How To Manipulate People Into Liking You More

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1. Be good looking. Don’t be not good looking.

Good looking people are always well received and have a greater margin of error. Serious mistakes will still cost them, but little blunders will not cost them in the way it costs ugly people. This one is hard to control though. You can influence this by working out, good hygiene, pay for nice teeth, wear high quality clothing.

2. Remember peoples names. Use them frequently.

Remember everyones name. When you see them, use their name and smile. Everyones favorite word is their own name.

3. Touch people. Body language.

when you are talking with someone, occasionally touch their shoulder or lightly grab their arm while laughing at a joke they made. Go for high fives/brofist. Do playful pushaways (more roughly with guys). Give firm handshakes. If guy/girl, go for playful palm reading. Occasionally mirror the body language of person you are talking to (not all the time or its obvious and creepy). Do not cross your arms or put hands in your pockets when talking to someone (defensive body language). Use your hands when talking to amplify your communication. Hold eye contact 70-90% of the time. Learn to smile naturally on command and do it frequently.

4. Make people feel like they are important

When talking 1 on 1 with someone, do not get easily distracted by outside things. Stay focused. LISTEN to what they say, occasionally repeat it back to them in different words/summarize after they say their bit and then ask them a question about it. Ideally convo should be 70/30 with them being 70% talking and you 30%. Just enough on your part that it does not feel like they are being interviewed. As above, smile naturally when they tell a joke (even if its not funny).

When talking to a group of people, learn to make each person feel they are the most important person you are talking to. This is very difficulty to master (I certainly havent mastered it). It’s about utilizing eye contact, body language and engaging with those in the group that engage with you.

5. Be funny and mysterious. Learn to converse well.

When its your 30. Reveal a little about yourself but never too much. Always leave a few critical details out, leave people wanting more. Make jokes. Learn to make fun of the other person in a non-cruel and playful way. NEVER insult their taste. aka NEVER insult their favorite band/movie/artpiece/author/philosopher/scientist/politician etc.

On the subject… you do not have to avoid religion and politics. Actually I would encourage it… BUT do not be argumentative. Perhaps give a a non threatening “light” countering view (like weed legalization) and ask them to share their views and they make them think you have possibly been persuaded by them. People often do not get to talk about religion/politics and when they do someone is there to yell at them and argue with them and make them feel bad. Stand out by letting them almost persuade you. However this leads into another important point.

Do not share your views on everything. Do not be a fedora or a bible thumper. Do not be a liberal or a conservative. Give 100% support to neither side and nooone. allow them to fight for your approval but never fully give it anyone. People will respect you for being open-minded and will do good things for you while trying to win you over. Great politicans win the hearts of people by being ambigious and never being too stuck on a philosophical or political point. Be loosy goosy and mysterious.

6. Be positive.

Do not be overly positive about EVERYTHING. But generally be positive. Be fun. Be spontaneous. Be a “dancer” not a “wallflower.’ The world sucks. We get it. Everyone knows. Thats why we need some damn positivity. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop imagining yourself as the victim of circumstances outside of your control. Don’t waste energy hating people. Don’t complain about anything ever. Never. Just never. Yes, its tough. But the world is 99% complainers. Find someone who doesn’t complain and you might just start a religion or cult around them. World is going to end tomorrow? Sounds like a good time to go dancing, enjoy the stars and make love.

7. Learn Skills and get good at them.

Horse-riding. Guitar. Dancing. Acrobatics. Magic. Math. Judo. Swimming. Writing. Painting. Acting. Fixing machines. Electronics.

Whatever it is, get good at it. Enjoy it. The world is full of people who just sit on facebook/reddit or watching tv or reading crappy fiction novels. Be someone who has a skill or enjoys doing something productive and people will want you in their lives, they will idolize you. You will have intrinsic worth.

8.Be Narcissistic but set your ego aside.

