Escape From L.A 

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Public School districts don’t exist, because we say so.
Donald Sterling is rich?! WHHAAA!!!!!
Once you get in the three Los Angeles states, you may never get out.
Get ready for some crazy, 1980’s, cocaine feuled comedy!
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escape from l.a.

ofvampiresandvisions, ofvampsouls

They had really only come to L.A. to find a decent surgeon to remove Spike’s chip. Buffy didn’t really trust any of the doctors back in Sunnydale to touch a hair on his platinum head. As of right now though, they were still gathering the minions, making plans, and that meant Buffy had to go out and get dinner… alone. 

Not that her dinner of choice since being changed was that hard to get. One snoop around the registered sex offenders website (god bless America) and she had one in her sites. He hadn’t gone to jail for more than two weeks, but he was registered and exactly the type of guy the world wouldn’t miss. Especially that brunette he was coaxing outside. 

She followed them and when the jerk started getting too rough, it was easy enough for Buffy to step in. A slayer turned vampire, she had remarkable strength, it was easy to toss him away from the brunette. A frown crossing her face she realized who the brunette was. Great. Well better her than Angel. At least she can’t tell I’m a vampire from the get go. “Cordelia?!”