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I bought my tickets for Saturday! Any booths that I should visit? I know some will be completely different, but are there any merch or things I should see? I am so excited!! My husband even agreed to come with! Yay!

Honestly, go up and down every single row. Some houses have incredibly lavish booths with a lot of fun stuff to look through, and a healthy amount of galleys to give away. There are also author signings that take place in the booths, and there’s a special author signing area in the back of the center.

I would highly recommend downloading the BEA 2013 phone app (free), it makes finding booths a lot easier, and it gives you a schedule of all the author signings/panels that are happening. 

Have fun tomorrow! Oh, and everything is ridiculously expensive at Javits. I made the mistake of forgetting gum yesterday, and a bottle of water and a pack of gum was $7+. 


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i wish i can go … so many cool ppl I know will be there


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I am SO jealous!! Have the greatest time!

Thank you! I’m looking forward to it.

Saturday is open to the public and deemed "Power Reader Day". I know they are still selling tickets, and I believe they are $49. Discounts are available for reading groups to buy tickets in bulk. 

$49 can be a pricey item, but you typically walk out with at least that much in free finished books, a galleys/ARCs. 

The first year I went I brought home somewhere around 30 books, and a ridiculous amount of totes.