Do not let people insult you. If someone jokes at you, joke right back and laugh. Never be insulted. You are a god. Gods are not insulted by mortals. But do not talk about yourself, do not complain, do not have a victim complex. You are a god, you do not need approval. You are not worried about the loss of a friend or a girl who does not appreciate your godliness. But you are not rude. You are above them. This kind of attitude is hard to cultivate and maintain, but people will be drawn to you if you learn to utilize a kind of narcissism.

9. Learn to speak properly 2.

Lower the tonality of your voice at end of statements. Do not uptalk. Learn to pause between sentences, 2 seconds is good. Learn to speak a bit slower. (see Carl Sagan, Obama etc.) Do not be nervous about silences. Utilize silence.

10. Do not be a know-it-all. Make other people feel smart.

This one is tough. Learn to come off as intelligent but never try to one-up people. Do not be a know-it-all. Come off in body-language and attitude, in skills and success - come off as intelligent. But in conversation, do not always be correcting people. Do not try to constantly teach people. A wise teacher teaches by success and through kindness. Do not insult people for having differing opinions or not knowing something. Let people teach you. Remember that everyone you meet knows something(s) you don’t. Let them teach you. Be open minded. Refer to 5 though, let them enlighten you but maintain some skepticism, do not be won over too easily. People are constantly being told by other people they are stupid, stand out by making them feel smart.

11. Give specific compliments to specific people, do it rarely and only when desrved.

Another one I had to edit to add. Generic compliments like “you are beautiful” or “you are nice” or “you are a good person” or “you are smart” are given ALL the time. They mean nothing. It is very evident that you are trying to win them over, it’s lazy, and it just inflates their ego. Yes, for all the negativity in the world and people telling them they are stupid - most people have massive egos (which is why you need to learn to set aside your ego while being a narcissist. wei wu wei, bitch). Everyone has now been brought up being told they are special, the are the hero(ine) of the story, they are destined for greatness. We live in a culture of the ego-maniacal. Vague compliments only inflate this false sense of ego and make people think you are trying to get something from them.

Women and hot guys get these kinds of vague compliments daily. They essentially become a screening process on who not to talk to. Forget it.

However, specialized compliments are good for the less egotistical. The more genuine they seem or are, the better. They don’t have to be genuine of course, they just need to appear genuine. “That’s a cool hat” or “wow you nailed that dance” or “how did you get a 90 on that test?” are much better.

Do not compliment people with super-egos. These people take all forms of compliments as fodder for their ego. they will toss you aside like a cheap snack bar wrapper. Learn to be different by not complimenting these people. Play hard to get. Make light jokes towards them. Treat them as an equal or lesser. These people crave that, deep down inside they often desire an equal and are tired of being treated like idols.

12. Learn to read people. get what you want by learning to give people what they want. Be the trojan horse.

Each person is different. As 11 illustrates, everyone wants something different. Learn to read people and give them what they want. Some people want to be insulted, some people want to be idolized. Some of them want to huuurt you~~ No but seriously, a good tactician changes his/her strategy to the battefield and the state of affairs. Learn to vary your approach. Give people what they want (not usually physial objects, this is metaphysical/metaphorical) and they will often willingly give you what you want.

My best example for this is anal. I used to just ask girls I was dating “Can we do anal?” and the answer is 99% no. It’s not a sexy way of going about it and its too upfront. Play the trojan horse. If you meet a girl who likes to be dominated, dominate her, and she will love anal. Meet a girl whose never orgasmed, and give her an orgasm while your finger is in her butt, and she will love anal. Meet a girl who wants to be dominant, and let her dominate - and she will love anal. This seems like just idiotic sexual advice, but it is metaphorical for a lot of things in life. You can substitute anal for a lot of things - a pay raise, a promotion, going skydiving, moving in together, getting a record deal etc. There are plenty of things in life that may seem to people a one-sided deal that will cause them pain. Rather than charging the gates and being confrontational or begging for what you want - learn to sneak in like the trojan horse. Many of these things often end up being good for both parties (I bet whoever Jay Z convinced to sign him ended up happier for it later).


