The Lost Prince Review

This book just made me remind how awesome Kagawa is when she’s telling stories about fey, in my opinion she has mastered this subject because it blew my mind away with the descriptions of the Nevernever and the Iron Realm, is like she just transport me over there with her words.

Not only that, Kagawa has found a way to made up a new kind of fairy, and nailed it, the plot is amazing! 

Some of the old folks of the Iron Fey series are back again, you get to peek Ash, Meghan, my fav cat Grimalkin and Puck *yay*.


Ethan, the lil’ brother, the sweet and cute boy, the… wait! Is that Ethan on the cover?? *swoon*. 


Ethan is messed up ‘cause of the fairies and believe it or not ‘cause of Meghan, and now is the badtough guy who’s lonely and try to hate everybody. 

Kenzie I liked it, she’s stubborn, she’s not a quitter and is very independent, a strong female character, the secret she’s been hiding is going to be a problem, and I would like to know how Ethan and Kenzie will handle it in the future.

Razor I looooove him, he’s cute and sweet, sometimes he’s a brat, and he doesn’t like Grimalkin very well. 

Now the bad news I do have issues with the ages of all, that’s the reason why I don’t give this 5 stars, because it feels a lil’ weird to me that everybody was almost the same age, and I know it has valid reasons, but I don’t know why, this tiny part didn’t work out for me, and the other tiny part is because I didn’t have enough Puck! Give me my Puck back. *sigh*, and finally bcs of Ethan, don’t get me wrong, I totally like to be in his head, but sometimes he can be whiny.

Overall a great book! I can’t get enough of the Nevernever, and I can’t wait for the next book. 4 stars.