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Why don't you like Supernatural?

i just think it should have gone off the air a long time ago. i actually haven’t sat down and watched it from start to finish (i just used to catch re-runs on tnt before classes in the morning when there wasnt anything else on and it’s ~okay) so i can’t really say what is good about it or whats not, though i know a lot of people who used to love it but now think it’s fan-pandering garbage that no longer has any substance.

tbh i just think it’s laughable that its still getting season after season, especially after so many fans have abandoned it, in supernatural-type shows that’s seriously unheard of, and it’s not necessarily a good thing, either.

if this message was sparked from that post i made about being offended it easily gets renewed each year while constantine is struggling, it’s because i’d be willing to bet that hellblazer probably played a role in the creation of supernatural in the first place (castiel’s entire look is a blatant rip off of john constantine, after all), and well…that just makes me bitter tbh (it doesnt even have to be true at all, the sentiment is still the same)…a show that, by fan accounts, isn’t good anymore and doesn’t even need to put forth effort gets to surpass a new, fresh approach to a similar idea (not even fresh bc hellblazer was first and this is confusing and its late and i dont have any concrete reason to dislike supernatural bc i dont watch it but im a bitter bitch and my favorite show is hanging on by a thread and i get to be mad about that)

It snowed yesterday and it’s so freaking cold that the snow has not melted and for some reason MY STREET HAS NOT BEEN PLOWED??? My street is always plowed WHY IS IT NOT PLOWED 
I can only hope the streets around mine are
I was really hoping class might be cancelled today but nope, there’s still class. Although it’s supposed to really snow tonight and MAN I HOPE IT DOES SO MAYBE THERE’S STILL A CHANCE OF HAVING A DAY OFF 

laughs the instructor didn’t want me to think that i was one of the ppl not pulling their weight after talking to ppl and like. nah that’s not it at all

im thankful im confident enough in my work to know that negative feedback on crit isn’t necessarily a knock on me?? though I’ve been thankful to be in really good crit environments for my past 3 painting classes and intermediate drawing

crit isn’t anything bad, i can understand why people dont want it (and a LOT of it boils down to fucking shitty crit etiquette, especially online, yall fuckers need to learn a thing or two and ill make a separate post on good crit ettiquette b/c i think it’s really important to make spaces where you WANT honest feedback) but imo to me critique is more like

a troubleshooting exercise?

it gets really obvious with direct marking and stuff you can’t immediately go back and finish tbh bc like. what are you gonna do then. Make a new picture and learn from the follies of the old one.

I apologize for my recent inactivity (even if it has been like… only one, two days?)! I wrote an exam on monday, and I will write one tomorrow as well. Considering they’re both classes I’m not particularly good at (Mathematics/Biology), I spend most of my days studying. Thankfully, I’ll be done with exams for now, after tomorrow!

For those who followed me in the meantime - thanks for doing so! It really means a lot, especially since I essentially just started the whole independent spiel after being part of a roleplay group for a long time. Keep in mind though, that my blog is still a WIP - there are a lot of pages I still have to edit, and even more that I didn’t even create yet. For my personal sanity, I’ll jog down the most important things right here
- A detailed, expanded about page
- A cheat sheet, which lists the most important facts of Verasul, both character and appearance-wise, for people who would like to thread with me (and myself tbh)
- A rules page, basically showing how much of a lazy shit I actually am AHAHAH
I… think that’s it, for now.

Last but not least, for all of those who are already there - I may be lazy, but I really want to thread with all of you crazy idiots. If you’re interested in a thread with Verasul, simply like this post or send me an ask!

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Have you ever posted about Saartjie Baartman? Even though I knew about human zoos, I just read her story and how her body was treated after she died, and I found it appealing (especially as a french) that I never heard anything about her in History class, it comforted me in the fact that without really denying it, France still erases some shameful parts of its past.

no haven’t made a post about her yet. It’ll probably be a good idea to do so when I come back


it’s yoga/stretching week challenge of thefabfourfitblrs so here i am worshipping the sun! sun salutations and all. haha! really enjoyed. I usually do this at home but i feel really good today and i woke up earlier than usual. So, i decided to take a walk by the beach, bring my yoga mat and do some stretching. This feels so good especially after the stress of sleepless nights spent studying. I have no class today because of the Chinese New Year Celebration. Good morning everyone!