This is just a “brief” list. If you aren’t willing to do these things, you don’t really want to be liked. You only kind of want it. For further reading see:

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Sugar Baby Mentality

I made this a page as well but just so this is floating around the webz….

Frame Control / How To Make People See Things Your Way

Frame Control when used properly, can get you things like you won’t believe. It can also set the course of a relationship from the very first email/Phone call/meeting. Which for you trying to get a man to bend to your will is VERY important.

Ever met with a guy and he seems to think it’s okay to touch you inappropriately, and out of the blue perhaps? Was your conversation otherwise before then going smoothly and in your favor? That is a classic case of a guy trying to break and out do your frame to input his. Even if the conversation was going sour and he started touching you that is him trying to push his ‘frame of mind’ onto you to make it okay when it really isn’t.

In a situation like this you may feel like you have limited options but that doesn’t need to be the case. There are roughly 3 main ways to change or battle someones frame and make it all about you again.

Delicate Change: In the case of inappropriate touching this may come off as you simply holding his hand on his own lap and calmly proceeding with the topic at hand. Delicate Change is mainly the use of non verbal , total body communication to redirect the frame. By physically stopping his action towards you and reflecting it back on him it is a subtle way to also push your frame of mind on him and thus gain control.

Verbal Change: Most people opt to go for this when in such a situation as mentioned above and its a more effective way to shift the focus on to you and thus get him to enter your frame. “Please don’t do that.” “Im not comfortable with what your doing” “Stop it”. Tone of voice plays a very important role here, you are guaranteed to lose the frame battle and maybe invite more unwarranted touching if you talk too softly, laugh and/or otherwise just not act with an authoritative tone.

Hard Change: Can also be called Dramatic Change. This is a last resort method and will most defiantly put the ball in your court. This a physical and verbal change that immediately puts the focus on you, in the case of inappropriate touching this would be you getting up from where you were and putting distance between you and the guy while saying something along the lines of “This is not appropriate” “You are not treating me like a lady”. The problem with this frame is maintaining it once started. I highly recommend if you are going to stay with the guy to walk to the bathroom at this point and wait a good 5 minutes. When you come back, use open but authoritative body language untill your point is made. Sit up straight, maintain firm eye contact, use hand gestures to emphasis points.

But how does this work for online or otherwise non face to face communication?

Ah….the power of words

This is something that is an art form onto it’s self and perhaps more so better as a topic on its own. But the basis of it is that you should communicate elegantly and formally with anyone who contacts you. In this day and age, People are so short with their messages, people cut them even more by using letters and short cuts. Do Not Do That. Also do not play text tag of one short message after another, take your time, formulate a whole message stating all your ideas. Who cares if it’s long, do it. Be clear in your communications. That way you will always have the upper hand and thus control the frame.

Here is a short and to the point snipit from the website Pitch Anything. While it focuses on the buyer/seller dynamic, that is in essence what you are doing when talking to a guy.

[View Original Article Here]

Frame Control : A Primer

A frame is the instrument you use to package your power, authority, strength, information, and status. The moment your frame makes contact with the frame of another business person, they clash. If your frame wins this collision, you will enjoy frame control, where your ideas are accepted (and followed) by  others. But if your frame loses, though, you will be at the mercy of your customer, and your success will depend that customer’s charity.

Own the Frame, Win the Game.

1. Everyone uses frames whether they realize it or not.
2. Every social encounter brings different frames together.
3. Frames do not coexist in the same time and place for long. They crash into each other, and one or the other gains control.
4. Only one frame survives. The others break and are absorbed. Stronger frames always absorb weaker frames.

There are TONS of websites that provide more info on Frame Control, just google it and read everything you can about it. And Remember Practice Makes Perfect.

