BUY or DIY: Pearl Shoulder Epaulettes or Pearl Body Jewelry.

Top Photos: BUY $250 Pearl Shoulder Epaulettes from the Etsy shop of MyLittleBride and Efrat Davidsohn Jewelry. The epaulettes clip on. Her other much more ornate necklaces, that cover the shoulders, are gorgeous and reminiscent of the Victorian era.

Bottom Photo: DIY by Panda Hall, using brooches to hold the “shoulder necklaces” in place. I rarely look at anything on Panda Hall without researching where the DIY actually came from. I found the original Etsy source for this DIY in the comment section.

Below is one of  Efrat Davidsohn’s beautiful Shoulder Necklaces. It’s $1,300 and you can find it here.

Pop Culture Religious Candles

Give praise to the true god(s) of the universe with these pop culture religious candles. Lighting the candles activates the magically blasphemous powers endowed to entertainers of great caliber like Walter White, Ron Swanson, and Bill Fuckin’ Murray.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

Dear Mom zine #1 is back in action and back for sale on my etsy!!!!!!! check it out and buy a copy!!

The first in my series! This zine is a collection of submissions from all over the world centered around the topic “Dear Mom.” It’s the result of months of hard work, and i am REALLY happy with how it turned out! With 26 submissions this is my biggest zine by FAR, and every page is packed with confessional, moving, and beautiful stories all about our moms. Soon work will start on book #2, with the 2nd batch of submissions! Thank you so much to everyone who has been a part of this process. I hope you all love this zine, and get as much out of reading it as I got out of putting it together!

TRIGGER WARNING: some of the material in this book covers topics that might be triggering to certain readers!

WARNING: If you order a color copy of it then there will be a slight delay as I need to get more color copies made, so expect to wait 2-3 weeks for color copies of the zine. Thank you for your patience!

Garden Gnomezilla

Prepare for an all out war in your once peaceful garden when the gnomezilla is released! This rampaging beast will protect your lawn from pesky lawn gnomes who believe that they can just squat on your property without any consequences.


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