February 21st, 2014

"Family is not an important thing. Its everything."

My whole plan to write an entry every night has already failed since I missed yesterday. And it is pretty disappointing because I enjoy writing when the moment is right and when the day is still fresh in my mind.
Yesterday was really confusing. I was struggling so much with school, especially with focusing since I barely worked in any of my classes. After school I had to bail on my two best friends because my sister needed me to help babysit my brother, but my dad ended up being home. In the evening I went on a double date with my sisters boyfriend so we all went glow and the dark bowling (I really suck at bowling). I had SUCH a good time because James was being adorable and he was trying so hard and I rarely get to see him serious about something so I enjoy seeing different sides of him!
I am really thankful for my brother in my life. I remember at one point I did not want to live anymore, and I told myself it was the right choice because I would get to see my mom again. But ever since my brother came into my life something changed inside of me, for the better. He is a blessing straight from God, and I will always put him before me. I love him, and I know I complain when I babysit him but at the end of the day I would not change a thing. Today was one of those days. He was a pain today but I did not mind because I love him too much. I am so thankful for my family.

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well it's really lovely, especially after you've had a shit few days haha. it's people like you that give me hope for humanity. so how've you been lately? it's freezing where I am & my motivation to go to classes has dwindled severely (which is not good at all) but I'm a solid 7 episodes in to orphan black which is a plus -TA

niiice. um i went to all of my classes today and yesterday! which is super nice umm i actually have a bio and chem midterm, along with a rough draft of a paper for my comparative literature class all due next week and i havent really read any of those things so im lowkey freaking out


After reading about Produsage and discussing it in class, I don’t know if I have formed a really strong opinion. I think I have a good understanding of it though. I am surrounded by it all the time! Especially in America. Everyone always needs the next “new” thing and in turn I think that makes them want to create new things. 

Sometimes I like this and sometimes I don’t. 

The first thing that I thought of when this topic arose was soundcloud. I really love soundcloud. I only recently starting to utilize it but it’s honestly an amazing outlet for artists that want to share their music. I’m not a singer or musician — not including my middle/high school clarinet career — but it’s really cool to be on the consumer side of soundcloud. I’m able to listen to artists that I would normally have to pay for. I mean you can do that on Spotify or Youtube, but sometimes artists will release music that they just came up with really quick that isn’t for an album. 

I’m a HUGE John Mayer fan and he’s done this and so have other artists that I enjoy like Chance The Rapper. I really admire the artists that do this because it proves that they are doing it for the love of what they do (Unlike Taylor Swift). They aren’t making you pay and they just want to be heard.  That’s what art is. An expression of someone that wants to be heard or seen. 

Week 5

Clearly I didn’t blog last Wednesday… I typed this up on Tuesday the 24th on the plane to Brussels!!!! (There will be about 3-4 posts coming up really soon.)

Monday! (2/16/15)
Monday was a pretty normal day. After class, I went to The Good Burger with Alex and Stephanie to get an American food fix. It reminded me a lot of BurgerFi (they have one in Knoxville) because the food was good, but pretty overpriced. Then to continue our American meal, we got McFlurries from the McDonald’s next door…..yeah. It happened. But I got my fix, and I’m good to go for a while, especially because Chora’s food is always delicious.

That was really the most exciting thing from Monday. It was just a regular old day after that.

(Note for when I/someone reads this in the future: a big winter storm hit Tennessee and other states this week. Schools in Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville closed several days, if not all week, and it continued into the following week!! Slightly jealous because that never happens when I’m home…so naturally it happens while I’m in a city where it’s in the 60s in February haha.)

Tuesday (Mardi Gras)!
Tuesday was exciting! First of all, one the way to school, my friends Geena and Alex told me they want me to mention them more in my blog, so expect a quick post about them soon haha.

It was SO windy on Tuesday. Think beach wind but during a storm….except it was just in Sevilla. Walking with my backpack was difficult!!

