The Colored Hockey League (CHL) existed 22 years before the NHL and is responsible for creating the framework for the game that is used today.  Slap shot, goalie leaving the net and using their bodies to cover the puck, all started with players in the Colored Hockey League.  Player Eddie Martin is said to be the first player to use the slap shot.

"The roots of Canadian hockey originated with the North American Indians but early African-Canadian players also helped shape the sport. By the mid-1890s, in an era when many believed blacks could not endure the cold, these African-Canadian athletes defied myths and developed a revolutionary style of hockey that was fast moving, tough, acrobatic, exciting, and entertaining.

During the late 1890s games between black club teams in Nova Scotian towns and cities were arranged by formal invitation. By 1900, however, the Coloured Hockey League of the Maritimes was created and was headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The Colored Hockey League produced players and athletes comparable to any in Canada. These Black Nova Scotians changed this winter game from the primitive “gentleman’s past-time” of the nineteenth century to the modern fast moving game of today.”

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Thereis also a book called Black Ice that chronicles the CHL.

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I Would Take Marcus Mariota over Jameis Winston Every Day of the Week and Twice on Sunday.

I am not a huge fan of the NFL Combine, but is has become increasingly popular year after year. ESPN reported that the NFL, gave out 1,071 press credentials…that is more than most NFL playoff games. I think the Combine can be a useful tool in interviewing players and getting a feel for their personality and work ethic, but it is not a “tell-all”. Teddy Bridgewater had a horrible pro day last year, yet the Minnesota Vikings quarterback had a successful rookie year. (Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year (2014)

NFC North Rookie of the Year (2014), 2014 PFWA All-Rookie Team). New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, had a horrible combine, but he is one of the greatest quarterback’s in the history of the NFL. (I attached his combine link below…)

The biggest question coming into the 2015 draft is…who should be the #1 pick, Marcus Mariota or Jameis Winston? There has been heated debates on television, talk radio and social media regarding these two great college quarterbacks. There is no direct science when predicting these things, Brady is living proof of that. He was drafted in the 6th round and was the #199 pick in the 2000 draft. All writers, and broadcasters can do is make an educated guess. After watching a ton of games and film on both players, here is why I would take Mariota over Winston every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

The biggest “Knock” or question mark about Mariota is that he is a “system quarterback”. Once again, the lazy media hasn’t done their homework. I expect this from lazy fans but not broadcasters who are making millions of dollars. There is no such thing as a system quarterback!! Did anyone watch the Patriots against the Ravens in the playoffs or against Seattle in the Super Bowl? In the 2nd half against Baltimore, New England didn’t call 1 running play for their running backs. Against Seattle, Tom Brady threw the ball 50 times! All from the shotgun, all under 20 yards. There is no such thing as a “system quarterback” It takes great players, like Brady or Mariota, to make THAT system work. New York Knicks President, Phil Jacksons has a system, the triangle offense. The Knicks have a record of 10-45, does that mean Jackson’s system no longer works? No, what it means is, PLAYERS make the system, (Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant) the system doesn’t make the player.

Another “knock” or question mark about Mariota is that he can’t make throws from the pocket. Again, do your homework media! Mariota was 2nd in the country in completion percentage (over 70%) when throwing from the pocket.  Mariota can make all the throws, if anyone has watched film or the Combine, he has proven that. Against the best defensive teams that he faced all year long, Michigan State, UCLA, Arizona (PAC-12 Championship Game) and Florida State. Mariota was 85 for 129, 65.8 completion %, averaged 295 yards passing, 53 yards rushing, 3.75 total touchdowns and only 1 interception in those four games. Mariota played his best games when Oregon played better defensive teams. I watched him read his progressions and hit the 2nd or 3rd option, numerous times.

What most fans and media don’t realize is that Winston took a huge step backwards from his first year as a starter at Florida State. Winston threw 25 touchdown passes and had 18 interceptions. When he won the Heisman Trophy, Winston had 40 touchdown passes and only 10 interceptions.  Winston had 15 interceptions where the ball was thrown for over 20 yards. That was the worst out of any of any quarterback who plays in a Power 5 Conference. It was the second worst, in the entire country. Co-host Mike Greenberg of ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning said, “I know Winston threw a lot of interceptions down the field, but that doesn’t concern me because it means he can throw the ball deep.” I respect Mike Greenberg, his show and career. But, this has to be one of the dumbest comments ever made. Mike and Mike have become “teflon” and no one ever criticizes them.

Saying that Winston’s interceptions don’t matter because it proves he can throw the ball downfield couldn’t be further from the truth. It proves that teams have adjusted to his tendencies. He obviously locks on to receivers downfield or doesn’t look off the safety.  I haven’t played an organized football game in years, yet I can put on pads, a helmet and throw the ball twenty yards. To Quote Vince Vaughn from the 2005 movie Wedding Crashers, “I was first-team All-State. I can put the ball wherever I want to. I’ll make it rain out here.”

Just because someone can throw the ball 20 yards, “Greeny”, that doesn’t make them a pro quarterback. Jeff George had one of the best arms I have ever seen, and his career was very disappointing.  In order to be a successful NFL quarterback you can’t throw 2 to 3 interceptions in the first half consistently. NFL teams will make you pay for that and you won’t be able to come back from a 10-21 point deficit.

