B is for Bloomsbury

My home away from home
My light in London’s dreary skies
My summer heart lives eternal
Where we all said our goodbyes
In the quiet moments
On those late summer afternoons
Beneath the tall, tall trees
That stood outside my window
Which was open to the London breeze
Or rain, or thunder, or maybe even sun
I still feel my feet walking
Toward our quiet corner pub
Tucked away from London noise
My tears could fill those pint glasses
As I sit and reminisce
Let me read Virginia Woolf
Next door to where she lived
And feel history beneath my feet
And writers souls do haunt these streets
I close my eyes and see myself
Standing there beneath the leaves
of Bloomsbury’s tall, tall trees
And I feel fully happy
Maybe even a bit relieved
And possibly
For once
Just maybe
Even a little bit at peace.

Original Work: KH 8/22/14