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"Lustboy is going to worlds, he left his home to come to a new country just for this chance. You would have to have a heart of stone to not feel here.

Just had another thought. This is the picture E-Sports should show to anyone who says its “just a game”. That face, those tears of joy… that is something that you see on teams who just clinched the playoffs in any sport. The total absolute happiness of accomplishing something you weren’t even sure was possible. Lustboy, Loco, Dyrus and the rest of TSM are getting to live their dreams again. Whether its your first or your 4th trip its still the same feeling.”

To my female gamers out there: your story is yours alone. Nobody can tell you that your personal experience was “wrong,” and absolutely nobody can discredit your feelings. It was this realization that allowed me to start speaking up.

And there’s one last thing I want you to know: if you can find the necessary strength to speak your mind, you will empower not only yourself, but others.

—  Lilian Chen, a competitive Super Smash Brothers Melee player, leads conversations about gender issues in the gamer culture. (Fun fact: She’s also TED’s graphic designer!) Read about her experience as a female gamer here »

Insomnia 52 is a UK gaming festival which will host the year’s largest competitive TF2 event featuring the best 6v6 teams from around the world. While the tournament is open, there will be an Invite Group where the top 8 teams from Europe, North America, and Australia participate in a round robin to determine seeding.

Info: Streams, Twitter coverage, Vlogs, Brackets/Standings, Schedule at

Stream Channels: TeamFortress.TV / Multiplay


Friday 8/22:

  • Group Stages - 3-11pm BST (10am-6pm EDT)

Saturday 8/23:

  • Elimination Stages - 10am BST (5am EDT)
  • Upper Bracket Final - 4:30pm BST (11:30am EDT)
  • Lower Bracket Final - 9pm BST (4pm EDT)

Sunday 8/24:

  • Grand Final - 10am BST (5am EDT)


6v6 with class limits | Select unlocks allowed | Best of 1 map (group stages), best 2-out-of-3 maps (elimination stages) | Double-elimination bracket with seeds determined by group stages

Notable Teams:


North America


From PRI: This woman’s gaming career took off in the back of her parents’ Chinese restaurant

“I recall when I first started playing, they were really confused as to why I was hanging out with a bunch of boys instead of girls,” Chen says. “They were looking forward to me being a delicate, gentle, calm, woman figure who had interests in piano and studying. But — nope — I was really loud and very tomboyish and hung out with all the boys.”

Their parents were initially against Chen and her brother playing video games. They even went so far as to hide their Gameboys, which actually made Chen study harder in school.