Emotion goes.

Emotion goes emotion knows 

emotion you held down deep you never let it go

you were hurt let it out scream until you cant shout

brokem heart shut down left you in the ditch without a dought

in the world nothing left and empty soul and empty hole

never had enough drive to ever let it go

you were lost in this world

you were weak you were scared

never thought youd have another person put you in there

all aone by your self no one in sight

just the cold feeling of a knife as it rips down your spine

in a dark room full of sorrows and full of hate

theres no place to go no place to escape

only light in sight is the one set out by fate

said your gonna die here so this is my tape

to the one i love to the one i hate

please don’t be made at me baby but you were just to late

  • <b>me:</b> *listens to a new song from a fave band*<p><b></b> *song becomes a top hit 5 months later*<p><b>other kids:</b> this is my most favorite song now.<p><b>me:</b> its my fave song from my most valued band ever , so stfu you cunt.<p><b></b> Its only 5 months old.<p>


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You know that Melissa would be the most amazing because no joke, if she and the Sheriff end up being held hostage by some sort of supernaturally inclined villain just one more time she’s just going to call that the third date and go for it. 

Unfortunately, being held hostage means there are usually more important things to worry about — like how John is currently putting on a brave (kind, rugged, heart-palpitatingly attractive but getting very pale) face while bleeding out from a chest wound, which she could maybe do something about if she wasn’t tied up on a really dirty floor with no equipment and okay. One thing at a time. Two people means two sets of hands if she can just get to his side (maybe one and a half, that gash looks pretty close to the shoulder) and tied up with rope is still way better than being locked in a prison cell.

One thing at a time, because she is not dying here, and the Sheriff is not dying here, no one is dying here ritual sacrifices be damned, because there is also one part of her brain that has always and will always be dedicated to worrying about her son that is utterly certain that Scott is doing something stupid (with a good chance of frustratingly noble) right at this moment, and there is absolutely nothing in this world that is going to stop her from getting to his side.

Toward the door on the right, another blockade in another two pathways will make them run toward the unblocked one. A few steps forward and they will trigger the trap.

Kisaragi Shintaro hummed as a girlish scream resounded throughout the abandoned building’s hallway, the voice came into a still silence as soon as it came. She was done for, his poor victim. The boy walked toward the source of her scream calmly, sidestepping the traps his victim failed to trigger. It didn’t matter. The last trap couldn’t be evaded anyway. He had made it that way so he wouldn’t lose his prize.

It was her fault to dwell into the matters of the underworld. It was her fault that she annoyed the underworld and why they would see her as a nuisance worth to be disposed of.

arriving to that one place he found her body limp on the floor with blood pooling around her. Yeah… She was dead. No one could ever escape a hurdle of knifes going their way.

Huffing as he knew that he had to clean up now (while the payment was good, cleaning up a dead body was never his forte). Just as he was about to lift the woman’s legs, his eyes flickered to the side, narrowing.

…It seemed he had a company.