"What's your heritage?"

Like “swag” or “twerk”, “heritage” is another one of those words that was ruined for me. 

What’s my heritage? Does that question retrospectively even make sense? I know what the person is really trying to ask is, “what’s your ethnicity” but heritage does not mean ethnicity.
Heritage refers to property, traits and traditions passed through generations. Next time someone asks you what your “heritage” is, here are some conceivable responses:
"immaculate cheekbones"
"my mother’s eyes/thighs"
"a receding hairline" 
"my father’s debt"
"our house slave"
"this family heirloom tomato."
"Animal sacrifice sundays" 

So tell me what your heritage is.

3 maps that show school segregation in the US

In nearly all states, white students go to school with other white students, and black students go to school with black students. You can see that segregation in these maps from the Urban Institute.

American schools are, in a way, getting more diverse: they are projected to majority-minority for the first time this year. But that statistic hides the truth about schools’ racial makeup. Even as students become more diverse, many are attending classes with other kids who look like them.

A person of the Mawe ethnicity indigenous to South America showcasing the infamous "bullet ant glove"; a notorious coming-of-age ritual, or rite of passage. The stings of these bullet ants are said to be so painful that they are compared to actual shots of a gun. The neurotoxins of this species of ant will paralyze the hands and cause excruciating pain, something the adept will apparently have to endure 20 times before completion of this ritual of adulthood.

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Rant: Disney Whitewashing?

Okay here’s a commotion that’s going around Tumblr lately, and it’s involving some nitpick about Frozen. What’s the problem? 


They’re recoloring Elsa because people think she’s white washed.


People, take note that in the movie, Elsa and Anna live in a fictional kingdom in freaking Norway. NORWAY! Let me repeat that NORWAY! In NORWAY, a scandinavian country in Northern EUROPE the predominant skin color is IDK, WHITE! Disney is not white washing, they’re being regionally or historically accurate in terms of skin tones. Even the original fairy tale it’s based on was written in Denmark, another country with a very white population. Let’s give a few other examples of how white washing doesn’t exist in Disney’s main cannon.

Here’s Snow White:


Notice that she has white skin, hence her name. Big DUH! Also, the reason why she’s white in the first place is because her story was made and takes place in GERMANY! Another European country where the population is WHITE!

Here’s Cinderella:


While the original version is said to be from Egypt, her most popular version of her story came from FRANCE! And the movie is based on this popular version. Another country where most people are WHITE!

Now Aurora:


The movie states that she’s in a British kingdom. BRITISH! The population is again MOSTLY WHITE! Especially during the 1950s. Again, the original fairy tale that’s the most popular was written in a European country, possibly Germany or France.

Let’s move on to a more modern princess, Ariel:


Now why is Ariel white? Because her story was written in freaking DENMARK! Another country where the population is mostly WHITE! Also, since her hair is red, when was the last time any of you saw a naturally red haired black or tan woman? I thought so.

Next is Belle:


Belle is French, the story takes place in and was written in France. Not a white wash.

Now we get some non white women:


This is Jasmine, she’s Arabic. While the original story of Aladdin was Chinese, her movie uses characters that are arabic. Why? Because the most popular version of the story of Aladdin was written in Arabic regions, in the series, 1001 Nights. Also, Agrabah is modled after early Iraq, or any other nation with a historically arab population. Clearly there’s no white washing.

Now we get to Pocahontas:


A Native American character, and in history she was still a Native American. Clearly, these people were NOT WHITE! Even though the film is historically inaccurate they still got the colors of their skin right.

Now let’s got to a non Princess: Esmerelda


In the film and the books she’s called a Gypsy, a term describing Romani people. From what I know the Romani are NOT WHITE! However, in the novel apparently, she was a white girl kidnapped from her mother and her mother heard that the gypsies ate her. People this is Disney alright, they’re not going into a backstory about how a little girl got kidnapped and how her mother heard that gypsies are cannibals. In fact, in the movie they changed a bunch of things from the book, still they didn’t white wash Romani people in the movie.

Now for Mulan:


She’s Chinese, the story takes place in China, The Poem it was based on was written in China. I rest my case.

Now let’s see Tiana:


She’s black and is the first black princess. Now I am aware that the original fairy tale was from Germany, but I’m going to issue my defense. FYI her movie setting takes place in New Orleans Louisiana in the 1920s, she lived in poorer districts where it was common for African American to live. It makes complete sense. 

Now for another non princess: Lilo


She’s from Hawaii, and is Hawaiian these people are mostly her skin tone. They also show in the movie that modern Hawaii is still ethnically diverse. They show white people, black people, asian people, etc. No whitewashing here.

Now for our two most recent princesses before Anna.

Rapunzel and Merida:



Here’s the reason why they’re white, Rapunzel’s story is from Germany and her movie seems to be based mostly on Germany judging by the culture. While Merida is Scottish. Both nations have large white populations, no whitewashing here.

Also, some people complain about the Muses from Hercules being black, well FYI here’s some history for you. Gospel music is what they sing. This is a genre based on songs sung by African American slaves when they converted to Christianity in large numbers. Also, in the movie, the greek gods are supernatural skin colors, they’re purple,black, white, pink, orange, blue, green, etc.

So I just gave you all examples of how Disney is not whitewashing, they are just staying true to regions and ethnicities. So if they’re making a princess in a region they’re trying to stay true to it. Do any of you want to know what real whitewashing is? This is whitewashing.


This is supposed to be Katara and Sokka in the Last airbender movie. In the show they were INUIT! Here, they’re clearly whitewashed.

So next time you claim whitewashing, do your research people.