late night talks

I will try to give them their voices- and maybe subsequently some of their hidden thoughts. Here’s my version of what I think Natsu and Gildarts talked about.

Spoilers for FT417

"Awake, huh?"


"What’s keeping you up? Women, eh?"

"You’re such a pervert."

"Oh, I know. But is it true? I’m right, am I not."

"…a bit. Not only."

"Knew it! Old Gildarts has a gift for detecting things like that! Where’d you leave that blonde girl you always had around you? Lucy?"

"I couldn’t take her."

"Miss her?"


"…I see. You’re out looking for Igneel again?"

"Igneel’s dead."



"I’m sorry."

"I saw it happen."

"Oh, Natsu. I’m so sorry. I really am."

"I looked for so long. I searched all this time - and he was right there with me. Inside. Some kinda seal. And we were fighting those Tartaros bastards, and Acnologia appeared, and they fought and - and he died."

"Woah! Holy, you leave for a few days and the whole world falls to pieces! Why am I never around for those things??"


"…sorry. So… now you’re on the road, huh. Alone."

"I have to. I have to become stronger."

"Ah, true. I could still defeat you with my pinky, I bet."

"Fight me later!! I’m stronger now!!"

"Yeah, yeah. I will. But Natsu - you miss them, don’t you? The guild."

"… I do. A lot. I feel quite bad, too, sometimes. I left them all, without saying goodbye."

"Sounds just like me."

"I didn’t even tell her goodbye. Just a note.”

"And that sounds even more like me."

"I wonder what she’s doing now. What everybody’s doing."

"I’m sure they’re doing fine. They’re Fairy Tail, after all."

"You’re right. They’re fine. And when I come back, I will be able to protect them all."

"Good boy."



"Oh, look! A shooting star!"

"You’re right. It’s a nice night, isn’t it. Quite a nice place, too. I never really pay much attention to those things."

"I can make a wish now, right?"

"Yeah, Natsu. Make a wish."

"Won’t tell you though."

"Of course not."

"Alright! Gildarts…"


"I’m…I’m glad I met you."

"What’re ya blushing for? The wish, or me? Come ‘ere. I’m glad too."

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Laura Roslin: “Where are we going?”

Bill Adama: “I take it that is not a rhetorical question.”

Laura Roslin: “No, it isn’t. By the way I get asked that question almost every day. People all over the fleet say: ‘Where is this Earth and how do we get there?’”
Bill Adama: “You should tell them we are keeping it secret. For security reasons?”

Laura Roslin: “I know what to tell them. What do you have to tell me?”

Bill Adama: “At this time, the focus is on finding supplies and resources. That’ll dictate the movement. At least for the immediate future.”

Laura Roslin: “So there’s no plan. You’re hoping to get away from the Cylons. You’re hoping to find water. You’re hoping to find food and fuel and a hundred other things we so desperately need. And you’re hoping to eventually stumble upon a place we can call home. That’s a lot of hope.”

Bill Adama: “I’m an optimist.”

Laura Roslin: “Who knew?”