Hella Club Nintendo rewards added ⊟

Winding down its loyalty program, Nintendo has pushed out a bunch of physical rewards for North American members to spend their last points on. Those rewards include Zelda pouches for 3DS XLs, greeting cards (no idea who would want these), poster sets, Club Nintendo exclusive WiiWare game Grill-Off with Ultra Hand!, Animal Crossing mini playing cards, a Majora’s Mask 3D messenger bag, and the awesome game card case.

Nintendo has also put up literally a million digital Wii U and 3DS games*. The Club Nintendo site is getting hammered right now so it’s difficult to get anything to load, but I’ve pasted screenshots of all the game offers after the break.

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N64 and Nintendo DS Titles Available Now on Wii U

Running for $10 a pop. If you’ve purchased N64 titles on Wii, you can rebuy them with off-screen capability for only $2.

Yoshi’s Island DS and Super Mario 64 are available right now. Check out the scrolling gif above for future titles that will be hitting the eShop soon.


There’s a Neon Genesis Evangelion theme for 3DS now ⊟

In Japan, of course. And oh man it plays the theme song. I know Eva is an ongoing franchise, but hearing that music time warps me back to the ‘90s, when I watched each episode of this show on VHS tapes that I borrowed from my job at Software Etc.

Also in this video by Nintendaan: previews of several other Japanese 3DS themes for Bike Rider DX, Adventure Bar Story, and more.


Meme Run is Available And it Looks Like Hot Garbage, But You’ll Probably Buy It Anyway

I mean, hell, look at it. But hey, at least it’s cheap. Meme Run features:

  • Funny Memes
  • Extremely Difficult Gameplay
  • Much Swag Very Wow
  • Awesome Original Air Horn Soundtrack
  • Tyrone Rates Meme Run 8/8

It’s a good thing Nintendo discontinued the golden seal of quality. Meme Run is now available on the Wii U eShop for $4.99. [❤]

Buy: Wii U Console and Games, The Big Meme Book

Extended splatoon trailer (song) Kinda catchy!

Splatoon Global Testfire returns next Saturday ⊟ 

We’ve been posting quite a bit about this Wii U shooter recently for a good reason: it’s really, really fun! You can see for yourself when Nintendo conducts another demo for the game allowing you to play its 4 vs 4 multiplayer turf war mode next Saturday, May 23 (Splatoon releases May 29).

The demo will last for just an hour, though, from 6PM to 7PM ET (or 3PM to 4PM PT), so make sure you have everything prepared to maximize your time spent with it – you can download the Splatoon Global Testfire software from the Wii U eShop. Credit to Stup-Jam for the beautiful GIF!


Weep For Mega Man, But Smile Because There’s a Sale

Capcom decided to commemorate Mega Man’s 27th Anniversary by refusing to make another game with him  throwing a huge sale on the Nintendo eShop.

Along with the launch of Mega Man Zero on the Wii I Virtual Console, you can take advantage of the following sales.


  • Mega Man II GB ($1.49)
  • Mega Man III GB ($1.49)
  • Mega Man IV GB ($1.49)

Wii U

  • Mega Man 5 NES ($2.49)
  • Mega Man 6 NES ($2.49)
  • Mega Man 7 SNES ($3.99)

Treat yourself to a few gems while you choke back the tears! These deals will last until Dec. 22. [❤]

Buy: Mega Man Games, Mega Man Toys and Plush

The Japanese eShop now has an application called ‘Collectable Badge Center’ which allows you to add badges(icons) to your 3DS Home Screen.

The badges are different designs from original Mario pixel art to Animal Crossing characters.


NintenDaan has a video showing it off.

Yes, Flipnote Studio 3D is really coming ⊟

Buried within the press release about the end of Club Nintendo was news that Nintendo will give away copies of Flipnote Studio 3D to current members in February. People who made stuff on the DSi will even be able to get their old animations back through the 3DS software!

So, Flipnote Studio 3D… The software, which lets you draw short animations with stereoscopic 3D, was announced for a summer release back in March.

Of 2013.

It came out in Japan, then time passed. The world turned, seasons changed, children grew up. Ice caps melted. The dinosaurs died out.

The software’s Western releases just didn’t happen through all that time, partly because of a ton of traffic on the Japanese side, and probably also because Nintendo got nervous about letting people share drawings after Swapnote’s closure.

And now it’s coming to the eShop in Europe and North America! Probably. Right now, Nintendo has only mentioned the free release for Club Nintendo, but I’m sure it’ll be available as a wider release around the same time.

Go ahead and register a Club Nintendo account now if you haven’t! You have until March 31 to set one up.