Myers Briggs by Mythical Being

ENTP~ Dragon
ENTJ~ Centaur
ENFP~ Gnome
ENFJ~ Griffin
ESTP~ Leviathin
ESTJ~ Dryad
ESFP~ Unicorn
ESFJ~ Mermaid
INTP~ Troll
INTJ~ Dwarf
INFP~ Will-o-Wisp
INFJ~ Pheonix
ISTP~ Satyr
ISTJ~ Sphinx
ISFP~ Fairy
ISFJ~ Pegausus

Myers Briggs by Common (oversimplified and ignorant) Stereotypes

INFJ: Mystical being
ESTP: Insensitive idiot
INTJ: Machine
ESFP: Ditz
INFP: Wimp
INTP: Machine #2
ESFJ: Boring.
ISFJ: Boring #2
ENTP: Fun idiot
ISTJ: Boring and a machine. Amazing.
ENFP: Manic pixie dream girl
ISFP: Baby animals that just roll around without doing anything
ENTJ: Successful robot
ISTP: A wisp of wind with no personality
ENFJ: Tiny, harmless balls of happiness

MBTI Types Accused Of Trying To Get Away With Schemes (requested by dawndust27)



"You’re accusing me?"












"Scheming? Me?" *blows kiss*



"I - I…" *runs away*



"Yeah, I did this thing, and…"



"I’m so sorry!"



"Wait, you’re buying my alibi? Great!"



*inner conflict*









"I am so good at scheming. Do not test me."



"I have an idea."



*maniacal laugh*



"Nothing to see here…" *continues plotting*

The ESFP is the one-man-party. with extroverted sensing (Se) as their primary function, otherwise known as objective sensation, and introverted feeling (Fi) as their secondary function, otherwise known as subjective ethics, ESFPs are attuned to people and their energy. This is one of the most likable of all the types. They have a fundamental desire to be liked by everyone they meet, and can make very friendly and exciting company. Yet, in competition or war, ESFPs can make terrifyingly aggressive opponents.

MBTI Types in a Horror Movie

ISTJThe one in denial that there’s actually a killer
ISFJ: The one who calls out “Who’s there?” as if the killer will answer
ESTJ: The one who tries to tell everyone else what to do
ESFJ: The one who screams at everything
ISTP: The one who finds a really good hiding place
ISFP: The one who dies first
ESTP: The one wondering around without a flashlight
ESFP: The one who tries to hook up with the killer
INFJ: The one who knows what’s going on but no one will listen to them
ENFJThe one who keeps saying “It’ll be ok” even though they don’t believe it
INFP: The one who sacrifices themselves
ENFP: The one who figures out who the killer is a little too late
INTJ: The one who everyone thinks is the killer
ENTJ: The one who tries to fight back but ends up dead
INTP: The one who created the monster
ENTP: The one who makes it until the end

Myers Briggs by Mythical Creatures

INFJ: Phoenix
ESTP: Centaur
INTJ: Basilisk
ESFP: Pegasus
INFP: Unicorn
ESTJ: Hellhound
INTP: Wizard
ESFJ: Angel
ISFJ: Genie
ENTP: Sea Serpent
ISTJ: Vampire
ENFP: Pixie
ISFP: Siren
ENTJ: Griffin
ISTP: Werewolf
ENFJ: Fairie

wayward-sherlock-in-the-tardis said:

I was daydreaming today in class and I came up with this scenario: imagine if an entp, enfp, esfp and estp had a flirt off while the intp just sits there awkwardly for 5 minuets before quietly saying the flirtiest thing and winning the flirt off


