

Pudding Love (021) - Jelly
Bounce Bounce (022) - Jelly
Take Love As It Is (023) - Syrup
Autumn Mailbox (024) - Jelly
B.B.B. (025) - Jelly
Piggy Pink (026) - Jelly
Tea Cafe (027) - Jelly
Roasting Coffee at Home (028) - Paint
Jealous Leaves (029) - Jelly
Drawer in Travel Memories (030) - Jelly

Bench Date (031) - Jelly
Lady Earl Gray (032) - Paint
Dawn Radio (033) - Jelly
You Had Me At Beige (034) - Paint
Hazelnut Aroma (035) - Pearl Syrup
After 100% (036) - Syrup
Hello Bobby (037)- Pearl Syrup
Autumn’s Greetings (038) - Jelly
Maple Syrup (039) - Syrup
비가올랑말랑, I don’t know how to translate this one xD (040) - Syrup

Good Complex Child (041) - Jelly
Look at Him Looking at Her (042) - Paint
Exciting Lilac (043) - Paint
People Love Purple (044) - Jelly
Jazz Festival (045) - Syrup
Secret (046) - Jelly
Miss Mystery (047) - Jelly
Romantic Blues (048) - Paint
Fiction and Obsession (049) - Jelly
Shooting Star Wishes (050) - Syrup

Fire Vampire (051) - Jelly
Why Wine (052) - Paint
Mom’s Vintage Bag (053) - Paint
Apple I’m Sorry (054) - Jelly
Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer (055) - Pearl Syrup
Anne’s Hair (056) - Jelly
Grapefruit Citrus (057) - Pearl Syrup
You’re My Vitamin C (058) - Syrup
You’re My Sunkist Candy (059) - Neon
Pleasant Chat (060) - Neon

Bittersweet Grapefruit (061) - Paint
Happy Virus (062) - Paint
Pearl Apricot Syrup (063) - Pearl Syrup
How Orange (064) - Paint
Tangle Tangerine (065) - Jelly
Am I Bananas? (066) - Jelly
I’m Pineapple (067) - Jelly
You & Me Yellow (068) - Paint
Nice Mint Oil (069) - Jelly
Sweeter than Mint Toothpaste (070) - Paint

Summer Aid (071) - Jelly
Beach Festival (072) - Paint
Carbonated Drink Flavors (073) - Paint
Surfing Wave (074) - Paint
Acoustic Blues (075) - Jelly
300mm Submarine (076) - Jelly
Vintage Denim (077) - Paint
Take Me To My Heart (078) - Jelly
Striped T (079) - Jelly
Aquarium (080) - Jelly

Humming Whistle (081) - Jelly
Castaway on the Mediterranean (082) - Jelly
Under the Sea (083) - Jelly
The Bubble Room (084) - Jelly
Balloons in the Sky (085) - Paint
Heart Painted Dreams (086) - Paint
May’s Grass (087) - Jelly
Lively Apple (088) - Neon
Find a Four-leaf Clover (089) - Jelly
That Green Meadow (090) - Jelly

Baby Oil (091) - Syrup
Olive Love (092) - Jelly
Complex Peter Pan (093) - Jelly
The Secret Garden (094) - Jelly
Mink Mint (095) - Jelly
Walking on Clouds (096) - Jelly
Asphalt Runway (097) - Jelly
Soulless Gray (098) - Jelly
Sleepless Nights (099) - Paint
Shades of Night (100) - Paint

All the “S’s” under here are Shimmering & not Syrup.

Shaved Ice (101) - Glitter
Merry Christmas in Advance (102) - Glitter
Silver Bubbles (103) - Glitter
Mirror Ball Dance (104) - Shimmering
Silver Spoon (105) - Shimmering
Will You Marry Me? (106) - Glitter
Gold Spoon (107) - Shimmering
Tonight’s Golden Bell (108) - Glitter
Pumpkin-like Lamp (109) - Glitter
Bronze Coffee (110) - Shimmering

Dot Dance (111) - Glitter
Fire Walk (112) - Glitter
Pajama Party (113) - Yogurt
Prom Queen (114) - Yogurt
Cotton Candy Kiss (115) - Glitter
Sweet Bon Bon (116) - Glitter
Heart To Heart (117) - Syrup Glitter
Evening Dress (118) - Syrup Glitter
Cocktail Dress (119) - Glitter
Juliet Kiss (120) - Glitter

