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The Art of FLIGHT - The Metal Trailer (by redbull)

I watched this the other night.  I loved Thats it, Thats all, and this is no different.  This is some next level shit going on here.   I couldnt’t believe some of the crazy spots they hit.  So dope.  worth finding a Blu ray, or a SUPER HQ file version.  EPIC.

Beatles Preference: How You Help Him Overcome/Calm His Fear

Really cute anon idea, I love it so much! Thank you, gorgeous!

WARNING: If you have an etreme phobia of spiders, thunder, clowns, or blood, this may not be the best thing for you to read!

John- Spiders: ‘We’re finally here!’ you exclaimed as both you and John entered the home you’d just purchased together.

John smiled and kissed your lips gently. The two of you had been together for more than a year, and decided that you were ready to live together. ‘I know,’ he whispered, grinning. ‘Shall we unpack, then?’

‘Sounds good to me,’ you answered, smiling and grabbing one of the boxes at your feet labeled “Bathroom”. John did the same, following you down the hall to the bathroom that was connected to your bedroom. ‘Okay, well, this one’s full of towels,’ you said upon opening the box in your hands. ‘What’s in yours?’ As soon as John opened the box, he dropped it and stood on the edge of the bed; you knew what was wrong immediately. Upon looking into the box, your suspicions were confirmed; a lifelong fear of John’s resided within the box he was ready to unpack. ‘John, they really aren’t that bad,’ you sighed, picking the small Daddy Long Leg up out of the box, placing him into your hand.

‘How can you do that?’ John asked giving you a disgusted look. You smiled softly holding the small arachnid in your hand.

‘They’re not that bad, really. They don’t bite; all they do is eat other bugs. We are living a bit outside of town now, love. You’re really going to have to just get used to them.’ You walked a bit closer to him cautiously, and though he still looked nervous, his breathing slowed to a more normal pace. ‘Trust me, love.’ He leaned forward a bit, examining the small creature in your hands. ‘I’ll just go put him outside, okay? He won’t hurt anyone, I promise.’ You walked out of the room and to the kitchen where the back door was located. You set the spider down on the grass and made your way back to the bathroom.

‘Okay, he’s back outsi-‘ your eyes widened when you noticed that there was something in John’s hand.

‘That little guy had a friend,’ John said upon noticing you in the doorway. He was biting his lip nervously, never taking his eyes off of the thing in his hand, but looked relatively calm otherwise. You smiled, leaning in to give him a gentle kiss as he walked past you toward the front door. You sat on the counter and went back to unpacking, happy that you’d helped John finally overcome his fear.

Paul- Thunder: Tonight was the night: the first thunderstorm of the night. You knew what that meant, so when you went to bed with Paul that night, you stayed awake and let him get a couple of hours of peaceful sleep before-

There was a low cry next to you as Paul sat straight up in bed, moving closer to you. You felt him shaking and rubbed his back gently. ‘Sweetie, it’s fine,’ you whispered in his ear, kissing the sides of his face reassuringly. ‘Nothing will hurt you.’

‘I know that,’ he replied, breathing deeply. ‘I’ve just never liked the noise. I’ve been… afraid for years now.’ He looked down at his hands and you could tell he was embarrassed; this was how he always got when storms came around, and he knew you knew all of this, considering the two of you had been together nearly four years.

‘Paul, there isn’t any reason for you to be ashamed,’ you whispered, looking into his eyes through the semidarkness. ‘Everyone had their fears. The trick’s that you can’t avoid them. You’ve got to face them head on otherwise they’re always there. I know it’s hard, but it’s also necessary.’

He went wide-eyed and smiled, kissing you gently.

Maybe you’re right, love,’ he whispered and you smiled, hugging him closer. ‘But how do I do that, though? I haven’t got a clue how to deal with storms, never have.’ He frowned and you tilted your head, thinking… If only there were a way to make him associate storms with a good time… And then a brilliant idea came to you.

‘Come with me!’ you exclaimed, jumping out of bed, pulling Paul up with you. ‘Grab some pillows and blankets. We’ll need them all,’ as you grabbed some yourself, then walked downstairs into the living room.

As you started pulling chairs in from the dining room, placing them in a rectangle, it seemed to dawn on Paul what you were doing. ‘Really?’ he asked, an amused look on his face.

You shook your head and stuck your tongue out. ‘Oh, come on, you know you love it. Now here, help me put this big blanket on top.’ Smiling, the two of you built a small, but cozy blanket fort. After placing as may pillows as you could within it, the two of you laid down, holding each other and entwining your legs together. ‘We actually did a pretty good job,’ you said, smiling at your handiwork. ‘And it’s still storming, and you’re okay!’ you exclaimed as you both grinned, laughing a bit.

‘Thank you, love,’ Paul whispered, kissing your nose sweetly. He held you tightly as the both of you began yawning.

‘It’s no problem,’ you answered, shaking your head. ‘I’m just glad you’re feeling better,’ you told him honestly.