One of the most common themes during the combines, “Winston is more NFL ready than Mariota.” I don’t really know what that means? If you are going to “kill” Mariota because Oregon quarterbacks put up great numbers, than you have to “kill ” Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher as well. Here is a list of quarterbacks he has coached. None of them have had long-term success in the NFL:

•Josh Booty, sixth round, 2001

•Rohan Davey, fourth round, 2002

•Craig Nall, fifth round, 2002

•Matt Mauck, seventh round, 2004

•JaMarcus Russell, first overall, 2007

•Matt Flynn, seventh round, 2008

•Christian Ponder, first round, 2011

•EJ Manuel, first round, 2013

Both Winston and Mariota made the throws they were supposed to make during the Combine. What was so disappointing was Winston’s cocky, immature and disrespectful attitude.  When the quarterbacks were throwing, everyone was clapping for each other and being supportive. In one drill, Winston was the last quarterback to throw. He yells out two or three times, “Saving the best for last, saving the best for last!” Even if he thinks that, why would you say that with the cameras on and the other quarterbacks behind you watching? It was beyond disrespectful. As a former coach and player, I never talked trash first, but if someone said something to me, it was on! If I was Mariota, I would have said,” You weren’t the best this year, I was!” but Mariota is too classy and humble to do that. After Mariota and Winston were done with their workouts they joined the NFL network crew for interviews. Someone asked Mariota, “Since you spent so much time with Winston, have you brought up the Rose Bowl game?” (Mariota and Oregon embarrassed Winston and Florida State in this year’s Rose Bowl, 59-20.) Mariota’s response was classy, “No sir, I would never bring that up to him or any other FSU player.” Winston laughed and responded, “Well he better not bring it up, because I got a ring, they whipped us, but we got a ring at Florida State.”

There is no doubt that Winston has great talent and ability, but his character is a huge question mark, so is his attitude. Forget the fact that he stole crab legs from a local super market, forget the fact that he was suspended for yelling obscenities in a student center rally. That is not immaturity, my niece, at 8 years old knew not to steal or curse out loud in public. Winston isn’t immature he just has character  issues and decision making flaws. Besides Ben Roethlisberger, I can’t think of one quarterback who came into the league with character questions who has been successful. Ryan Leaf, JaMarcus Russell and Johnny Manziel have all been busts. What is so disturbing about Winston is that he had to lose 15-20lbs before the combines. Most of you have seen the pictures of a fat Jameis Winston.

He just came off an embarrassing loss in the college  playoffs, there are tons of questions about his off the field antics yet he gained all this weight? I have written numerous articles during the college football season that Winston looked fat to me. This was the most important work out of his life and Winston was “doughy” Also, Winston’s hand size is 9 3/8. Quarterbacks with that hand size or smaller don’t succeed in the NFL. Only San Francisco 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick has had a winning record since 2006, with hands Winstons’ size or smaller.  Mariota gained 12-15lbs of muscle to prepare himself for the combine and it showed. He looks the part of the modern quarterback, big, strong, and fast.


There are way too many questions marks regarding Winston for me. I believe 100% that Mariota has a much higher ceiling than Winston. This is my opinion based on all the information I have gathered over the past few years. Mariota got better in college every year, after “The Quarterback Whisperer” Chip Kelly, left Oregon to coach the Philadelphia Eagles. Winston has gotten worse. If you don’t want to take my opinion on the topic that is fine. But listen to what Chip Kelly had to say about Mariota, “I have never been around a quarterback in college or pro who can process information, and then use his athleticism to go out on the field and make it happen. He has the highest football IQ I have ever seen” Now, some people may think Chip Kelly is being biased because he recruited and coached Mariota. But, there is one thing you can’t deny. Kelly is an offensive genius. You want more proof of Chip Kelly’s brilliance? Bill Belichick spent weeks up at Oregon when Kelly was the head coach, learning offense and how to run an up-tempo style. Urban Meyer spent a week at Philadelphia Eagles training camp last year. He said, “I learned more in a week about offense and nutrition than I ever thought imaginable.” Belichick and the Patriots just won the Super Bowl. Meyer and Ohio State just won the National Championship. These two head coaches, went to Chip Kelly to learn.

The NFL has changed over the past 5 years. Mobile quarterbacks succeed. In Today’s NFL you need a quarterback who can get outside the pocket and extend plays. If you look at this year’s Final Four in pro Football, 3 out of the 4 quarterbacks made plays with their legs and arms. Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck. The only quarterback who wasn’t mobile was Tom Brady. Almost every pass play that Brady made was under 20 yards in the post –season. This is something Mariota can do and will do in the NFL. I wrote last July,”I have never seen a quarterback with Mariota’s size, strength, speed, accuracy and football IQ. I still believe that today.

I think both can have long term success in the NFL but I would take Mariota over Winston every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Marcus Mariota’s Career Stats (3 years as a starter)

66.7 Completion percentage, 134 total touchdowns, 14 interceptions, 10,796 passing yards and 2,237 rushing yards.

Jameis Winston’s Career Stats (2 years as a starter)

66.1 Completion percentage, 72 total touchdowns, 28 interceptions, 7,964 passing yards and 284 yards rushing.

Marcus Mariota’s Combine Numbers:

40- Yard Dash: 4.52, Hand Size: 9 7/8, Vertical Jump: 36 inches and Broad Jump: 10.1.                     

Jameis Winston’s Combine Numbers:

40- Yard Dash 4.97, Hand Size 9 3/8, Vertical Jump: 28.5 Inches and Broad Jump 8.7.

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