I like to Sugar.. But I LOVE to ESCORT ;)


Wow, sadly but true, it did not work out with my guy who was going to give me the card. We ended up fighting (I started, lol) and I am the kind of girl who does not tolerate disrespect. I do NOT give a shit if you make 200k a day and about to buy me a condo in downtown Toronto, if you do NOT respect me, how about you go back to your housekeeper and pull that bullshit on her. 

IN FACT, you might call me stupid. But I ended the relationship with all three of my sugar daddies (7-8k income in total plus unlimited amount on amex card). And… IT FEELS GREAT! Why? Because the new school year is starting and I am starting over. These men were nice but not nice enough to respect me the way I want them to. And so.. my life turned around after I joined an escort agency. HA, I know. How could I.. a little innocent sweetie with blonde hair and Russian accent get into such a brutal world. But the truth is, I don’t want to depend on men for money. And now, I am happier than I ever was. In one month of escorting, I earned 8k and I’m so proud. 

Many girls don’t think this job is fulfilling and it makes you feel like a whore. It doesn’t. I feel more powerful than ever. I did not think that sex is such a powerful weapon to make men cheat on their wives with some skinny 19 year old. Sex literally makes these men look at you with puppy dog eyes. Whatever I tell to do, they will. For sex. This work made me powerful, and I always get compliments on my looks. This makes me feel like a rockstar! 

Why should I tolerate some bullshit working for 10$ an hour at a retail store? Exactly.

So now, because I feel powerful and earn my own money. I am holding off for a very very very high allowance. And a man, who will LITERALLY eat out of my hands - and of course.. eat me out down there ha. 

I only have a tiny bit to go to get my condo in downtown.. and I’m not pulling out excuses. I am BUYING it at 19. I feel accomplished. 

I feel like I will be judged by this post.. but it’s totally fine. Little criticism never hurt nobody.

In fact, I would like to share my sugaring AND escorting experiences with you. The funny thing is, escorting is MUCH more fun. The kind of things I get to do is hilarious and never of thought I would. 

As for sugaring, I met a pot this tuesday at a restaurant. Since I work a lot, I am very strict on my sugaring procedure as I don’t have a lot of time for sugaring. I will only meet you if you seem promising. 

As well, a POT was going to pick me up in his plane to take me to Ottawa tomorrow but since I am a bitch, I made him fly here and stay in Toronto because I am not comfortable to get in a plane with strangers. Mom always told me not to talk to strangers. I broke a lot of rules in my childhood, but never broke this one. 

P.S. - Holding 8k in my hand - all my work from escorting. Also, excuse my bad manicure, I REALLY have to get it done tomorrow. 

- Your gold blooded sister


These Arab People Man.............


Dubai Mall has two types of Valet parking, Regular and VIP…..

VIP means your car is parked in front of the damn mall.


Lambo’s, Ferraris, Aston Martin…..Veyron’s…..EXPENSIVE FUCKING CARS…

But today….oh boy…

Today was a win….

A lady drove up with this bad boy:





Like….what can I say….these people don’t know what the fuck to do with their money. I think that shade is ugly as fuck but I’m still give props because the person obviously had the money to do whatever the fuck they wanted. They wanted hot Barbie pink and black. Okay.

These women here son…..They are all about the flash. The Birkins the Chanels, the heels, nothing really goes on sale or the price is so jacked up that your probably paying normal price some place else. here…

I really can’t deal anymore… I feel like a bum over here. My clothes suck, my shoes suck, my makeup, my whole life…My only saving grace is that I brought my Chanel with me and my Hermes is just embedded on my arm now.


anonymous said:

I feel like asking my favorite blog random questions :) What's your number one beauty tip? Why do men love assertive woman? Which method of sex work brings more money sugaring or escorting? What's the best weave to go swimming in? I've recently noticed that middle-aged white men LOVE young black woman, why? Do you wear heels everyday? Riesling or Moscato? Paris or New York? Diamonds or Pearls? Hepburn or Monroe? That's it doll have a wonderful day! <3


Okay..okay…you got me, that cracked me up…

Number One Beauty Tip : Eyeliner, the eyes are the window to the soul and some simple eyeliner can change your face even if you don’t have on any thing else… ALWAYS WEAR LINER!

