Mr. Brightside || Blesse

Jesse had been sitting at home on his couch just randomly going through the internet on his laptop. He reached over and took a sip from his water as he clicked onto his tumblr page. Blaine had already came over and was in Jesse’s kitchen cooking God knows what, but to Jesse it smelled great so he wasn’t going to complain. Jesse liked having Blaine around, he liked seeing Blaine on a day-to-day basis. Even if it was in fifteen minute increments, he still saw him. Jesse felt bad for reading Blaine’s texts, it was invasion of privacy and he was rude for doing so. Sighing heavily, Jesse rolled his eyes at Kurt’s post about going to the bar and closed his laptop. Getting up from the couch, Jesse made his way into the kitchen and smiled at Blaine, “So what are you cooking? It smells divine.”  Jesse inhaled deeply and looked around his small, but neat, kitchen before landing his eyes back onto Blaine.

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Definitely Drunk || Blaine

Jesse shrugged on his jacket while periodically checking his phone. He was a little miffed over what had happened between him and Rachel at the coffee shop and was slightly more irritated that she didn’t drop it. Then again, it was Rachel, sighing to himself he walked out of his house and turned to close and lock his door.  Pausing, he began to wonder if going over to Blaine’s was a good idea. He found Blaine attractive, there was no doubt in that, but Blaine had a significant other. Albeit, one Blaine was falling out of love with, but nonetheless a significant other. 

The drive to Blaine’s apartment was surprisingly short. Finding a parking spot, Jesse got out of his car and headed towards the building. After looking around the place, Jesse finally found Blaine’s door and slowly knocked. While waiting patiently he lost himself into deep thought, all of which was about what he was currently doing, why he was there, and most of all, what trouble he could end up getting into.

Finding Blaine || Blaine

Jesse got up from his couch and shrugged on his jacket. Walking into the hallway he pulled out a couple of blankets. He carried them under his arm as he grabbed his car keys and headed out the door. Putting the blankets in the back seat he got in the driver’s side and turned the car on. Pulling out of his driveway he made his way in the direction of the farms. He drove as slowly as he could without going too far under the speed limit. After about twenty minutes he finally spotted Blaine and pulled over. Keeping his car running he got out and stood at the door, “Blaine?” He walked over towards him and placed a hand on Blaine’s shoulder.