[MISC] How to enter live broadcasts

We got asked about it a lot so we are going to make this unique post.

First, you should check this blog

We know there is a post about it on the fancafe but we won’t be translating it entirely as we currently don’t have the time to do so and you shouldn’t need it if you follow what’s written on that blog and what we will translate here.

Verifying inspirits at the broadcast station

For members - membership card of the 2nd batch of inspirits + id card + album of the promotion cycle + official slogan + printed copy of the fanchant

For nonmembers - album of the promotion cycle + id card + official slogan + printed copy of the fanchant

1) The official inspirit card

It must be signed.

2) The ID card

I believe that everyone reading this won’t be korean so the best thing you can do is bring your passport.

3) The album

You must bring the cd with its case and write your name in it (not on a post-it). if the cd isn’t out yet, bring a preorder receipt with your name written in it.

4) Printed copy of the fanchant

The best option is to print it as it’s shown on the fancafe in colors, however if you can’t do that and can only print in black & white, make sure to highlight the part where you’re supposed to scream with a highlighter and write your name on the printed copy, on the side where the fanchants are printed.

5) Age limit

As for 2013, and this only for kbs, mbc, sbs, you must be born during or before 2001.

6) You are NOT allowed to stay all night in front of the broadcasting station.

7) You need to write you name on the list as stated on the previously mentionned blog

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | source cr; infinite’s fancafe ; take out with full credits


Finalizing some of the appearances of the Creators! And a bonus Successors drawing too!

Unlike average civilian Noisulli, a lot of the Creators’ appearances come from past leaders. They are cloned from a special set of genetics gathered from each past leader, and then genetically altered using Iolaria to make each new Noisulli a unique individual.
Repetitive features happen a lot, and some are more common than others such as “mask” markings and crown-like formations on the forehead. They also skip around each generation. Ranul and Ralos got their looks predominately from Yrovi and Ynobe (who I have not designed yet!)

Also Noisulli have last names! Good luck pronouncing them! ;D

Small sketch from today! It was for height reference initially but Etinifni is suppose to be a bit taller than that. So, just a doodle of my protagonists/antagonists! (*perpetually draws Muinnellim’s profile only*)

I also realized… I forgot to color in Ranul’s markings on his head AND forgot to color the whites of his eyes. Kinda looks unnerving. :T


Second part to these set of sketches, these are their predecessors.

My sketches are slowly becoming messier and messier looking. It’s just that, except the last two (Edaced and Etinifni), these guys aren’t as drawn/developed and…. I’m trying to fix that!

Also once again it’s obvious who the leader is, Mr.dramatically-on-his-knees-and-looking-kinda-like-a-villian.
The “leaders” of each group have some emotional turmoil or something haha. |:D


Quick speedpaints from earlier today!

A few years ago, I assigned various gemstones and metals to my characters. I assigned Ranul with bismuth, and Etinifni with angel aura quartz. Mostly as an excuse to draw pretty rocks that I really badly want a piece to own.

I didn’t realize it until recently though that I assigned them both artificially made crystals, which is kind of fitting for both of them I suppose! ….Is bismuth artificially made like that, or is it naturally like that? I have no idea!

“Why are we in here?”

A project I attempted to do a while ago, this was suppose to be a fairly long partially animated video I was going to do to the whole three part song, Exogenesis: Symphony, by Muse. But I’m not going to have enough time for it, and I don’t have enough ideas for it! But regardless, I hadn’t realized those three songs were so good up until recently!

Long storyline rambling, bear with me here hahaha.

While four out of the five Creators/world leaders each generation guide the world into another supposed “peaceful era”, the first in command Creators have alternate motives in keeping the race below its potential,  as it is the only way the race can survive and keep going, through Muinnellim.

First Creators keep Iolaria nanotechnology (AKA: Muinnellim) activated and provide it Noisulli corpses and failed clones to sustain it. Creators also purposely keep traces of Iolaria inside the Noisulli during cloning to continually provide energy to Muinnellim during their lives, as it needs a massive amount of energy to survive. This in return transfers all energy Noisulli need to grow towards the nanotechnology in them, causing the race to become physically weaker and smaller overtime. Iolaria also leaves poisonous residue inside their bodies that builds up through generations and cannot be physically handled or removed.

Muinnellim demands that it lives only in the planet’s artificial sun and shield surrounding the planet that it created itself, as it provides enough space for it to create spawns of itself to devour to also help it stay powered up.

These chain of events provide infinite energy to power the artificial sun and all their technology up and keeps the Noisulli alive, only to be fed to Muinnellim when they die. The more the Noisulli advance technology-wise, the worst they become physically due to the extra energy needed by Muinnellim. If Noisulli were to take down the shield to attempt to get rid of Muinnellim and the Iolaria, they would die from freezing to death from their real shrinking dying sun that was attacked by Iolaria generations ago.

Holy crap you guys! I got another Daily Deviation on deviantART! @____@;;;;
I technically have four now but one I deleted (don’t use photos as background reference/help without crediting properly because if you get a DD for that people will kill you haha *sob*)

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