Hello to the Tumblr chapters of Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha :)

The Eta Rho chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, based at the University of Delaware, has set a goal to get our Facebook page to 400 ‘likes’ by the end of the semester.


Our page is full of pictures from our events, and information about what our Chapter is up to. We would absolutely LOVE if you were to follow our page, and keep up with our Chapter!

Love and Roses,
SAI, Eta-Rho

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Sister Blog: Nicole Davidson

To help a sister in her need…

I just wanted to take the time to write how thankful I am for my sisters this past week! I was sick with a crazy virus and am still under the weather but I didn’t even have to worry about missing classes and being behind. Whether it was Melanie subbing in for me in Wind Ensemble, Nicole sitting in urgent care with me for hours, Shari and Nicole helping me stay on top of my schoolwork, or Meg pretty much being my doctor and on call to come help at a moment’s notice, I couldn’t be more grateful. Sisterhood really is about having each other’s backs and I felt that this week. I wouldn’t have been back on my feet so quickly without everyone’s love and support and that’s part of what I love so much about this sisterhood! 

Love and roses from a recovering sister!

❤️ Nicole Davidson

Theta Chi

So….I’ve never really thought about it until now but I really have grown to love and enjoy my fraternity. I mean Theta Chi is one of the best Greeks in my opinion and I want to meet brothers from all over! Anyone looking to chat about Greek life maybe kick some ideas back and forth. Future chapter VP for Eta Rho and current IFC VP here at Centenary College LA!

Sister Blog: Victoria Brown, Public Relations Chair

This summer, I had the honor of being a part of the Kennedy Center internship program. As a requirement for my minor, I needed to complete an arts management internship, and I had no idea where to look. Luckily, I remembered to check the SAI National site, where I learned about the Kennedy Center’s internship options. I ended up working with the Washington National Opera for ten weeks, and had a wonderful time. SAI, once again, has led to an incredible opportunity in my life.

Had I not joined SAI three years ago, my life would be completely different. I wouldn’t have had the most perfect and supportive Big; I wouldn’t be nearly as close with my roommate as I am; and I wouldn’t have made all of the incredible and talented friends that I now have. Being a music major is time consuming, and can limit you from meeting people from other majors; luckily for me, the Eta Rho chapter has Sisters from every school, who enjoy a variety of activities. But, we all have that one special thing in common: music.

Thank you to the ladies of Eta Rho. You have truly changed my life, in the best possible way. And thank you to Sigma Alpha Iota, for helping me to find the music in everything. Vita brevis, ars longa.

Sister Blog: Emily Smith, RPR Chair

This semester has been so crazy! I just wanted to take a moment to thank every one of my sisters who helped me keep my sanity. My first semester as a drum major was an incredibly rewarding experience, but always comes with criticisms. Whenever I would get overwhelmed with marching band craziness, it was always comforting to see my sisters out on that field having so much fun! I’m so thankful to have such an incredibly talented sisterhood!
Another thing that meant so much to me this semester was having so many sisters support me at my recital. I never thought about how it would feel to be surrounded by singing sisters afterwards, but it really meant the world to me. So many kind words from so many people, I’m so blessed. Thank you, eta-rho, for being so kind to me.

With love (and roses), Emily