ENFP: *excitement/flattery flirt*

ENTP: *snarky flirt*

ESFP: *flattering flirt*

ESTP: *bluntly sexy flirt*

INTP: *secret genius flirt*

Honest MBTI Stereotypes

ISTJ: Practical and down-to-earth. Probably your mother.
ISFJ: Always nice enough to be suspicious and more loyal than all your pets combined.
ISTP: Probably don’t care about you, might still kill you in your sleep though.
ISFP: Always carrying at least 4 daisy chains on them at all times; don’t take them to museums if you ever want to come out again.
INTP: That one guy hiding in their room trying to calculate exactly how much bigger the TARDIS is on the inside.
INFP: Starry-eyed idealist, so caring and sweet they might just rot your teeth out.
INTJ: 50% standoffishness, 50% being right all the time, 100% better than you.
INFJ: Spends half their time delivering melodramatic heroic monologues and the other half attempting to purify the ground they walk on.
ESTJ: 100% committed to their life partner, the rulebook.
ESFJ: Happy to make you happy to make them—could potentially create a feeling paradox.
ESTP: Probably Kanye West.
ESFP: The golden retriever you always wanted, except in human form.
ENTP: Would probably blow up the world to calculate shrapnel velocity.
ENFP: Like a bottle of fizzy soda, except with more righteousness.
ENTJ: Like an INTJ, just better at hiding the fact that they’re an asshole.
ENFJ: The world’s mother hen. May also be running ten cults of worship behind your back.

anonymous said:

How compatible are ESFP with INFJ? ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ I am an ESFP who is in a relationship with an INFJ uhuhuhuhu

According to the internet it’s a bad idea to mix introverted intuitives and SPs but idk, I (INTP) dated an ISFP and it was fine. It’s good to know where you might have trouble so you can address it when it comes up. For example: you might not like thinking about what your relationship means in the grand scheme of things or where you will be in 15 years while your INFJ probably thinks about that stuff all the time. Also remember to give them alone time. Interacting with high energy people tires INFJs out after a while and if they don’t want to talk to you for a bit it’s just because they need their introvert space.

btw I’m not doing relationship advice anymore. It started out as a joke that isn’t funny anymore. I’m only replying to this one because of the ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Negative Perceptions

ENTP- Too unrealistic/ uncommitted
INTP- Lost inside of their head too often
INTJ- Too apathetic about people
ENTJ- Too controlling
ENFP- Too talkative
INFP- Can’t decide what they want
INFJ- Too quiet
ENFJ- Too sensitive
ESTP- Self-contradicting
ISTP- Too focused on improving things they can come off as ungrateful
ISTJ- Perfectionist
ESTJ- Too dependent on structure
ESFP- Arrogant
ISFP- Too clingy
ISFJ- Too paranoid/ stressed
ESFJ- Think they always know what’s right

  • INFJ:Easygoing + Softie
  • ISTJ:Easygoing + Optimist
  • ISFJ:Easygoing + Buddy
  • INFP:Easygoing + Dreamer
  • INTJ:Independent + Free Spirit
  • ISFP:Independent + Artist
  • ISTP:Independent + Lone Wolf
  • INTP:Independent + Thinker
  • ESFJ:Outgoing + Trendsetter
  • ESFP:Outgoing + Entertainer
  • ENFJ :Outgoing + Charmer
  • ENTJ:Outgoing + Leader
  • ENTP:Confident + Designer
  • ENFP:Confident + Adventurer
  • ESTJ:Confident + Braniac
  • ESTP:Confident + Go-getter
Myers Briggs By Teen Movie Stereotypes

INFJ: Any given cryptic deep girl who is just misunderstood in a teen movie
ESTP: Any given bad boy in a teen movie
INTJ: Any given dark silent guy in a teen movie
ESFP: Any given flirty party girl in a teen movie
INFP: Any given geek in a teen movie
ESTJ: Any given overprotective dad in a teen movie
INTP: Any given quiet friend with a crush on the protagonist in a teen movie
ESFJ: Any given mom in a teen movie
ISFJ: Any given girl-next-door in a teen movie
ENTP: Any given likable troublemaker in a teen movie
ISTJ: Any given nerd in a teen movie
ENFP: Any given different, cool girl in a teen movie
ISFP: Any given chill mysterious girl in a teen movie
ENTJ: Any given powerful popular guy in a teen movie
ISTP: Any given sarcastic, witty best friend in a teen movie
ENFJ: Any given advice-giving parent figure in a teen movie

