Hi everyone! Today’s my birthday and my friend gave me muji pens, notebooks and pen refills - some of the best presents a studyblr can receive haha.

Will be watching the musical Beauty and the Beast tonight, so excited! Currently, trying to rush and finish my essay before the musical. Don’t think I can finish though 😥

Happy studying and have a great weekend! :)


The first thing I ever noticed about you was your smile. I know you don’t believe me but that smile fucking radiated. There was a light inside you that spread through the room. The second thing I noticed was you hair. I’ve never liked long hair for myself but i remember thinking how perfectly messy it looked. The third thing I noticed were your boots. They were still pretty shiny then…

The simple fact of the matter is, there was never a time I wasn’t hungry for you. Starving for you. From the first time I laid eyes on you, you enraptured me. I couldn’t look away. I remember leaving the cafe, looking back at you standing outside, and wishing I had the courage to say.. something. Anything. I still can’t believe I ran away when you said you liked my poem…

I remember the first time we kissed. You teased me the entire night, beforehand. You traced lines across the back of my neck with your finger tips and told me not to get lost. We groped each other in the tent before our lips even touched… I can’t believe I don’t remember who kissed who first…

I remember the first time we fucked. Well.. I fucked you.. That was it for me. I was hooked. There was never a day I didn’t crave your taste on my tongue, your legs wrapped around me, after that. There was never a day I didn’t want you with every fiber of my being. So far, there still isn’t. Funnily enough, you kept your boots on. That was your rule.

When I left, I remember running out of the apartment. I didn’t even pack right, I just threw as much as I could fit into a suitcase and I ran.. because if I didn’t, I knew I wouldn’t go. I remember thinking that I needed to do this for you, that you would never be okay with me around. I see now how you’ve finally started to believe it too. Sometimes I wish I had never seen the day… but I did. I am.

I remember… that night at the hotel… when you said that we were over, again and again and again. I think it was as much to remind me as it was yourself. You hurt me so badly that night. I still can’t believe what you did to me out of some misguided sense of self love. You don’t do that to the people you love, bella. But you came, eventually, you did. You lay next to me, if only for a moment.

You kept your boots on then, too… 


No one is seeking to disrespect police officers. No one is saying that police men love having an open season on Black people. But we do we see a culture that stereotypes and distrusts Black men, that is naturally going to seep into people’s consciousnesses, which is going to include police officers. We see a system that disproportionately judges and criminalize Black men, which is so often what they don’t deserve. And if the cases are even brought to court, they do not receive the justice they deserve. And the few ones that reach major media attention are pushed aside, seeking to blame these unarmed Black men for their own deaths, when closer investigation often shows a different criminal.

To raise these complaints is not an automatic damnation of the police. It is a passionate response to the specific, yet frequent cases of police brutality towards Black men. If you want a peace and a trust and a respect between the police and people, then we’re going to need to have this conversation.
—  You are spitting in the face of the police with this #BlackLivesMatter bull.

hey everyone! I’m back with more free printables - the daily planner 2.0 {here is the original}, the assignment planner and the essay planner. I’ve taken onboard feedback you guys gave me from the previous planners, and I hope you enjoy these ones too! Remember, ALL my free downloadable printables are available here: http://theorganisedstudent.tumblr.com/printables

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Hi everyone! I constantly find myself going back to the same few connectors when writing an essay.

Thus, I’ve decided to create a poster thingy to help myself and others who face the same problem. Here’s a variety of connectors to help spice up your essay, make it sound less repetitive and help your ideas flow smoother.

Did it in a rush, I apologise for its ugliness and messiness😅

Happy studying! :)

Electronic Music Killed My Favorite Venue (An Obituary for The Magic Stick)

March 17, 2015 | by Jonathan Diener

The Magic Stick in Detroit was not only my favorite venue, but an important focal point in Michigan’s music history. Hosting shows from Detroit’s blossoming garage rock and indie scenes with the likes of The White Stripes to some of the best touring packages of all genres, it was the cool place to go. I will always remember loading up those endearing, awkwardly steep stairs into what seems like a massive room. For some reason it doesn’t seem so big when you walk onstage and see the faces of all of your friends. Whether you knew their names or not, it always felt like home. That is, until it was announced that the Magic Stick would become an electronic music venue and change its name to Populux.

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