interview with a thrifter: kikisthisandthat

kiki’s this and that, is a precious little store on etsy filled with fabulous vintage knick knacks. my personal favorite category is mid-century modern where you can find a variety of sleek designs ranging from glassware to pyrex bowls (totally recommend these). after reading her about me page, i realized that kiki is not just a thrifter, but inhabits a crafter soul as well! “i wouldn’t call myself a master of any craft, but i do enjoy trying a great many of them!  i really enjoy the things that i make from hand.” seriously? i woman after my own heart! 

based in sarasota, florida, kiki’s diehard passion for the art of thrifting is evident in her shop, kiki says this about her innovatory, ”there are so many thrift shops and yard sales down here and I really enjoy a good “hunt”. my heart always skips just a little when i see something special. i especially love vintage and antique items. the quality is always so fantastic and i love to wonder what the people were like that owned it before!”. 

kiki’s this and that, is a darling shop, that i found my beloved vintage milk glass compote (on this weeks top ten etsy list) . go check out her shop, you won’t be disappointed! here is a coupon kiki whipped up just for my readers! type in “Hannahsblog” in the code box and get 10% off of your purchase!


what are your top three rules to thrifting?
kikisthisandthat: i really don’t have any steadfast rules. the piece has to say something to me, i really do love to imagine who owned it before and how much did they love it, basically what kind of life did it have before i rescued it! i tend to look for things that i remember from my childhood (and yes that is considered vintage now!). i really appreciate things that were made before my time, but those are even harder to find when thrifting. and of course the price has to be right!

what’s your favorite thrift store? 
: i moved down here to sarasota, florida, from sw virginia. I couldn’t believe how great the goodwill’s are down here, so i’d have to say the goodwill. but i always enjoy a great auction….they can be so much fun!

what’s your top five things that make you happy?
: my children and bichon, gabriel. sitting on the beach without feeling like there is something else that needs to be done! finding a wonderful vintage item in really good condition.hearing all my family sitting around the dinner table and everyone laughing and talking all at the same time.

what’s your best steal from a thrift store?
: i found some flow blue china bone dishes and got them for a steal!

what are your go to shoes?
: for “my” time they are a pair of worn out, dirty, sketcher tennis shoe mules. they are just so comfortable, but i can’t find them for sale any longer, and i’m afraid if i wash them that they might fall apart.