This is such a Ian x Mickey song, without a doubt


It’s been years since my last facebook purge, so I decided to remove people I haven’t talked to in years or who I don’t really care about.

Went down from 195 friends to 135.

I also created a secret list of people I’ll unfriend for their intolerant religious/political views before making my Coming Out Post, and that grew to a number of 38.

So at best I’ll have gone down 100 friends on facebook.

That’s a best case scenario. I also made a list of people who for now want to be in my life or who I know are supportive, and that number is 20.

20 friends. That’s… kinda discouraging.

Warm tea and warm blankets

( ladyelenya )

A year has passed from the kidnapping and Mirkwood was quiet. Everyone had accepted Lyque as a member of the Royal family and Elydir had loved the girl with all her heart. She was calling her mother and Thranduil -who she adored as no one else- father. She was very close with the boys and especially with Santiel, as the two of them were rarely not seen together.

Santiel was walking in the halls with Lyque, laughing softly over Raudien’s defeat from his father, in the training field, when they found Verya too.
“You should have seen Raudien, sister. I didn’t see him and only the description of his defeat from ada was hilarious. But he’s such a great and strong warrior” she said happily.
“He is, indeed. I’m heading to father, I believe nana is not alright” Verya said. 

After kissing the girls on their foreheads, she walked to the training room, seeing her grandfather. She hugged him from behind and tilted her head, smiling at him. “Good morning, daerada” she said and moved in front of him to hug him better. She loved how safe he was making her feel. 


After /during montage of heck you will through two motions

1. mass sobbing

2. wanting to destroy everything, probably wait until you get home tho , destroy cinema lobby’s is frowned upon

also you can see how much brand new and Jesse are influenced by nirvana , especially past two records/ them smashing stuff after a long version of you won’t know . Hence which is why i love them so hard

I honestly somehow forgot that there are mixed w/white persons who have parents that are still together. Be considerate and mindful of your privilege for those who don’t have a choice in which parent they are seen with, especially those with two parents of color and those who live with their parent of color. They don’t have a choice in avoiding racism.

– Jay

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How many tattoos do you have? Which one hurt the most?

Currently I have three, and I plan on many more! The one on my arm hurt the most, especially the first two letters because it was close to my armpit. on my thigh tattoo, the highest part of the sword was a bit tender because i could feel the needle vibration in my hips. the shoulder tattoo didnt have any discomfort at all. :)

A lot of fans talk about kpop groups having certain members who are like parents but UNIQ is honestly the first group since BtoB I’ve seen that so obviously has both a “mom” and a “dad”

I was watching the episode last Sunday, when Rick leaves Carol behind. All of a sudden I got all of these text messages like, ‘What the fuck’s wrong with him? How could he do that?!’ They got seriously mad at him for leaving Carol behind!” Reedus laughs. “Andy [Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick] happened to call me the next morning and I’m like, ‘Dude, everyone’s mad at you!’ He goes, ‘I know. I went to my local coffee shop this morning and they were like, ‘Who do you think you are? How could you just leave her on the side of the road like that?’ And [Lincoln’s] like, ‘Just give me my coffee. I stand behind my decision.’

Norman Reedus



tifa week
 ↳day one // favorite scene


“We played the toughest competition in the world and we’ve withstood every challenge to be hanging out on top.” Kerri Walsh Jennings

“I think we learn so much about everything outside of volleyball. That’s what this Olympics signified. It was the journey off the court together, and it’s something we’re never going to forget and we’re going to be in each other’s lives forever.” Misty May-Treanor