"You’d wake up at three in the morning and look into the dark and at first you’d say, 'It’s only the clock.' But underneath it you could hear something moving in a stealthy way. But not too stealthy, because it wanted you to hear it. A slimy sliding sound like something from the kitchen drain. Or a clicking sound, like claws being dragged lightly over the staircase banister. And you’d close your eyes, knowing that hearing it was bad, but if you saw it…
"And always you’d be afraid that the noises might stop for a little while, and then there would be a laugh right over your face and breath of air like stale cabbage on your face, and then hands on your throat."
                      Stephen King’s ‘The Boogeyman’

Hook is a pretty selfish character, not adverse to using his sexuality to get what he wants. His loyalty lies with himself. His loyalty doesn’t lie with anyone but for Hook. His motivation is sort of to get his revenge on Rumplestiltskin, whatever that means and however he can get there. That’s what it’s all about for him. I think that’s his overriding motivation in life now. He’s just completely self-serving, and if that means that he can have a relationship with one person to get what he wants out of that relationship, [he will]. He’s sort of a sociopath—just somebody who sort of manipulates someone and uses them for their own game. He’s a charming one, but that’s my take on it.