‘Me, too.’ You both chatted for a bit about random, silly things, until you fell asleep, peacefully at last.

George-Clowns: ‘I love Halloween so much,’ George exclaimed as the two of you finally made your way into the haunted house.

‘I know, I’m excited for this,’ you replied a bit anxiously. The two of you had been dating nearly a year, so decided to wear a couple’s costume; you were dressed as a couple in medieval times and had to say that you looked rather adorable together. Nothing could get either of you down, you were sure of it.

As the two of you made your way into the haunted house, it got instantly quiet. You’d never been inside of one before, so you were both scared and excited. George had, however, so as you made your way through each of the rooms, as people were jumping out of nowhere and you screamed, he was calm, and trying to make you feel the same. ‘Love, it’s fine, nothing’s going to get you, I’m here,’ he whispered continually in your ear as he held you from behind. After going through a few rooms, his soothing words started to kick in, and you found yourself actually having a fun time. You began laughing when people would pop out or props would drop from the ceiling, expecting it. Everything was going wonderfully… until you entered the last room, that is.

As soon as you entered, you knew something was wrong, as you felt George tense up behind you. Turning around, you saw that his face was frozen in fear, eyes fixed on a dark figure with a glowing-white face in the corner. ‘George, love, are you alright?’ you asked timidly.

Shaking his head, he simply whispered, ‘I n-need to get out of here.’ You nodded quickly, rubbing his back soothingly as the two of you made your way to the door leading you out of the house. The clown attempted to follow you, but you held up a hand in warning; to your surprise, he stayed his distance as you both made your way back into the chilly night air.

‘Want to sit for a bit?’ you asked gently, pointing to a bench a little in the distance; George nodded and you made your way over to it, rubbing his back all the while. The both of you sat down, you looking at him, concerned as he tried to avoid your eyes, obviously embarrassed. ‘George, what’s the matter?’ you asked.

It took him a few seconds, but he finally sighed and met your gaze; you were surprised to see that a tear was falling on his cheeks. ‘When I was six or seven, my mum let me invite a couple of friends over for a birthday party. We couldn’t afford much for entertainment, but my dad was friends with this man who owed him a favor and did clowning for a bit of extra money, so my parents decided to surprise me and hired him. Ever since the day of that party, I’ve been absolutely traumatized of clowns. I’m not really sure what’s so frightening about them… I don’t think about it very often, I should’ve… I was really hoping you wouldn’t find out.’ He looked down at his feet again, clearly ashamed that you’d seen him in such a state.

‘Oh, George,’ you whispered, hugging him tightly, ‘You know I’d never be upset that you were afraid; everyone’s afraid of something. As you could see back there, I’m afraid of lots of things. I know I’ve always got you, though, so please don’t ever forget that you’ve always got me; we’re in this together, we’ve got to take care of each other. Alright?’

He nodded slowly, giving you a small smile. ‘Thanks, Y/N. These are the reasons I love you.’ He leaned in, giving you a small kiss and you could feel a grin begin to form on his lips. ‘You also look absolutely gorgeous in that costume.’ He leaned back, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively and you broke out into a fit of laughter as butterflies erupted in your stomach.

‘Oh, I love you, too George.’ You gave him a hard, quick kiss on the lips before standing and making your way over to George’s car as he trailed after you.

Ringo- Blood/Seeing You Hurt: ‘Oh, that one’s nice, don’t you think?’ you asked your fiancée. The two of you’d been surprisingly bored all morning, it being a rare day when neither of you had work, so you decided to do a bit of walking around Liverpool, do a bit of window shopping. You were both standing outside of a women’s clothing shop, and you pointed a pale blue dress that you really loved out to Ringo.

‘I really love it,’ he replied, and you knew he meant it; he’d always been rather honest when it came to telling you whether or not certain things looked nice on you, so you trusted him. ‘You should go try it on, love,’ he smiled and you couldn’t help but grin back.

‘Why not?’ you replied, stepping back from the window. You skipped a bit, excited to see what the dress looked like on you, as you made your way into the store. You were soon halted however, when the heel of your shoe caught on a crack in the sidewalk and you fell onto it hard. You felt your knee scrape the cement and hissed in pain as Ringo quickly knelt next to you, placing a hand on your shoulder.

‘Are you alright, love?!’ he asked frantically, checking your face and arms for any damage.

You couldn’t help but smile softly at his sweetness as you answered, ‘I’m really fine, just a bit of a scrape on my knee.’ You nodded gently towards the left side of your body, lifting your leg up so that Ringo could inspect it. You were startled when you noticed that he began shaking. ‘Ritchie, are you alright?!’ you asked, a tone in your voice similar to the one he’d just used on you.

‘I-I’m fine, love, really. It’s just, you’re bleeding,’ he responded, a slight twinge of panic in his voice.