I went to my one class at 10:30, got out around 12 and headed to the metro to go to Colegio Calasancio Hispalense, the school where I am a teacher’s assistant for an English class. 

I really enjoyed the experience!! The teacher’s name is África Cabezas. She has her own class and teaches all subjects, but also teaches English to other classes. I help with her own 2nd grade class, so the kids are all 7 years old (different from the US).  When I got to the school, I actually went into another class she was teaching. About 5 girls came up to me and started asking me questions in English, but most of the questions were, “What is your name?” over and over in an English (British) accent. :D then they started hugging me and telling me they loved me haha. A few minutes later, África led me to her class that was supposedly “nervous.” If nervous describes being wild, then yes, they were very nervous. They weren’t bad, just talkative and active. I wish I could think of an accurate word to describe África. She’s funny, very silly, smart, and you can tell that she loves what she does. Anyway, África asked the students to clear their desks and then began the English class. Her students have memorized some kind of conversation thing (that I can’t remember exactly) which goes something like:”Hello students.”“Hello teacher.”“What day is today?”“Today is Tuesday, 17 February 2015 or twenty fifteen.” (This part made me smile because it was more like “Twesday” and I can relate to mispronunciation, etc.)~~~some stuff here that I can’t remember??~~~”What is the weather like today?” (It’s common/polite to talk about weather in Spain…or at least Sevilla.)”It’s cloudy/sunny/windy…”

Afterwards, she introduced me to them, and all of the students told me their names. Then she started teaching them about clothing using a song from a cd.  That’s when I realized that they’re taught English from England, with an English accent. I have learned that I really enjoy hearing people speak English in Europe (so far only Spain and Portugal…later). So the song was sung by a British woman and I helped África hold up cards with pictures of the clothing items.  Then they cut out flash cards from their workbook and I started going around the room to quiz them. As expected, there is a mixture of kids who are outgoing, shy, loud, quiet, smart, funny, etc.  It was surprising (in a good way) to me how much some of them already know! Since they had just learned the material, it was mostly just me asking what their names were (because I want to learn them all) and then teaching them the clothes again. Towards the end of the hour, a group of younger students came in and sang songs to the class in order to practice for some kind of Ash Wednesday program the following day in chapel. It was interesting to hear Spanish biblical/religious songs for kids.

The time went by so quickly!! As weird as it sounds, and even though the kids were wild, I wasn’t ready to leave. I still don’t have any interest in teaching, but I sincerely enjoyed the experience!!

After I left the school, I hopped back on the metro and went home to eat a delicious lunch. I can’t remember what it was, but pretty much every meal has been wonderful!! I’m really happy with our new host mother.

After lunch, I took a siesta and around 7, I met up with Stephanie, Kait, Marissa, and  Bekah to get some tapas and talk about our trip to Brussels, Amsterdam, and Germany from February 24th to March 2nd.  February 28th is “Andalucia Day” which celebrates the autonomy of Andalucia, so we don’t have class on the 26th or 2nd!! So we’re skipping class on Wednesday and heading to Brussels on Tuesday night.  We did some hotel, hostel, and sightseeing research before we had to leave to eat dinner at home.  

Another highlight from Tuesday was that I FINALLY (caps are necessary) got my clean laundry back from Chora. It had been more than a week and a half since I had had my laundry done….it was a serious problem as far as underwear, socks, and yoga pants go.

I was a little sad because I really enjoy Mardi Gras and I didn’t have beads or eat a King cake on Mardi Gras…and Liz, Rach, and Andy polished off a King cake that day because they were all at home from the snow and ice. -_- I’m promising myself that I’ll go to Mardi Gras in NOLA next year!?!

(Ash) Wednesday!
Sadly, I never made it to get ashes on Wednesday.  Quite frankly, there is no good excuse, but I have a hard time understanding the schedule for the Cathedral. 

(In case anyone wants to know, I’m giving up the Metro for Lent, excluding trips to school and if I am with friends.)

I went to class on Wednesday as usual….and intended to blog all day. But sometimes siestas sneak up on you and take over the afternoon.

