hello! so here are some early winter essentials as fall slowly drifts away into winter…pretty soon it will be time to really layer and bundle up, so here are some basic pieces i put together for this upcoming season. ps, the items are in no specific order! 1. a good scarf. 2. trench coat. 3. high boots (lace up are super amazing) 4. poncho 5. watch + long necklaces (to layer over sweaters) 6. a quality sweater 7. knee/thigh socks (tights also) 8. your favorite beanie 9. colored skinny jeans (earth-toned) 10. button up shirts (flannels too) 11. brown ankle boots 12. a good jacket with fur on the inside + outside

hope this was helpful! much love! xo

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Winter Outerwear Essentials #2: The Topcoat

Undoubtedly the most popular option on this list, the topcoat has long become a symbol of refined elegance. From the early 1900s (insert Boardwalk Empire reference here) up to modern days, the topcoat has defined itself as a timeless essential for men of all ages and styles. Even those for whom donning a suit to the office is a chore, own at least one variation of it, most likely in navy blue or black. Unfortunately, they are also responsible for a widespread misinterpretation of just how versatile and polished a topcoat can be. 

Traditionally meant to be worn as the outermost layer (as the name suggests), usually over a suit, the trademark feature of the topcoat is its length which, in more classic versions, should sit below the knee. Historically perceived as a symbol of social status, in part due to its association with professional and military uniforms, this underlying connotation still lives to this day as it regal poise portrays. While original interpretations allowed only slight variations such as single or double breasted versions, recent takes introduced plays on length, fit, and proportion. Fabric choice should be dictated by one’s personal taste and budget, ranging from luxurious vicuna and cashmere, to alpaca, wool or tweed in whatever color and pattern best reflects your style. 

This single breasted version is one of my favourite allrounders and an updated take on the classic: fully unstructured and slightly shorter sitting right above the knee, it features notch lapels with wide gorge, single back vent and flap pockets, all combined with a superb brown herringbone wool fabric. Straying from the usual navy and black, it poses the perfect layering element to any attire while maintaining that polished aura. Here I paired with a navy cashmere turtleneck and white denim, neutral pieces that allowed the accessories to shine, highlighting the burgundy accents. The chocolate brown waxed suede boots with wool lining beautifully pick up the shades on the topcoat. 

Details: herringbone wool topcoat by Gentleman Tailors, cashmere turtleneck by DKNY, white denim by Massimo Dutti, waxed suede leather boots by Buttero, wool fedora by Soeur, geometric wool scarf by Èpice and shades by Linda Farrow Luxe.

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira

Ph: Filipa Alves

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What are some preppy essentials for close to $100 $50 and $25


Under $100

Under $50

Under $25