Boom Boom Boom (121) - Glitter
Rising Star (122) - Glitter
Coco Black (123) - Glitter
Halloween Day (124) - Pearl Glitter
Traveling Galaxy (125) - Pearl Glitter
Fairy Pixel (126) - Pearl Glitter
Analog Fantasy (127) - Pearl Glitter
Pandora’s Box (128) - Pearl Glitter
Milky Candy (129) - Yogurt 
Birthday Cake (130) - Yogurt

Etude House Play Nails 9 #PK008 (Review)

Etude House Play Nails 9 #PK008 (Review)

Hello everyone! This is my second Play Nails. (You can read my first Play Nails Nail Polish which is Etude Play Nails 2 #PK001 here. ) Play Nails 9 #PK008 colour is light pink with a litle bit coral colour. This is a great colour for nail art or just for a plain look. As you can see on the bottle cap, there’s a “J” symbol which means “Jelly Texture”. I bought it $9.00 for 5 ml. I love Etude House…

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Etude House Play Tropical Aqua Nail Polish

- Color: Bubbling Seafoam (026), Dancing Baby Seahorse (227), & Purple Jellyfish (273)

- Price: $5.46 ea

- Size: 8ml

- Where to Buy: Cosmetic Love

This is a limited edition collection for the summer~

Purple Jellyfish (273) has a Neon Glitter texture that’s supposed to glow (like neon lights) under UV lights. I haven’t tested this out since I don’t have a UV light laying around my house, but I’m pretty sure it does glow; I wish it glowed in the dark though xD.

They aren’t in order sorry xD

The polish isn’t mixed well, because…

there’s no shaking balls :(. Unfortunately, they’re sold separately

They have different textures~

NG if for “Neon Glitter”

& G is for “Glitter”

Purple Jellyfish (273)

Dancing Baby Seahorse (227)

Bubbling Seafoam (226)

Idk if you can tell, but they have an Etud House design on the tops.

The brush is dense, thin, & straight that’s good for painting.

Top row is swatched once & bottom row is swatched twice. Ignore the other swatches, they’re from a different collection xD & are already reviewed.

Purple Jellyfish (273), Bubbling Seafoam (026), & Dancing Baby Seahorse (227)

These all had a milky/yogurt texture & were a bit sheer, but with 6 coats they looked good~ I really love this collection & these polishes since I love that milky/yogurt texture & glitter. These are ideal of the “Jelly Sandwich” nails.

Even though I did 5 coats, they dried pretty thin & didn’t look too thick~

5 (thin) coats of polish

With flash~

Dries pretty thin~

- Scents: Strong nail polish scent

- Texture: Different textures according to the listed textures. 

- Coverage: The Glitter & the Neon Glitter ones in here has more of a Yogurt texture so the base color is translucent but build-able & the glitter is thin, all three of these are perfect for “Jelly Sandwich” nails.

- Verdict: It has a lot of cons, but is still a great product & I would definitely buy more. 

- Pros: Super cute packaging, looooots of colors/textures, dries super thin (great for ppl who paint thickly, like me lol), dries relatively fast, & good brush.

- Cons: No shaking ball, small bottle (compared to Western nail polishes), color name is on the side (not bottom), color name is not in English (but it’s a Korean brand anyways xD), doesn’t last long (peels off/chips easily, but not like a cheap dollar store one), some colors are more sheer, not all bottles have the lace design, runs out quickly, & buying online is more expensive.

- Repurchase? YES!~ I love these polishes, that’s why I bought so many (in batches lol xD).

Etude House Haul: Enamelting Gel Nails + Color in Liquid Lips

Yey for a haul! Yey for Etude House products! Yey for Etude House products haul! (what?) Hahaha..

Look at these pretty little thingsss! Why do girls like me get ‘kilig’ over these goodies?

Anyway… I remember getting an email from Etude House last time about one of their latest product - Enamelting Gel Nails. They have another new product which is the Color in Liquid Lips. So after a few months of seeing Etude House campaigns with Park Shin Hye (Color in Liquid Lips)… I decided to get the Enamelting Gel Nails and the Color in Liquid Lips.

So funny of me to leave my Smart Money card where I loaded up funds to buy the products, I was just able to buy three polishes I think, whatever my cash can afford…Oh My! Luckily my mom was out as well to buy the others. Love you Mom! :D 

I got the Etude House Enamelting Gel Nail Cleanser and the Gel Nail Remover. Of course! These are required before and after applying the gel nail polish.

Etude House Enamelting Gel Nail Cleanser: Php 248.00
Etude House Enamelting Gel Nail Remover: Php 248.00

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