Why Men love Assertive women: there are so many theories on this, I do not know where to begin but I think it has to do with the whole mommy complex, you grow up with mom or a mom figure around and typically mommy is the boss, she cares for you, you listen to her, la la la. Men grow up and think that they are past that but NOPE, its a repressed desire to be dominated by a assertive woman and what makes “mommy” happy has changed. In place of cleaning your room, buying ‘mommy’ some shoes makes her happy. LOL, THERE ARE TOO MANY WAYS TO ANSWER THIS….

As For Which Method: Thats hard, with Escorting you can make in a week what some SBs make in a month but SBs have somewhat less physical/psychological drama because they deal with one dude over dozens……On the other hand an SB can clock out an escort with the right man but thats rare..If you include the word ‘faster’ in your question, escorting hands down, no competition.

As for weave, it depends on your hair, if you have relaxed/permed hair I doubt your going to seriously swim…If your natural, then an afro or wet and wavy weave so your hair blends when you get it wet. However, if your relaxed/permed and do go swimming, the best time to plan on that is the same week you freshly do your hair so it doesn;t look all messed up. If your looking for brands of hair, forget it. If you can buy it at a beauty supply store its PURE RUBBISH. You need that custom order, direct from doner supplier to have a truly superior weave. <——- the shit I kid you not….

Middle Aged White men love black women because its usually at that age that they realize what they have missed out on…. #blackisbeautiful

I wear 4-6 inch heels everyday, I wear them shopping, dining, everywhere, most of my shoes are over $400, they will not sit in my closet looking cute, they will look cute as fuck on my feet…thank you very much.

Hands Down MOSCATO! Cupcake Moscato especially is a fave of mine. and the Red Rose ones….YUM! Oh and Sweet Bitch wasn’t bad…..its not the best but I like drinking it….BUT YOU HAVE TO TRY ICE WINE, YOU WILL DIE IT TASTES SO GOOD. If you love sweet wines and want to make a man pay out the ass or be impressed, order some Ice Wine….yummy stuff. Expensive Stuff…

I love Paris but New York is CRAZY, theres really no place like it.

Diamonds are Forever…….

and I refuse to choose between the two beauties, however lets add in a girl who gets shit done: Chanel Iman. That girl is EVERYWHERE!!! working for that money. And shes black….

Hey oh~

That was fun as fuck. You got more?

I did more shopping......

….I am in an EXCELLENT MOOD….


I went and got myself some new travel clothes - on sale! They look cute as fuck….and go with my heels….see not really helpful pic below..


What made things even better was that I was able to get tiny sizes for my fantastic body…….*dreamy sigh* 

Like really, people focus too much on whats wrong with them, I’m all about the good and the right with me right now, and this body….is looking fierce…….*snapsnap*

I bought some simple jewelry, Garnet Earrings to focus positive energy and a cute sapphire ring. See pictures of me stunting below…..



I have no shame….

My Golden Stripper Pole is supposed to come today, I can not WAIT to set that up and dance again……..

I’m currently calling up all the Louboutin stores near me to find these bad boys:


Mmmmm, life is fucking GOOD.

I am Freaking Happy…..

Style and Grace

For someone who L OV E S fashion, I don’t think I’m a very fashionable person. I like looking at things but when it comes to myself, I’m pretty basic.

I go through spells of highly fashionable and basic wear. 

However because of that, I always hate my closet.

About two or so years back I decided to only buy entire outfits, meaning shoes, tops, bottoms, accessories in place of separates and it worked better.

But then I moved…….

And I was back a square one……

Now, my style has changed dramatically and for this year, I feel I have finally figured out how to dress well.

