Real Madrid tops ESPN’s Most Valuable European Kits list

ESPN compiled a list ranking the top 10 European (and EPL) club kit deals. The kits were evaluated and measured “by the worth of this season’s manufacturer deal combined with the worth of this season’s sponsorship deal.”

Overall, Real Madrid placed third on the combined list with a total $90.1 (€68.06) million per year.

His choice of edit song was off Tha Carter II. Long hair, Lil Wayne blasting, a young Clayton Vila tossed every trick in the book onto a backyard handrail. His shirt was about five times too big. Clayton didn’t cheese for the camera. Simply, he was showing the ski world what he had. A few weeks later I signed Clayton, along with Nick Martini, Sean Jordan, Shea Flynn, Will Wesson, Andy Parry, and Ian Compton, to Ski The East. Their careers have gone to different, unimaginable places, and today they’re some of the most respected skiers in the game. 

Here’s an interview I did with Clayton about his rise in the street game and a new project, FIVE, coming this fall for ESPN.

Side Note: This photo was taken by the super talented Alex O’Brien. Look for more of his work on AlexOBrien.com