Cold Harbor Light Assault package featuring a Suppressed H&K MP7 loaded with a EOTech EXPS 3-0, Laser Devices Inc. DBAL A2 and a INFORCE W/IR WML.

Also pictured Mayflower Research & Consulting LLCLow Profile Armor Carrier, Blue Force Gear, Inc.MP7 chest rig, esstac Double Pistol Pouch, Haley Strategic Partners Troubleshooter ballcap, Outdoor Research Tactical-HSP Ghost Ring Glove, Oakley MI M-Frame 3.0 and Princeton Tech Remix Pro Headlamp.

More good words from Aaron @sagedynamics. I quite frequently joke about being a total#GearWhore. & I make no bones about it, I like Me some gear. In fact @grahamcombat just had a great blog post recently “Knock knock, Reapers here” I highly suggest you swing over & give it a read. But one thing I will never do is value good solid training over the newest & coolest tacticool gadget. I do My best to train with My sexy ass @greyghostgear Minimalist plate carrier with full @ar500armor. Even recently upgraded My Battle belt with a new @highspeedgear padded grip belt & #Esstac KYWI mag pouch set up & another pair of PIG gloves (thank you @skdtactical). But I also hit the range with nothing more than My @bravoconcealment RTT hosted & mag holder. Working from concealment perspective. I’ve also been enjoying using My new @crye_precision Mag clips. I can literally throw a couple mags on everything from jeans to board shorts & run some AR action. And if time permits, I rarely turn down a range day. Pictured is from awhile back, when I met up with a fellow EMS friend , on my way home. I had just got done putting in a few miles barefoot running at the beach. I seized the opportunity to train in My @hawaiianfightgear board shorts & flip flops. I was lucky enough I left My knee pads in the trunk, from a recent training (insert knee pad jokes). My take on that was, “Opportunity knocks, we have to be ready, with what we have on hand” (again read that Graham Combat article). Thank you if you’ve stayed with My little post this far. I’m just some guy that’s been doing his best to forge a Warrior path, in a practical manner. Whether that be My journey on the mat in Martial Arts the last 18yrs, at my job in #EMS for 11, up to being a serious Firearms practitioner since My dad taught me how to use a .22 as a youngin. Train on, train hard, train right. Be safe, or be deadly. #SheepdogUp! #WarriorLife #Sheepdogs #3percent #2A #DontTreadOnMe #PewPewPew #MaloneLabe #GunLife #RangeLife #Training #GrindHardStayHumble #SkillSets #LearnStuff #NameDroppinPost #MartialArts

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What mag pouches are those on your APC? They look like kydex?

Esstac double short rifle mag pouches from skdtac. Nylon with kydex inserted, highly recommended!

Cold Harbor first line featuring Velocity SystemsOperator Molle Belt, Mayflower Research & Consulting LLC Low-Vis Blow-Out Kit, esstac Double Pistol Pouch, G-Code Holsters Glock 34 belt holster,Garmin CSX60 GPS Unit, Oakley Juliet Glasses, Lone Wolf Distributors Timberwolf Glock frame with Lone Wolf Glock 34 Slide, INFORCE APL, Heine Straight 8 Sights and Skimmer Trigger