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Beautiful photo feature from ESPN.

In the Big Money Issue, ESPN the Magazine followed 51 European horses competing in the Masters Grand Slam for their nonstop flight from Belgium to LA, where this year’s third leg was held.

ESPN Suspends One Of Their Reporters For Defending Theory Of Evolution On Twitter

ESPN Suspends One Of Their Reporters For Defending Theory Of Evolution On Twitter

In between clips of touchdowns and postgame interviews with sweaty athletes, ESPN typically doesn’t find itself having to pick sides on the debate over the reality of evolution by natural selection, but it’s now become abundantly clear which side they’re on.

After former baseball pitcher and current ESPN employee Curt Schilling went on a night-long anti-evolution rant recently, his colleague,…

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Plot: A football player gets swallowed up by his own persona.   

Review: I didn’t know who the Boz was before I saw this, beside seeing the trailer for some b-movie he made. Basically Brian Bosworth was a very good college football player but his outside personality and nickname “The Boz” started to take over and basically ruined his career.  The film is basically about how the public persona of someone can take over and destroy any good will you have.  Through clips we see the creation of the “Boz” a loud brash cocky football player and how the fans reacted.  Kids were copying him, buying his shirts, and just hungering for it! We also get Brian Bosworth in the present trying to come to terms with his persona as he goes through a storage locker that contains a lot of his old memories and scars.  

A big scene revolves around a shirt he wore at a game that pretty much ended his college career.  After Brian was caught taking steroids he was suspended for a few games,  Brian wears a shirt accusing the NCAA of taking away his rights and calling them communist.  This doesn’t sit well with anyone and his college team lets him go.  Even hearing about the shirt makes present day Brian cry and when he sees it, you can see the hurt of 20 years come back to him.  But what makes the scene important is that his son, who’s come along, loves the shirt and wants it.  As Brian breaks down, the kid never loses his smile over the “fun” shirt.  It tells a lot about what pushed Boz all those years ago and gives some perspective.  ”The Boz” all 300 pounds of him was still just a college kid, and college kids do dumb things especially when they are being cheered on by the public and pushed by agents to do it.  

One thing the movie doesn’t touch but should have was the public that made the monster or how we treat our sports stars.  We love when they are “real” but condemn them when they get too “real.”  They pretty much threaten other players with death and we love them but if they say the same thing about the corporation they are “disrespectful” and show be punished! The hypocrisy of the way we treat these stars, both the media and the public, would have been a perfect thing to explore in this documentary but the film doesn’t.  Probably because it would have been too “real.”

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