The lying game.

Ok. Sooooo what I’m confused about is the whole Rebecca/Sutton thing. I don’t understand how Rebecca can tell Sutton that they’re gonna be family and it’s just them for now, but all the while they’re lieing to Emma. Like…how can you make one daughter lie to the other then say that you’ll be a family?

Honestly, I love Emma and Ethan. I think Thayer has some issues he needs to deal with. Like taunting Ethan at the club? Douche much? Totally uncalled for. I’m proud of Ethan for growing a pair on the Thayer and Emma front. He put Thayer on his place and finally went after the right twin instead of being a baby and fighting his feelings. Now I’m just waiting on Emma to do the same.

I understand why Emma gave her virginity to Thayer, I mean, he’s a great guy. Why wouldn’t you? I think Emma does love him, but not like she loves Ethan.

I’m proud of Kristin though. I give her props for finally standing up for herself and standing behind how she feels. Laurel saw this coming sooooo why she lost it, I don’t know.

Sutton is finally realizing Rebecca can’t be trusted sooooo yay for that. And Theresa??? Nooooooooooooo!!! She’s supposed to be getting married not snatched up or killed. That’s some bull….Anyway, I’m looking forward to next Tuesday(:

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