On Wednesday afternoon, I went to Sevilla’s Museum of Fine Arts.  I think I’ve said it before, but I have a hard time getting into art, but the activity was offered by ISA and I figured that I would take advantage of a free museum visit (which I would normally have to pay for) with a tour guide.  I think I’m going to post a separate blog for that or else this one would be even longer…

After class on Thursday, I went to Starbucks with Geena, Alex, and Taylor to hang out before lunch around 3. One thing about homestays that isn’t exactly convenient is that Spanish people don’t really have people over to their houses. In Sevilla, it’s very very common to go meet friends “en la calle” (“in the street”) for tapas, a beer, etc. The street is where they hang out, so having friends over isn’t really normal.  This means that you have to go meet friends at a café or cervecería or go get gelato (which I think is actually just ice cream in Sevilla).  And on top of that, you obviously have to buy something when you’re there, especially if you want to use the wifi. It’s kind of a bummer…but ultimately not a big deal.

When it was getting close to lunch time, we all walked across the river to Los Remedios (me)/Triana (Alex, Geena, and Taylor).  After lunch, I took a nap, and then started packing for Lisbon. I was also doing some travel research on Paris, Italy, and Greece…but I’ve realized that I’d rather have a travel agent or Andrew make all of my travel plans. The options are never ending and overwhelming when it comes to traveling. And there’s so much coordination that goes into it. It would be different if it were one trip…but multiple trips….sheesh. So I spent the remainder of my night doing that, though I should have been doing homework. And now I’m kicking myself over and over again because if I had done my homework, the turn around time between Lisbon and this Brussels, Amsterdam, and Germany trip wouldn’t have been so stressful. Oh well. It’s over now….soon I’ll be at a bar that Kate found, trying one (or more) of 3000+ beers. :P

On Friday morning, we left for Lisbon….but that’ll be a separate post!!

Dropping Course

So i was let out of my class really early today (it normally ends at 10:25, but we were let out today at 9:50) so I took this chance to give my mother a call. She said she would talk to my father about it. We got off the phone and my mother called me back not long after telling me that my father said to drop the course and he had no hesitation in it. He also thought it was a good idea especially since i am pretty sure if I keep it I will fail the class. I am going to be talking to my adviser to see if they have any reasons I should not.
I figured I’d just update this. Thanks for reading, Loves.

I went to all my classes today and tried to be responsible. I didn’t actually do a lot because everyone seemed to be feeling very Friday, but I felt less shit about myself since I was good. I got an A on my theory test which is far better than I expected, so I was pleased.

Dad came and picked me up a few hours after I got out of class and we drove to Marin for a concert. Got there really early to get good parking, so we went to the touristy part of town and had dinner at a restaurant by the ocean. It was really pretty.

We saw the American Bach Soloists sing the entire St. Matthew Passion and it was sooo gorgeous. It’s a really long piece but worth every second. I was totally enchanted by this one soprano aria, especially since the soloist had a perfect floaty Bach voice. Dad brought me a score so we were the nerds in the audience following along in our scores. (Which helped me pay attention a lot more, actually.)

We were supposed to go hiking tomorrow but my foot is still too uncertain of itself so I decided to bow out of that one. Holly has a hurt foot too so I think he should just pick a different activity, but he seems sort of determined.

I finally got a keyboard! But I think my mom left the power on and drained the battery so I have to wait for Amazon to send my power cord for it. 

I was gonna watch a movie but I am extremely warm and full and sleepy and happy so I think it’s bedtime. Goodnight friends.

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Hiya Sam, Hope you are well & high fives to Marley! Not watched EE in years but tuned in for the live ep out of curiosity & was blown away especially by how raw Adam Woodyatt was. Totally believeable! Really wish HO got back on form. The really good top class acting ep's (like the one right after JP's rape reveal) are too far apart from each other & then ruined by having dull or OTT ep's. I could have used last friday's ep as a sleeping aid! Really wanted Frindsey to leave & never return! M xx

Adam and Laurie were fantastic - true stars there.  I loved every second of EastEnders last week, it was spot on.

Frindsey really are a bore fest.  I get the impression the writers groan a bit when they’re allocated an episode with Roscoes in… I can’t imagine anyone likes writing those characters.


