FRIDAY SCARF FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 5 | 12.19.14

tartan plaid blanket scarf // red, grey cashmere wool blend by betamenswear

i love the masculine vibe of this grey-and-red tartan scarf … and dreadlocked models always get the vote in my book. well done, betamenswear. followers, be sure to check out all their handmade goods as well as vintage items!


There’s an Etsy shop called Forest Organics that specializes in mushroom spawn and kits for cultivating your own mushrooms. I want to buy one for myself but I can’t decide between the glow-in-the-dark species, or the pink oysters. They’re both so beautiful. *swoon

*disclaimer: photos are not my own


etsyfindoftheday | SCARF BONUS BLITZ | 12.19.14

price: $50 and under
featured items: knit infinity scarves with or without button accents by mitreva

  • red knitted wool scarf with button
  • chunky buttoned wool neckwarmer
  • grey and beige wool infinity wrap scarf

each of these infinity scarves is $50 or less. i love the rustic feel that the buttons add, but if you’re not a fan, there are a bunch of options sans buttons!


After 15+ incredible years as their 3rd son, my in-laws dog Casey passed away in November.

Right away, I wanted to do something to honor his memory for them - he was such a huge part of their family (for dog people, I know you understand this sentiment!).

After searching and searching, I came across Lamanda Designs on Etsy. While I couldn’t see the original photos for all of her paintings, I appreciated the detail she put into her work, and I loved the option of getting a time-lapse video of her doing the painting as well as high-res images (so I can print a copy for both DJ and his brother Brad as well - after their parents receive the original, of course).

I was BEYOND happy with the final painting - the photo I gave her is first, and her painting is below. I think she did a fantastic job, and it is SO reasonably priced for such a meaningful piece of personal art. I cannot recommend her enough!