When I think of the outfits I have worn this year, it has been beyond fashionable and most importantly, effortless.

I do not take alot of time to plan out an outfit, I grab whats there and I go.

But the difference this year is in my accessories, which have really brought out my outfits.

Cool necklaces, rings, bracelets, belts, my bags, shoes, they have really helped.

Even better is that I have my staple fashionable stuff on always and don’t even bother too much with adding on things unless it really makes my outfit pop.

But I think more than anything the things that have really spiced up my outfits are my Chanel and Hermes things.

I love my Chanel Medium Classic Flap, it’s my go to bag for everything. Daily use, party, you can not beat it. Best investment ever. And it always makes me look posh, even in jeans.

Another bag of note especially when traveling is my Celine Luggage, Its big and roomy really makes me look chic, ESPECIALLY with jeans! I really do come off looking like a Trust Fund kid when I have boyfriend jeans, heels and my Celine. Another great investment.

Then theres my new Hermes bracelet which makes EVERYTHING pop, I really did well with the color and now I notice that all my outfits just look more put together, and thats with just the bracelet alone, I know I’d be crazy cool when I get my CDC and flawless when the Love bangles come in. 

Hermes just has a way of making things pop……

and with the advent of my Red Devil baby coming, I’ve been thinking……

Like this is an “It” bag. Bag of all bags, something that can perk up even a simple outfit with nothing else on.

But, I’m scared I wont use it as much as I think I will.

My Celine was basically like my ‘starter Birkin’. Similar shape and weight and way to carry. Outside of traveling, it’s only once in a while I carry my Celine because it can get heavy. I used to have a purse organizer and everything but my arm couldn’t take the weight and I hated the thought of my Celine being a ‘show bag’. Only seen on tables when I sit. All my bags are work horses, I like to use them frequently and I like to fill them up, so whatever has to be done to wear them out will be done. Nowadays when I have my Celine and I’m not traveling, its almost empty, but I’d rather it see daylight empty over being in my closet.

My only reference for my Red Devil is actually my sweet dear old LV Speedy B which is about the same width, I’m thinking because of the height and width that it would be easier to carry - by distributing more even weight across the whole bag - but I recently looked up the weight of the leather and my heart sank….Swift/Gulivier is one of the heaviest leathers! The bag empty, without the lock comes in at almost 3lbs!!! What happens when I put stuff in? My dog alone is 6lbs…..

I’m thinking maybe I should have gone for the Tan Box first which is the lightest leather available but The Red Devil was my dream, if I let it go, who knows when I’d find it again. It was hard enough when I found the 30cm size and couldn’t get it, but my perfect 35? It could not wait….It was time. I refused to let it go….

But I really want this bag to replace my Chanel as my go to bag, I’m not sure if it can. However even with the weight issues, this is not a dance party bag, I hate checking my bag when I go out and thankfully my Chanel is small enough that I can just push it behind me when I grind up on some guy (lol). So choices have to be made.

If I go to the right place with the Red Devil, I know I’ll have no problems getting in (Rose Bar I’m coming)  but unless I check it, I’ll have problems navigating. On the other hand if I stick to lounges and don’t dance too much, it can be an asset………

Ugh…I have my fave place in the world where I love to go, everyone has a Birkin in that place, to finally be able to walk in with my own little Devil - especially knowing that no one really has that color or leather because it’s hard to find…..omg…….

Like I feel my fashion life is complete.

It’s kinda stupid that a silly bag can bring so much with it but what can I say. Power is power and I now own one of the ultimate forms of it in terms of fashion.

Now if it can just hurry the hell up and get here, I can stop obsessing about the damn thing and do something interesting with my life..Namely seeing if it’s all what it’s cracked up to be……

( I really want to know if the saying of once you go Birkin you don’t go back is true, there are still other bags I want….)

(for now)

I Wish I had someone trustworthy to talk to this about in person.....

