So that ‘everyone on Tumblr is a girl unless proven otherwise’ post is going around again and I know it’s not true…but I realized that for each of the teams I pay most attention to, I follow exactly one male blogger who mainly supports that team.

Great blogs, great people. Shout out to the guys:

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What blog do you recommend that has a "clean" look to it? I mean, besides your own of course. Your blog is fantastic. Something that is along the lines of yours?

Well, my favorite “clean" blog woud have to be Evan’s. He is a pretty awesome guy too! I believe he went on a break for a bit, but I’m hoping he will come back soon.

If you dig mine though, you should also check out youneedonlytobestill, she is amazing both on here and in real life.

Thanks for the compliment.


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Liverpool Torres or Chelsea Torres

whaT are you people doing to me!! These are hard :P

I didn’t follow football when Torres was at Liverpool but I know his striking was incredible then. I also know he wasn’t particularly happy there, and despite my love of footballers who are loyal to their clubs, I’m honestly a little glad he left. As much as skill IS the game in football, my opinions of players will always be split between their skill and their character, and I don’t think in this case it was a lack of character for him to choose to leave.

At Chelsea…well, he just hasn’t been in his best form. However, it’s where he is now - it’s a place to grow from, and he says he has become a better person and player for the criticism he received, the time he spent on the bench, etc. I’m going to say Chelsea Torres because he obviously hasn’t given up, and despite not being incredible, he’s certainly not bad. Chelsea Torres it is.

But can I just scrap that question and pick Atleti Torres…I want to see him retire there someday

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He loved liverpool, till he really had the desire to win trophies and they weren’t building enough to make that happen. So it was onward to chelsea where abromavic has an endless amount of money to make those trophies come to reality.

This is always something that has bugged me a little, to be honest. I love players who stick with their clubs even when they’re not winning trophies. But I guess when you’re young, and football is your career, and you’re as good a striker as he was but had no hardware to show for it, a move would be reasonable. It’s also bothered me, the image of Chelsea as a club that essentially buys their trophies via the players they buy…but they have the money and that is what today’s club football is. I don’t know. I was not a Liverpool supporter so I don’t have the same anger that they had about his leaving, and it hasn’t so much colored my opinion of him. But it has always bothered me just a little.