etrusque said:

I'm not the anon who asked the question about admiring hitler, but I read your post on formspring anyway. I've honestly never thought about it that way, I suppose that's the northern american education system brainwashing technique working out. you're a free-thinker. but I get where your coming from. it's kind of shocking though. just that you're so opinionated is admirable. sorry I'm sounding rather disjointed. not quite sure how to word this without sounding patronizing.

I live in Brazil, so you’re pointless. It is my view and well, you’re probably just one more who thinks I’m disgusting for admiring Hitler. Before you think whatever the fuck about me just by my opinion on Hitler, you should read this:

etrusque said:

wow. sorry that you misunderstood my message that was sent with the intention of praising your ability to think outside the box. I took the time to translate & read that formspring message & then send you a message complimenting your opinion which I valued. it's a shame you didn't manage to reciprocate the same courtesy.

Thank you, you didn’t have to do all of this.

'It's a shame you didn't manage to reciprocate the same courtesy.'

I didn’t see that as a courtesy in the start, so obviously I wasn’t really worried about being kind to you (and actually I don’t even have to, but you can be sure I would have if I’ve got it was supposed to be a compliment). I said I’m sorry.