  • Listen

After hearing that Anime Jazz Standards Covered Tabi no Tochuu Ijust had to give it a shot (especially because I’m taking a class on Jazz music of the 1920’s tomorrow :)

you can purchase the album or original song below, but the vocals and English lyrics are mine. 

-Sorry i know i glitched a bit, my softwares not very good, and i hadn’t heard this version of the song before and i didn’t really know how or where they had changed the rythum.

Feb. 19, 2015


So I can’t do anything and as I basically just mentioned in a post 10 minutes ago all I want to do is eat tacos and drink wine and watch tv and then after all that sleep for fourteen hours. But there’s really no reason for this. Like I slept last night and I took a nap today. What is wrong with me?

I’m going to blame it on the cold and also just the stress that NU causes me. The quarter system and my journalism class is so stressful especially because it’s so fast. And I have this big project I need to think of an idea for and have all different storytelling components (words, audio, video, picture, infographic) and i still don’t have a good idea and it’s freaking me out a lot. I think that’s what’s causing me the most stress right now. 

So I just need to figure out my shit, and I didn’t read this book for one of my classes because I didn’t have time but I still managed to go out three nights last weekend. Like what is wrong with me. I need to get my priorities straight and I’ve been trying to this quarter but I just get in these horrible moods. 

My roommate’s bf is here which is really annoying because I can’t fucking go in my room so I’m just sitting in my lounge right now attempting to gain up the motivation to study for Spanish. 

And then there’s points when I just think about all the shit that’s happening all over the world that’s so horrible and it just makes me sad. Like so many bad things happening, I have no right to complain. I literally am so blessed and right now I’m going to turn around this negative thinking with  list. 

Things to be happy and motivated about:

-I have warm shelter when right now in Chicago it is literally sooooo cold. 

-I have no chronic illnesses. I can use my body to run, swim, dance, and pretty much anything else. 

-I have food in my stomach. Probably too much actually. 

-I have a bed that’s warm that I can climb into tonight. 

-I go to fucking Northwestern. enough said. It’s hard but it’s beautiful and filled with wonderful people and right next to an amazing lake for God’s sake.

-I have opportunities to change my life and do whatever I want with it. 

-I honestly have made the BEST friends here and I also have my amazing friends from back home. They care about me. 

-I have the best family who also really cares about me and loves me. 

-Even though there are times when I slack off and have a little too much fun, I know that at the end of the day I know what’s best for me. I’m smart, I can work hard, and most importantly, I like to think that I have a really good heart. 


-Get an awesome enterprise idea and just go all for it no matter what. prove yourself.

-keep on doing spin classes/working out.

-study for spanish more tonight and rock that composition.

-just do something kind for someone everyday because that’s what really matters. Stop thinking so superficially about everything.

-also have fun because you know you like to 

I think I need to make a post everyday because it really helps me de-stress and put things in perspective. This is why I wanted to be a writer in the first place. 

When you only eat when you’re truly hungry, it’s surprising how little you actually need to eat. I can keep this up. I hope that once my period is over this bloated feeling I’ve been having for the past month will finally subside. I’m not necessarily not eating, but I’m watching what I eat and how much of it I eat.

And hopefully after my yoga class is finished, it will be nice enough outside that I can start taking walks and slowly build up to the point where I can jog for a bit and actually know how to pace myself. 

Just like how I didn’t want to walk my high school graduation being a complete fatass, I refuse to walk my college graduation a complete fatass. I want to actually feel good about myself on that day, especially since Jennifer is coming to my graduation. I want to make her really proud of me.

Feb 16 2015

So I had my first pilates lesson today with Maria. It was really quite enjoyable. After getting over the initial awkwardness it was fine. The teacher was really nice and helpful throughout. I feel that if I went to the classes regularly I really would find some good benefit from it especially in dance with the core strength exercises.

Afterwards we went for a coffee in McDonalds and sat and had a chat for half hour or so. Then we mozied on home and We planned out the first week of her 6 week training programme that I’m making for her to help with her dancing and is good practice for my PT qualification writing out session plans for a 6 week programme.

She then went home and later on im going to dancing

Short one today

Anon xx