‘It’s really not that bad, love. I can’t feel it, honestly.’ He gave you a doubtful look and you sighed. ‘Ringo, we all bleed; it sounds sort of corny, but it’s what makes us human. Besides, this’ll heal up in no time. All I have to do is clean it, bandage it, and voilà! I’ll be as good as new in no time.’

His smile grew wider and wider as you went on, your voice being so upbeat. ‘I love you, you know. You’re not afraid of anything.

You grinned and kissed his nose, shaking your head. ‘I’m afraid of lots of things, believe me, everything is; it’s just another thing that makes us human.’ He laughed and you giggled along with him, not only amused at the conversation, but at the fact that the two of you were still sprawled along the sidewalk, people staring at you as they walked by, curious looks on their faces, probably wondering if they were really seeing Ringo Starr caring for his wife-to-be on the streets. ‘How about we go back home so I can clean this; we can have ice cream afterward. That dress is probably going to be here a while anyway.’ You waved your hand at it absentmindedly, mind only set on seeing Ringo fully happy again.

‘That sounds wonderful,’ he replied, kissing your cheek as he stood. He helped you up and the two of you made your way back in the direction you’d come. You talked about silly things all the way back to your flat, and you were glad to see that you’d successfully gotten your injury off of Ringo’s mind.

Any ideas of others is credited to them…

If you want a specific preference or imagine, submit your idea to my ask box, i’m always open to new ideas, and I will get yours done asap. 

For more preferences, go here. Thanks for reading!

hello friends! i know that none of you owe me anything, and you can all run your blogs how you please, but i do kindly ask for 2 tags that i have blacklisted.

1) Anything panic at the disco related. jokes, band member tweets, pictures, art, a n y t h i n g. traumatic experience + ptsd + anxiety makes it etremely difficult to handle these, anymore. it sucks a lot because i’ve had to ask friends and family to censor this stuff around me. i have all current and former band member names blacklisted and all variations of the band name as well as all the albums.

2) anything with centipedes. i have a terrible phobia and cry and get very shaken up if i see one. they’ve kept me up for weeks at a time, even.

i hope you understand that i know this is inconvenient, and i h a t e having to ask this of anyone. but i d o need to look out for my mental health. i’m sorry to be a bother, but i hope you understand. thank you so very much!


yuutokimata said:

Yeah, it fucked me up a lot so now I'm always watchful of younger kids and their involvement in stuff with thignsl iek this or violence or anythign because SURPRISE the media influences you and your future A LOT and befre you say that kids dont' watch SC, it IS etremely popular with younger kids I knew an 8 year old who likes it so don't tell me this shit because I will destroy you smh

ya!!!!!! like they talk as if once you turn 13 you know everything and arent influenced at all by things and im?????????? i remember when i was 13 and i was super insecure and easy to sway omfg. sorry but “”“”being legal in japan”“”“”” doesnt mean jack shit honey

and like??? i know girls around 10 years old who read sc and sailor moon and watch the animes. when i was 10 i remember watching sailor moon and cardcaptor sakura and tokyo mew mew, like who doesnt? so dont act as if that rating affects the actual demographic!! like! it was made for girls aged 13-14 doesnt mean younger kids arent going to read it and soak it up! and even if a 13-14 year old is reading its, its still fucked up!!!! like it doesnt change the fact its damaging !

god. i hate everything

anonymous said:

My crush is this dumb guy for school he's cute but also a football player eugh. But super nice. And he kinda loooks like pete wentz. Life is etremely weird.

Awe that’s so cute!!! Are you guys friends? Do you talk a lot? I want more details!!! Awe!

anonymous said:

Surprise! Once you get this you must state 3 facts about yourself and send this to 5 other people.Have a great day! :)

((Doing it both as muse and mun. bold is muse cursive is mun ))

I am not a big fan of vegetables.
Nor am I a big fan of hugs. I do not see why people feel the need to do such a weird action.
The StrexPet is my favorite animal! It’s the cutest!

I have a huge thing for hands. I love looking at other people’s hands, it’s just .. embarrassingly weird how fascinated I am by them.
I also love sign language for the same reason as above.
My pupils are normally etremely large so it looks like I’m either on drugs or have black eyes instead of grey. 

Went to get coffee with my dad and it’s a quarter to 1 in the morning and I’m filled with a ton of energy and now I regret getting 2 shots of coffee on a venti coffee frappucino. Oh well.

I turned in an assignment and now I’m thinking of working on my weekend homework or I could get a head start on chapters 5 and 6 for my IS class. They need to be completed by Thursday but my hand hurts cause I was holding my pen a little too tight and I was scribbling pretty quick whilst reading chapter 4 right now.

Plus, I’m pretty sure that tomorrow I can work on chapters 4 and 5 without an issue. Even if it is in the evening. I can walk to Starbucks, get a frap with extra shots and stay up until midnight working on school stuff. It works out.

But for now, I think I’m going to work on my online stuff for my IS class. I still need to turn in some assignments in.

hiii im etremely bored….please if anyone is out there message me (preferably fan mail!) will chat or rp anything casual or scifi just something XD