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Megara: My biggest regret

gah I have a lot of regrets, but ill go with being friends with someone when i probably shouldnt have been in the first place; and letting that shit fuck take my first kiss. (but i dont really count it anyway because i didnt kiss him back? yeah idk i dont count it. at all.)

Merida: Something I think I’m fated to do

prob just sit and be a fat ass cause im not good at anything so lol

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(Christian speaking, here.) The thought that earth is 6000 years old is outdated and ridiculous. Of course, I subscribe to Guided Evolution, but seriously… Wtf were other Christians thinking?

EXACTLY. There are Christians who believe that the Earth is its true age. What I don’t get are the Christians who STILL believe that the Earth is only 6000 years old.

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I'm always disappointed to find that that majority of homestuck meetups and such are in the main body of Florida. I'm in the panhandle, and it seems I'm out of luck with my lovely fandom community. Though i have to ask, Do you have any tips on finding events in my own area? I can't give up hope!

Aww, I’m sorry to hear that! But fret not! I’m sure there’s something we can do! For one thing, you can check the tags on the floridastuck blog - I’m working on making a tag list, but in the meantime just type in the address bar “ county or city here” and see if there’s any info! also check the affiliates page - I don’t know what part of the panhandle you’re in, but there’s a Jacksonvillestuck blog and a tallahasseestuck blog as well! Maybe check in with them if they’re in your area!
Another thing you can do is check on Facebook! There’s two big floridastuck groups that I know of (if you type floridastuck or Florida homestuck in the search bar they should come up) and ask them! There may be meetups in the planning stages, but they don’t know if there’s enough interest to do it! And maybe, try hosting one yourself? Something simple, like meeting up at the mall, so you can see exactly who’s in your area and then maybe see if any of them have meetup ideas or know of a specific page or blog where they meet! Those are all the things I can think of, I hope some of them help! 

26: What was your favorite cartoon growing up?

Oh god I had so many, but probably sailor moon. although later I watched pokemon, lol I watched it the first day it aired on television and after that I was glued like a tick xD

30: The latest you’ve ever slept?

Mmmmm, I’ve slept a full 24 hours before, and like 9pm to 10pm the next day so let’s go with that xD