This year the Finnish ESC contest has surprisingly many artists with Sámi background participating, how cool! 

The competitor that actually has combined traditional Sámi music to their song “Hold Your Colours” is Solju, a mother-daughter duo. I really like the song and the way it combines tradition with modernity, but I absolutely adore the love between the artists, it’s so visible and strong.

bc a meme's not a meme until it's been appropriated by the eurovision commmunity

aries: Euphoria

taurus: Molitva

gemini: Fairytale

cancer: Wild Dances

leo: Satellite

virgo: Every Way That I Can

libra: My Number One

scorpio: Running Scared

sagittarius: Rise Like A Phoenix

capricorn: Hard Rock Hallelujah

aquarius: Believe

pisces: Only Teardrops