How to Know if They Like You by Myers Briggs

ENTP~ Prove themselves with arrogance and arguing
ENTJ~ Hyper critical
ENFP~ Can’t stop smiling more than usual
ENFJ~ They will act like perfection itself before you
ESTP~ Awkward
ESTJ~ Ultra listener and attentive
ESFP~ Make complete fools of themselves, in a cute way
ESFJ~ Brags
INTP~ Intense trolling
INTJ~ Stalkerish
INFP~ By the time you figure it out they like someone else
INFJ~ You don’t know and never will
ISTP~ Confronts you directly
ISTJ~ Ultra intense eye contact
ISFP~ *blushes
ISFJ~ Lots of little glances and smiles


My Pokemon/Myers-Briggs chart is complete! I based it on the game dialog of all major characters and narrowed down to the five who exemplify each type.

Find your Myers-Briggs type with this short questionnaire.

ISFJ (Protector) - Clay, Bruno, Flannery, Erika, Maylene
ISFP (Composer) - Wally, Shauntal, Brycen, Wallace, Lysandre
INFJ (Counselor) - Brock, Karen, Ramos, Marshal, Sabrina
INFP (Healer) - Bianca, N, Jasmine, AZ, Darach
ISTJ (Inspector) - Clair, Falkner, Silver, Cilan, Looker
ISTP (Crafter) - Bugsy, Bill, Fennel, Aaron, Marley
INTJ (Mastermind) - Giovanni, Olympia, Caitlin, Fantina, Red
INTP (Architect) - Morty, Lance, Cyrus, Colress, Roxanne
ESFJ (Provider) - Chuck, Skyla, Prof. Sycamore, Whitney, Byron
ESFP (Performer) - Misty, Burgh, Diantha, Petrel, Elesa
ENFJ (Teacher) - Wulfric, Blaine, Gardenia, Alder, Shauna
ENFP (Champion) - Roxie, Steven, Crasher Wake, Lenora, Korrina
ESTJ (Supervisor) - Grimsley, Ariana, Roark, Janine, Lorelai
ESTP (Promoter) - Marlon, Blue, Brawly, Chili, Viola
ENTJ (Fieldmarshal) - Lt. Surge, Winona, Cynthia, Ghetsis, Iris
ENTP (Inventor) - Cheren, Will, Prof. Oak, Candice, Clemont

MBTI Under The Influence

INFP: extremely affectionate
ESTJ: can’t hold their tongue; “chatty cathy”
ISFP: wants to hug everybody
ESFJ: loud and boisterous
ISFJ: type most likely to dial their ex
ENTP: comes up with crazy off-the-wall theories
ISTJ: “i’m horny, let’s have sex”
ENFP: social skills on steroids
INTP: likes to have deep conversations with people
ENTJ: contemplates the feeling of own intoxication
ISTP: impulsive “daredevil”
ENFJ: professes undying love to all of their friends
INFJ: finds everything hilarious
ESTP: tolerance for bullshit is even lower
INTJ: still the most rational person in the room
ESFP: wants to be the life of the party

Personality Types When Killing People
  • ENTJ:I'm very sorry, you're going to die.
  • INTJ:I don't understand why hasn't anyone murdered you yet.
  • ESTJ:*rolls eyes*
  • ISTJ :I have prepared everything for your execution
  • INTP:Omg look at how cool that guillotine is! I bet your blood would be spewing out everywhere. Why are you so scared?
  • ENFP:Hey, you. Can you go kill someone for me?
  • ESFP:Let's make it medieval themed! This is exciting!
  • ISFP:I'll make a collage in your memory.
  • INFP:I'm sorry but... omg what a cute ant
  • INFJ:Your execution will be a lesson to everyone else.
  • ISFJ:I promise to take care of your children