Like my hands are trembling right now…..I don’t know if I want to cry or scream, or melt……….

Like this China trip is not a joke…….like it looks like its gona happen and it looks like I’m about to have potentially a huge ass pay day… Like this will be one of the biggest pay days I’ve ever had…EVER, and thats saying a freaking lot….AND THIS IS AT MY NEW RATE…….

Like, I feel like a newbie all over again…. This year has just been SPECTACULAR for me……I’ve been praying more, concentrating, focusing more on improving myself and the shit is paying off and I want to cry at how well……

Years back I never though I’d make it this far……..

And now I’m just out of words, every time a guy contacts me its for bigger and better things…..Like my life is seriously coming together at last….

I used to be so mad because socially, I was only able to do certain things but if I’m seen on the arm of this guy…..Door Will Open….Like I do things already in public that are of note so if we are seen together (which we will be because he has seen my work and my image will benefit him too), like omg……..

And What makes him so much better than the Dubai men is that he is willing to give me all this money for simple play and arm candy. No weirdo anal stuff, or porn star stuff, like he likes me for me and my mind…….like actually does, he said I remind him of his ex… LOL.

I’m about to pull a Zhang Ziyi / Grace Kelly combo with this man……

Like I’m about to go to church right now and pray….

If I can even turn this into more than a client-escort thing……….


I think I can but I’M SCARED….

Like I don’t trust myself….like, there are levels and then there are LEVELS of clients I have had. This dude is like on infinity mode……… I can’t even compute….On the other hand I should not be surprised because I was hanging with some Rich Ass mofo’s the past few days…

On the otherhand, one of my friends met a dude on a lower but still ranking level and almost got outed for it. Like she had to remove herself from the internet, no social media, covers her face when she goes out…..omg, I don’t want that…….

But you know what….. As usual, I’m getting ahead of myself, I did not get my money yet so for all I know this dude can stay unknown in my life.

Money Over Everything……

(but yo, I was acting super thirsty all day, like every hour I was waiting for an email from him, I was planning out all the stuff I was gona buy, like my fountain need a new pump, I wanted to start a new garden, maybe get some liposuction, I’m hella sure about getting that Birkin now but I’m also feeling a Prada Safino in Pink or a Big Chanel Boy…New Loubis are in order….yeah, I’m real thirsty, and far from sorry..LOL)

Yo I need my best friend back… 

I'm Pissed At X Pole.....

My beautiful Golden pole came in……..


But now the mailman and all my neighbors know I have a damn pole….


Like, I was expecting discrete packaging. Not the stickers all over the place. God knows my neighbors already look sideways at me but now the cats out the bag…..

Like the look the mailman gave me said volumes alone…..

Nonetheless, the pole is AWESOME, I’m guessing I got the new 2014 edition because I don’t remember it being as easy to assemble. 5 minutes and it was up and I was spinning and sliding. I got the Titanium Gold and the grip is EXCELLENT. Much better than the standard  chrome. I was able to hold poses better and longer because I wasn’t worried about slipping off or anything, and no grip tack needed!!! Super improvement.

I’m happy with the pole but I just wish that the box could have been more discrete is all…..

*sigh* gotta get the adverts in somewhere I guess.

The Worst

First of all this man took me to the fucking Cheesecake Factory. Then he calls himself a capitalist libertarian (dear god). Then we get into an almost-shouting match about “reverse racism.” I can’t. I just can’t. He says I don’t live in the real world because I’m a student and a “liberal,” but bases all of his views on his own personal experiences as a white male. And I can’t leave him until I fly out Monday, after I get the rest of my money for staying with him. Sweet baby Jesus, it is going to take everything in me to survive these next two days. He even had the audacity to try to get me to suck his dick when we got home from dinner. I promptly turned over and pretended to fall asleep. I refuse to waste my own 500 bucks on a flight home, so I will just have to chock this up to a lesson learned. A very tough lesson.